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Pence Departure From NFL Game Slammed as 'PR Stunt' Orchestrated by Trump


Pence Departure From NFL Game Slammed as 'PR Stunt' Orchestrated by Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Trump tweeted that he 'asked' Pence to leave the game if any players protested

Trump Pence


Well, let’s see… Talk of trashing the Iran deal, still goading North Korea, abysmal failure in helping Puerto Rica = time for another staged event to take the focus away from the massive criticism of his ongoing failures as *.


Hey Mike, is that collar feeling a little tight? Did you really think the *resident would allow you to portray yourself as your own man? Now SIT, GIVE HIM YOUR PAW, BEG.


Notice too, the media stories about the NFL protests were dying down. This was done intentionally to create another story, another news cycle so Trump could wrap the flag around himself.


Good boy puppy Pence. Here’s a biscuit.


Fucking slime ass posers!! Are they made from shit or something?


How un-American of these two morons.


That ‘flag’ is so soiled as to be unrecognizable. “Red, for the oceans of innocent blood we’ve shed, White, for the heroin and cocaine they brought to our city streets, and Blue, very deep blue, for the bitterness and bottomless sorrow and anger they left in OUR names.” … Bear Dyken


'cause Murka will not tolerate freedom of expression!


is getting to the point where if we turned the flag upside down and yelled help…who would?


I would say this plays into the hands of the folks boycotting the NFL so, boycotters = 1, Tump/Pence = 0. Can’t even do this stunt right.


What cowards, ripping off the American Tax Payers while they attempt to NEGATE the VERY REAL LIFE experiences of Police brutality against unarmed black men and women. You don’t have to be a citizen or a tax payer to SEE THIS IS WRONG! Wasting likely 2 million dollars today alone on flights costs and support costs to get to that game, only so they could get up and walk out. Here we are with threats being leaked against North Korea, against Iran, weak leadership on rescuing Puerto Ricans from the jaws of death, political agendas to roll back anything good Obama did. This bunch is childish, idiotic, MORONS! Both of them. ENOUGH!


These critters wrap themselves with the flag as a symbol of white supremacy while defecating all over it. How did we get a couple of twelve year old white racist at the head of our country? A couple of bigots sucking all the good and wealth out of our nation.


And did you catch old Rex begging for his lunch?


I thought he would boo on his way out. His fake patriotism did shine through though. The nerve of that chickenhawk. Bombs away!


Other news sources are reporting that the stunt cost taxpayers over $200,000. As bad as trump is there’s no bigger POS than Pence who, by the way, is involved in the ongoing coverup of trump’s Russian dealings with the campaign, and Mueller knows it.


So why are the football players allowed freedom of expression but Pence isn’t?

A bit hypocritical I’d say…


Bad analogy: the players are condemning the violation of US civil rights; Pence is condemning the protesters’ right to protest!


This nonissue has become just another admin farce. That Pence would join in makes it into something teenage girls would do.


Well put! All who support the Struggle should have that Right!
Fascist, bigots like pense support the lies and hypocrisy of imperialist amerika!