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Pence Places Conservative, Evangelical 'Allies' in All Corners of White House


Pence Places Conservative, Evangelical 'Allies' in All Corners of White House

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Vice President Mike Pence is quietly staffing the government with evangelicals and "conservative allies" at almost every level, another indication that he will try to shape White House policy in his signature far-right, religious style, Politico reported Monday.


No kidding.


Has to prevent all those demons residing in the corners and recesses from invading his sanctimonious space and sullying his circle of divinity. Ugh!


So we've got a disgusting, infantile twit for president, and a just as disgusting, religious zealot for veep. We are so seriously doomed! :scream:
The worst thing about Pence is that he is probably just honest enough to not do anything that would make him impeachable. :sob::cold_sweat:


I can see why Trump would bring on Pence to shore up his evangelical vote. But getting rid of Christie and making Pence the head of his transition team was insane. Now Trump appears to be under the spell of the neanderthal Tea Partiers & they're seeded throughout his administration (swamp).


Perhaps similar to Trump himself, who perhaps more than anything else epitomizes the marketing profile of the US legacy of colonizing, folks might want to become very well informed about one of nexus points between church and state in the law today in the US. You will find it no surprise that it pivots on the abuses of native Americans and dates back to the 15th century.

Two exceptionally good, slim volumes on this carefully hidden history are titled in precise pinpointing of the word coding of ideas:
Pagans in the Promised Land [Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery] by Steve Newcomb
"Coyote Warrior' -[One man, three tribes, and the trial that forged a nation] by Paul Vandevelder

Both, I would note are beautifully written and eminently readable. They will outdo any best-selling science fiction on the lists.


Wait till that new Supreme Court appointment.


From the NEA (National Association of Evangelicals):

[The] four primary characteristics of evangelicalism:

  1. Conversionism: the belief that lives need to be transformed through a “born-again” experience and a life-long process of following Jesus. (Translation: magical psychobabble)

  2. Activism: the expression and demonstration of the gospel in missionary and social reform efforts (Translation: working for the "adult" version of Santa Claus, not the people)

  3. Biblicism: a high regard for and obedience to the Bible as the ultimate authority (Translation: answering to a higher power than the Constitution or any set of "merely human" laws or sense of justice)

  4. Crucicentrism: a stress on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross as making possible the redemption of humanity (Translation: more magical blather)


At least Obama could smile!


Pence has the blessing of a full head of hair that he keeps neatly trimmed and combed, don't you think? That ought to count for something ...shouldn't it?


Yes, and now he's retired and on vacation! Good for him!


The Darkness underneath Donald, using him to place his dark-age personnel in place, just laying in wait. I see nothing but evil in him. Typical of the ideologically religious.


Your "translations" are really not fair. I know magical-thinking evangelicals, yes, but also some who sincerely believe in God and seek to serve their kindred. The younger generations are particularly appalled by the likes of Pence.

The strange-bedfellowing of P&T is a matter of payoff for the election and backup plan to see to it that the Rapture comes about (if not by djt's chaos, by P's ascension to control of the nukes). Apocalyptic is the problem, not sincere faith.


Every time I see Pence, I’m reminded of a video I saw of Frank Zappa on Crossfire (!) debating free speech. One of his best moments was when he talked about a fascist theocracy taking over our government. The link starts at his observations about the trend of American politics, back in 2006 (!).

Prophet? No, just a really keen observer of American politics. The entire video is really worth a watch. And he's right. We're going right down that pipe.


That's a road we have been going down since reagan. Why they try to insist voter fraud is so rampart though it isn't. It's why the republicans keep trying to install voter suppression. By insisting that illegals are voting and thus we need to stop at all cost this non-existence threat, it hurts democracy. With the republicans siding with the russians by using hacked emails against hillary, they hurt democracy.
The chilling statements from Miller about the presidency should scare anyone who cares about democracy. Trump is showing that he doesn't believe in democracy, but he intends to rule and screw democracy.


Looks to me that Trump the Imbecile is the perfect stooge for the rapture crazed part of the population in that, by the obvious destruction of our institutions by him and his fellow crazies, Pence and his zealots will be somehow escape the fate of the rest of us. Not very likely.


I was tuned in to Crossfire that evening. The political right's alliance with the evangelical Christian accounts for the increase in their influence in the 1980s and 1990s.

Frank fought back through his music. That is why so much of his music is so irreverent. I love it. Listen to Joe's Garage as an example.


Yes. "Liberals" are never going to foment any truly effective responses to this regime, because they are absolutely commited to the notion that anything that doesn't obey the laws of the human cognitive mind doesn't exist, or is irrelevant.

Thus, they dismiss the regime's leaders" as stupid, and act as if the regime is bound to be constrained by the same kinds of concerns that constrain them.

There is already a mountain of evidence that says otherwise. And indeed, to be unable to perceive that others are fundamentally different from oneself is immature at best, downright narcissistic at worst.

The very liberals who delight in sneering at D.T.'s incompetence due to his narcissism display unmistakeable signs of the same dis-ease.

They refuse to see the spiritual dimension of our current predicament. They refuse to see the Evil--not stupidity--that is walking so tall on our global stage now. Because to do so would contradict their smug sense of certainty about the nature of reality, and this they will not abide--any more than the regime will.

Because such self-satisfied liberal folk have an incomplete diagnosis of our dis-ease, their treatment plans will never work.

Happily, there are many on Earth who are not so married to a mode of perception that screens out anything foreign to the cognitive mind. A lot of them are young. They shall inherit whatever is left of this Earth, and the self-imposed blindness of the current generations of well-off "civilized" people will appear as a quaint historical artifact, like the conviction that the Sun orbits the Earth.

I am so tired of the smugness of such folk that I cannot help but hope to live long enough to watch them receive their natural--and thus inevitable--comeuppance.


"Sincerely" believing childish mythologies is hardly an improvement.


I said nothing about mythologies. Many of us believers, across the political spectrum and denominations, recognize the mythologies as merely the mother tongue of our traditions. We use those traditions to include our forebears in our practice of 21st-century faith. What you quoted from the NAE didn't specify, for example, the version of the Bible to follow. As in Islam, a whole lot of the practice of Christianity is in the inner wrestling (commemorated, btw, in the name "Israel") of human inclination with what we know, in part through those mythologies, is our better nature. If you can come up with the right answers all on your own, congratulations. Some of us appreciate communities that go across time as well as geography and practice.