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Pence and Trump Blasted for NFL Publicity Stunt That Cost Taxpayers $242,500


Pence and Trump Blasted for NFL Publicity Stunt That Cost Taxpayers $242,500

Common Dreams staff

Ethics watchdog says administration should not be spending that kind of money just to make hollow political point


$242,500 is chump change compared to what corporations, their media and politician puppets waste each day on what is euphemistically called politics and news but is really serial publicity stunts.


Trump and his trained monkeys like Pence are the most odious and vile a$$hole$ to walk the face of the earth. They don’t give a shit about the anthem and flag. They only care about dividing and destroying the USA. What is so sad is that so many fools actually respond to their FAKE patriotism and nationalism. The USA is full of easily manipulated morons who are literally wishing for their own deaths as they unfailingly cheer on Trump and his unhinged mind.


This is outrageous but no one in congress is making an issue of it with the exception of Bernie and Elizabeth. Republicans never criticize Trump about these types of issues. So when it comes to the 2018 congressional elections we the people desperately need to vote Republicans out of office and out of control of congress. Then in 2020 vote Trump out of office. As bad as Trump’s conduct is as president, the bigger issue has been public apathy toward voting. We are going to have to show up at the ballot boxes in 2018 and 2020 in huge numbers.


DON’T THINK OF ELEPHANTS - especially those in the room crowding the time and schedules not to mention the contents of the emergencies, crises and buiness-not-getting-done-as-usual for WE THE PEOPLE the half-pence half-wit has to PROVE HIS LOYALTY to trump - but apparently not to the Constitution. Never miss a chance to misrepresent and TAKE, TAKE, TAKE.
TAKE the taxpayer money for security, private jet, to a F#@%ing football game so that he can make a spectacle of a hand over heart public, televised rejection of a peaceful gesture to demand attention to documented abuses and impunity of police violence ALSO DOCUMENTED as being excessively biased in documented cases of local and regional government abuse of powers as relates to police (read the damning Department of Justice report on what was going on in Ferguson Missouri!!!) against people of color and poor communities.
When Pence’s practice of TAKING away the INTENDED and STATED MEANING OF SAID GESTURE the man PROVES that he is a half-wit and thoroughly unfit for office. The reason being that by so publicly refusing to recognize CLEAR PEACEFUL INTENT of a gesture that addresses Constitutionally protected rights, he is making a public statement that this now far exceeds a sport and is intended to threaten every human being in this country.



It was official business–he wore his flag pin. /s


The only difference between Pence and the fascists in Nazi Germany, is the fascists held there hands up saying: SEIG HEIL! And Pence is holding his hand over his heart!


$242,500 dollars, 90% of the country as to work 5 years or more to make that and they throw it away on a bullshit stunt in a few hours. It just goes to show they have no respect for the working people of this country…
In the town I Iive in we have two small bridges that are closed in need of repair and there is no money.


Yes, we are actually being forced to give our money over to THIEVES with every pay check.


I hear ya, Geezer. That is probably the most difficult part of all of this for me personally - watching daily as so many people I know cheer on Trump and everything he says and does - people I used to think of as rational, kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent human beings, but who I now look at like some foreign, alien species. I apparently never really knew them at all.


I’m pretty sure there is no heart in Pence to hold his hand over.


I thought there was a time and place to protest and sport events were not one of them.


It just sucks so effing badly that this mofo septa a quarter of a million dollars to make a cheap (and disgracefully wrong) point, while my family is struggling to pay for medical expenses for our son. I’m just beyond disgusted at the whole country, honestly. I get patronized by the left and bullied by the right. The Democratic Party spends its time cozying up to billionaires while the GOP seems to hope that anyone inconvenient to their golf game just dies. I know all about the dark history of the US, I don’t need to be educated… I need solidarity. Where is the skin in the game from affluent liberals who claim to be different? At this point, the DC liberals (not hurling this at any one here, I don’t know who you are) sound like “vote for mommy, she won’t hit as hard as daddy.” Sorry for the negative tone, but I’m in despair, scared to leave my damn house with my son in case some jacked up wanna-be fascist decides they don’t like the look of him.


Yeah, if Pence has a heart…it is probably made of stone!


re “public apathy toward voting:”

To vote Brand R out, as things now stand, requires that we vote Brand D in----but the sold-out D leadership keeps trying to shove the likes of Hillary down our throats. New Jersey, for example, is on course to elect another Goldman-Sachs executive, Phil Murphy, as governor; did we learn NOTHING (except that these types can fund their own campaigns) from the incumbency of Jon Corzine?

Given choices that range from dismal to unthinkable, widespread apathy should surprise no one (in fact, low voter turnout might be an unspoken bipartisan goal). When we’re regularly faced with such choices, voting Green, independent or write-in is the only effective form of protest. It’s not enough for Brand D to be just slightly less scary than Brand R, as proven conclusively in Nov. 2016; its nominees will have to earn our trust with deeds rather than just empty words.


Pence just demomstrated to the world what a sick pathetic wimpy little sycophantic lapdog he is. Gross.


What heart…oh, you mean the hole where a heart should be…


10-8-2017: Another Scripted, Staged, PR, TV Production:

As Common Dreams reported Sunday, the entire episode was slammed as a “PR stunt” after a tweet from President Trump offered clear evidence that Pence’s walk-out was planned in advance.

“Step by Step.”


How many people in Puerto Rico could this money have helped? But they, like we, do not matter to the thugs in D.C.


" So many people I know cheer on Trump."

Yes, hard to believe! I have tried to engage some of Trump voters in friendly conversation…but alas…to no avail.

Just asking: Is this the same way the sane Germans, that did not belong to the Nazi party, felt in the 1930’s?