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Pence Denounced for 'Grossly Negligent' Decision to Keep Campaigning Despite Exposure to Top Aide With Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/25/pence-denounced-grossly-negligent-decision-keep-campaigning-despite-exposure-top


Who’s that hot honey in the photo? /s

Mike Pence, oh wait, I thought you said honey pot.


The three creatures depicted in the photo are clearly suffering from illnesses more severe than covid19. They are sick souls. Fear and rage are written all over their faces.


The end. You know that you have been banned from a community when they remove your likes option. Ce La vie.
Good luck all in this closed community.


The woman in the photo is Dr. Deborah Birx of the CDC - you might be able to tell given the bracing for the long haul - which will age the most resilient of us. Thank you Dr. Birx.


Seriously ?

I hope that is not true, just a mistake ??

You are sort of religious, if I recall ?

I am reading Harari’s book “Sapiens”, and he makes the point that liberalism, market fundamentalism, etc, these are all religions. Capitalism is the big one - BELIEF that GDP growth is the sine qua non of Progress.

Personally, I tire of a common thread amongst comments here - that a progressive is a leftist.

I just put up with it and carry on.

I am some sort of ‘natural religious’, according to Harari - a Stoic perhaps.

Just labels.

Hang in there - question the webmaster at CD.


Agree !

You know I am putting down some serious tomes in favor of an all-time favorite, Bill Tilman’s “The Seven Mountain Travel Books”, in which this British artillery officer recounts his escapades in the mountains of East Africa and finally his many expeditions to the Himalaya, for which he earned the nickname ‘Himal Bill’. He went thru both World Wars from start to finish, including behind enemy lines in Albania in support of the Resistance.

His story is only about mountain climbing as a carrier of the story. The real story is multi-level, and involves the consequences of living thru and seeing close up a world at war. Mallory the same - of Everest myth and fame.

In fact - if you trace back to the birth of modern mountaineering, it turns out it began in 1760, when de Saussure offered a prize for the first summitting of Mont Blanc,

Here is the hook.

That was just at the tail end of what many believe was the actual first world-wide conflict, the Seven Years War (1756-1763), wherein the Treaty of Paris saw the British Empire seize the prize of first empire in that world. Here in North America the Seven Years War was begun two years earlier, and is known as the French and Indian War (1754-1763).

Bill Tilman, son of a millionaire sugar merchant from Britain, was deconscripted from WW I and promptly went to Africa for fourteen years, to farm coffee ostensibly, to hunt and look for gold, and serendipitously, he met Eric Shipton and learned to climb, forming perhaps the most famous team in the history of mountaineering.

I could relate the story of Mallory, of the first ascent of an eight thousand meter peak by Maurice Herzog and the French team in 1950 - Herzog, guess what, was also a veteran of WW Two.

I could go on almost indefinitely - but my point is this.

Homo Sapiens - with our giant brain and moral inventions - we have always had to justify killing - of animals to eat, of enemies…

And we have always had to invent mechanisms to re-humanize us as fit for society afterwards. Extensive literatures and anthropological studies exist to show this to be no idle conjecture.

I myself think my reason for adopting the mountain lifeway was to re-humanize, after seeing what I saw, and understanding what it meant - i.e., collapse or extinction - i.e., moral injury.

The natural world - becoming a part of that again - and it all makes sense.

Here in society, the Vedic People saw it first:

"There is no happiness for the man who does not travel
Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner.
For Indra is the friend of the traveler - therefore wander."

I seem to have gotten carried away - but I think it is important to fully realize how divorced people can become from the way the world has to work - as opposed to the way we want it to work.

It is a complicated subject - not amenable to sound bites - so for now I just note the coincidence in time between the birth of mountaineering, a healing ritual to my way of thinking, and the first three world wars.


Borat was right: this snowflake idiot IS “mike Penis”!


Pence is a theocratic fool who believes in the incompetent, brutal, invisible sky father who flooded the whole world, raped a virgin, and killed his own son.
He’s also a deliberate Typhoid Mary, a coronavirus super-spreader, just like his boss, the Fuhrer.


I hope this is a mistake. I appreciate your comments and attitude. Good luck.


This cite from “The Boys” is a propos (I changed the denigrating female slurs to denigrating male slurs just because I really HATE the C word and because so many men really are just d*cks):

Old Priest: I’m not really sure what you’re saying, my son.

Billy Butcher: I’m saying if there is some geezer up there, with a big white beard, he’s a world heavyweight d*ck.

Old Preist: I’m sorry did you just call God a C-word?

Billy Butcher: Yeah. He’s got a hard-on for mass murder and giving kids cancer and his big old answer to the existential clusterfck that is humanity is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank. That is a dck move. Come on, even you got to agree with me there. We should lob a f*cking nuke at him, get it over and done with. You know what I’m saying?

Exactly right. These conscience-less assholes are spreading the virus on purpose. Herd immunity was the “plan” from the very beginning, a deliberate, murderous cull and a massive crime against humanity. But, I fully expect the next administration (if there is one) to “look ahead” and, again, allow perpetrators of mass murder to escape accountability.


What’s with all the hand wringing? Folks that are stupid enough to attend Pence/Trump rallies deserve their fate.

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I listened to an interview with the author of Sapiens this morning on CBC Radio One’s Sunday Magazine, and it’s now on my must-read list of books to get before winter settles in.
Of course all those “isms” are religions, in the sense there are fetish objects and totemic rituals, a belief in an invisible being(money). I was especially interested in Mr. Haran’s observation that Neanderthals actually had larger brains than homo sap. Relics certainly show they were creative. Wonder how many other species of hominids ours killed off?
As for Pence, he believes his sky god will protect him.


I’ve been temporarily banned a few times, you won’t be able to access the comments page when it happens. I suspect your experiencing a hiccup in the system instead.


This an observation of The European Colonists, a single passage from the Book “Memory Of Fire , Genesis” by Eduardo Galeano. It a work of fiction but uses historical events as its basis.

In the Chapter titled Adaria, Chief of the Huron Indians speaks to Baron De Lahontan…"

Nay , you are miserable enough already, and indeed I can’t see how you can be more such. What sort of men must Europeans be? What species of creatures do they retain to? The Europeans who must be forced to do good , and have no other prompter for the avoiding of Evil than the fear of punishment…"

The book is about the Europeans colonizing the Americas.


ManySummits…yes, they pulled the “Likes” option from my postings. I must have ruffled some feathers, said some things that some of you readers did not like or have a difficult time accepting. That’s ok. Religious, no. Spiritual yes. Bringer of a New Message to humanity…that is always difficult for many to accept. That’s all right. But closed communities do have rules not to violate… First, they pull your likes option, then you are denied access to posting. That’s ok…just so that all are aware of the rules… New ideas do threaten the status quo…

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You won’t see the likes option until someone likes your post. Others see the likes option on your post, but you won’t see it until someone likes it.

But they will pass it on to others. That’s the real tragedy.


I read it when it came out - but I was not ready for it. This second reading is breathtaking - a real tour de force. Harari has the gift of words, and a way of organizing thoughts and connecting dots that is extremely rare.

At least six species of the genus Homo - now there is but one. We competed - and drove not only other species of our genus to extinction, but also, we are responsible for the late Pleistocene and early Holocene Megafaunal Extinctions. We learned the hard way - like we are doing now.

But we also know more now about where we came from, and the size and makeup of this Universe. I don’t know if that is a justification - but it is true.

I hope you enjoy Harari’s book ~ sekhmetsdaughter ~