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Pence PAC Sends $5,000 Check to the Wrong Carol Miller


Pence PAC Sends $5,000 Check to the Wrong Carol Miller


Carol Miller, the New Mexico-based public health and peace activist, got a surprise in her mailbox last week. It was an envelope from Vice President Mike Pence’s political action committee – the Great America Committee.


Pence is a pencil head. Erase him and it’ll be like he was never there to begin with.


She should have cashed the check, and sent a note to Pence, telling him it would be used to promote universal health care.


She probably could not have legally cashed it as her "Carol Miller for Congress is out of business. But at very least, why, FCOL, did she forward the check to the other Carol Miller? She should have torn the check up and not told anyone about it. This being pathologically nice to these fascists will never defeat them.


I agree with that, the gloves should have come off a long time ago.


Carol Miller, of New Mexico, a big old !Brava! to ya.


I’m afraid that I have to agree with you on this one a total of 100%

Plus bipartisan votes are a bogus way to run a government