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Pence is Ready to Unleash the Harmful Global Gag Rule on America


Pence is Ready to Unleash the Harmful Global Gag Rule on America

Aram Schvey

Ten years ago a member of Congress listened to hours of testimony about the harms and misery inflicted overseas by the Mexico City, commonly known as the global gag rule and offered up a puzzling proposal.


To all women: Beware of this man, and all those who seek to roll back the freedom of women to have control over their own bodies. I say this as a man, one who believes that female equality is
crucial to a better society.


Reich Wing, Buybull thumpin' fundamentalists (your 'fundament' is your butt) in authoritarian positions threaten lives with their policies and should be shown the door.......to their cell.


I've written and warned about this for years as we have progressed (regressed?) from early thirties Germany toward the Reich of the late thirties and early forties.
* The primary difference here is that we don't have an actual fuehrer. Instead, the American Junkers call the shots, literally, and reap the enormous profits therefrom. They keep a string of mouthpieces who keep the plan rolling and now we have trump, a loudmouthed, vicious, orange turd, who keeps the plan growing.
* We the People are finally waking up and objecting to what is going on. In Germany in the thirties, many people were becoming aware as well. Many died in concentration camps, or by execution. The Third Reich marched on. A stock in trade was the black op, or false flag. Something was trumped up as an excuse to take yet another small country. Neville Chamberlain OKed Hitler's taking of Czechoslovakia, saying "There will be peace in our time." There wasn't. Hitler finally staged another black op to invade Poland. Finally, the world had had enough and responded. The horrors of WW-II began. Had the world risen up a year or so earlier, the war could have been avoided. Even the German General Staff was afraid that Hitler would overextend the Reich and were ready to 86 him when Chamberlain gave Hitler Czechoslovakia without a fight. That ended that particular putsch.
* This Gag Rule on America is just a small step toward an open fascist dictatorship. We've lost or are losing our last vestiges of privacy, our last means of communication. Our police have been armed and are being trained to be the equivalent of Hitler's SA, which could go into any home or business, search it, drag people into the street to be "shot while trying to escape," or alternatively be tried and sentenced to execution or the camps. Shrub had the camps built and they've not been torn down. Not by Øbama, and certainly not by trump.
* I fear that this Spring may well prove to be the "Winter of our discontent", but I hope that We the People will not give up.
* The Fourth Reich now has all three branches of the government under its fascist thumb, but remember, virtually each and every one of them has made a solemn promise to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
* The domestic enemies have pretty well made themselves known. All but a handful in the Congress and Senate, the trump cabinet, trump himself, much of the military, the list goes on.
* However there are many millions of us who do not want to live under a fascist regime, and we have the ability to become, like the French Resistance, sand in the cogs and gears of war and violence.
* Hopefully, one of these acts of violence against the people of the world will be the Fourth Reich's "Poland" of the twenty-first century and the world will step in to halt this nonsense.
* I think it could be done non-violently, if we don't wait too long. If We the People of the World would just declare the Reich to be in Coventry. No contact, no trade, no news coverage. In essence, the ultimate BDS. The US Fourth Reich simply ceases to exist as far as the world is concerned, until they prove that they want to join the community of humane, civilized nations. Fascist demagogues would have no audience to bluster at. The world would cease to buy weapons and ecological poisons from the Reich, and We the People would hopefully stand together, relearn cooperation and empathy, help each other to survive as we did when I was a kid and we were fighting to rid the world of fascism and Nazism. Cease trading with the billionaires who are at the bottom of most of this. Learn to be self sufficient again. Cut big business and government out of the loop. Work for and with each other. Learn to make and repair the things which are necessary to live. Discard that which is not necessary. Make Victory Gardens as we did in the forties, trade produce with each other, and help those less fortunate than you are.
* I think it could work. Those skills are not dead, just dormant from disuse.