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Pence Praises Texas Governor for Reopening That Fueled Massive Surge in Covid-19 Cases and Hospitalizations

The upcoming civil war will be the faux Christians’ 21st century crusade.

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Copy the link, paste into the browser and remove the tllde at the beginning. Common Dreams doesn’t allow links in the comments, so we have to have workarounds…

The smartest surviving dinosaurs are the crows, imho (crows and ravens: the corvids). Sharp as a parrot, and living by its wits like a seagull. One floated up against an offshore gale to hang in the air three feet from my nose, in the middle of the air for a minute and a half, just giving me a real definitive crow stink-eye, I think. I’m still working on the full interpretation of this interaction, last week. I’ve been worried about the crows and West Nile Virus around here (in “East Bay” as we say).

There are two reasons not to wear a mask.

Masks only protect other people around you. They don’t protect you at all. So, if you’re a sociopath then you don’t care who else dies because you’re the only important person in the room.

If you’re quite wealthy then you don’t need to wear a mask because people who have just recovered from the coronavirus have antibodies. You need to buy their plasma and have it injected into you. However, this only works for maybe two weeks at a time – coronavirus antibodies don’t last for a lifetime apparently. So, you have to keep finding new recovered patients all the time and you have to always buy their silence.

Mike likes spikes. Didn’t he cause an AIDS spike in Indiana while he was Governor, by not allowing needle exchanges?


Good point!

Sometimes it’s surprising to see this wooden mannequin detached from his hero. He must have an earpiece with trump’s voice telling him what to say. How can anyone be so stupid?

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Poignant but pertinent comment BigB.

I wish he would too, but not going to happen. Fauci is no saint. He was part of the CDC “masks are ineffective” nonsense at the beginning of the pandemic. How many infections and how much did that contribute to the current disaster and large percentage of willfully ignorant Americans clinging to their “right” to not wear masks? He’s very much a political animal and has been since the early days of the AIDS crisis. He seems to value his job more than lives being lost and refuses to call out the Orange Baboon on his ludricous handling of the pandemic.

I guess they have the right to drink muddy puddle water and eat food with fuzz growing on it too.

Yeah, but what a nice pipe dream.

Yep pipe dreams can be nice: Like imagining flying cars, commercial space travel in our lifetimes, humanity preventing our near term extinction due to climate collapse.

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