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PEN Sues: It Is Up to Those of Us Who Depend Upon A Free Press To Rise In Defense Of It

PEN Sues: It Is Up to Those of Us Who Depend Upon A Free Press To Rise In Defense Of It

Conceding Trump's First Amendment right to abuse, demean or even noxiously slam the media as "enemies of the people" but fiercely rejecting his right to use the power of the government to "punish and stifle it," PEN America, representing thousands of writers and journalists, is suing him in federal court. The suit seeks to stop any effort to "retaliate or threaten reprisals" against journalists or coverage he dislikes - ie: the sort of thing that Trump and authoritarian reigns have repeatedly engaged in, and that the courts have found illegal.


Again , how many of these Journalists were defending Julian Assange? How many expressed concern when Facebook started removing links to sites that people at CNN and The Washington Post deemed were “fake news”?

A person on CNN stated that “It was illegal” for people outside certain News organizations to have access to the Wikileaks material. Another executive at CNN was tweeting that Facebook needed to remove posts and links to sites such as Infowars.

The USA aside in the EU it is becoming a crime to post or link to stuff the EU determines as fake news. In Denmark there legislation in place to allow the Government to throw people in Jail if people express an opinion that is pro-russia and critiques the Danish Governments stand on Russia. A number of countries have linked critique of Israel to being anti-semitic and spreading hate.

Yes freedom of the press important and Donald Trump a clear enemy of such a premise but this group called PEN due some self examination as to their own role in corrupting “The Free Press” . Come clean as to who these “Concerned Journalists” are so a person can examine their own history of stifling free speech because if it filled with people who write for the Washington Post, CNN , Fox news and the New York Times, than it MY opinion the only “free Press” they champion is their own.


I support PEN’s lawsuit to prevent President Trump from threatening or punishing journalists, writers, and their organizations for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

I only wish PEN’s lawsuit would be expanded to court-order Trump not to say anything online or in person that could possibly incite his enraged followers (as typified by the persons in the photo at the end of this article) into making violent threats – or into committing violent acts – against journalists, writers, or anyone else!

Violent threats and violent acts have already been committed against journalists – and I wonder if Trump’s angry charges against journalists were an influence in these crimes.

Again, why are there no reports of the NSA and the FBI catching and prosecuting the perpetrators of these violent threats and violent acts?

And would FBI interrogations discover that Trump had influenced these violent threats and violent acts?

If Trump bears some legal and moral responsibility for others’ violence, would Trump be held legally liable?

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Free Press owned by the 1% for the 1% is hardly a free press. They report what people say whether factual or not these people have the right to say it even there is evidence at their finger tips to rebuff lies. Much of the so called free press is entertainment not news. Much of the so called free press do not report news they don’t want us to know about. When I am talking about so called free press I am referring to lamestreet media abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc et al. Of course Fox News stations that you can’t get away from in bars, hospitals, emergency rooms, or any business that has TV on 24/7.

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Probably not and he told his supporters that he would pay their attorney fees because they are his kind of a guy.