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Pence Slammed for Offering 'Prayers' While Dismissing Climate Action at RNC as Hurricane Laura Ravages Gulf Coast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/pence-slammed-offering-prayers-while-dismissing-climate-action-rnc-hurricane-laura

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It appears that thoughts and prayers aren’t just for mass shooters anymore.
Of course, trying to explain to Christians as they pray for a hurricane to go away that it was their god that set the damn thing upon them in the first place, is as laughable as it is ridiculous.
But what did we expect from Pence? At the end of the day he is the perfect spokesperson for this administration. A brazenly vapid dingbat.
Prayer, the last refuge of a scoundrel. Is there anything it can do?


“Wear A Mask
Social Distance
Wash Your Hands
Stay Safe”???

No safety on a planet being ravaged by privateers who are causing this ecological crisis!

Pence should put a sock in it. We need to be out in the streets.


From CNN:

Hurricane Laura batters the Louisiana coastline with an intensity the region has not seen in over a century


Can’t help but remember Hurricane Katrina and the absolute unconcern for the predominantly black and impoverished people who were let to die by drowning in a toxic soup . Many could not get out as they had no means. We are seeing it gain in a toxic waste area that is once again affecting a predominantly black community.


You speak the truth. Nothing will be done about any tribulation in America until white people are inconvenienced. And even then, the first thing we will do is assign blame, to the black and brown people.
I’m surprised the founding fathers didn’t emboss that very mantra into the constitution. What ever bad may happen, it’s never a white persons fault.

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Prayers are as effective in stopping the hurricane as the prayers from all the world’s religions are in stopping the pandemic.
I’m having trouble feeling that sorry for those in the path of the hurricane, they voted for oil, Pence and climate denial, maybe there is some kind of cosmic justice in getting what was asked for

I recently read this from Neil J. Smith, former Black Panther and activist (~literarytongues.com):

Too few Americans know anything of their past: That is to say, nothing of the “poverty” of their former lives, and are therefore resentful of the “poverty” of their present lives and future “poverty” for their children. The “Self same poverty” that brought their ancestors to these shores, hat in hand, to begin with. Americans know little to nothing of their heritage; nothing of their former “poverty,” and less than nothing of the “spiritual poverty” that haunts them to this moment.

I only recently finished reading Albert Camus’ unedited manuscript that his daughter found in the car crash in which he died after making the fatal decision to take the car instead of plane (?) to leave a “civilization” he had grown to despise.

The book is called, The First Man, and he makes a similar point as Smith. Worth the read.


The Republican Party has always been the poster child for Ben Franklin’s admonition about being a penny wise and a pound foolish.


Thanks for the recommendation. I have Camus other books, and while a little dark, they are brilliant.
I just re read “the Plague” on a long plane ride in January, ironically right before the nation was shut down by a, well, plague.


The cristian has to be the most troubled soul possible. Somewhere beneath that superficial
virtue lies the deep seated knowledge that they are in full support of the most evil forces upon the planet. They just have to be telling themselves “god has a plan” or something, while vermin like Trump and Pence and Bush and Reagan are all only in power because of christians. As the planet collapses into a global ecological disaster there is not one christian organization who supports environmental sustainability. They are giving money to the homeless populations they created, the poverty they created globally, and to those stricken by the diseases they have brought upon us. No all powerful all knowing compassionate god would have launched the evil of christianity upon us.


I said something similar to your comment this morning while watching the local news here in Pittsburgh. Our local catholic organizations have been running food distribution centers every week. And now the local school districts are trying to distribute lunches to students that are home schooling often without the only meal they would have that day, their school lunch. These organizations do all of this, yet never ask the big question, why do these people not have enough food to eat?
Of course, systemic change is impossible in America as neither party will ever be willing to address the inherent and cruel problems with unfettered capitalism.
It reminds me of the old saying “when I give the poor food, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”


The only way the “prayers will be answered” is when the elite supremacists get slammed (either by the public or the weather or both) and start suffering. Then the proper actions in reality will be taken to put humanity on the right path with nature and one another.

Help comes at the time when we most desire change.

Something from the what it’s worth department…our Cultural Story is the problem.This is what we must fix to evolve and live in peace with no poverty anywhere and dignity for all humans.

Highly evolved cultures are different from your cultures in many other ways too. For example, they do not compete. They realize that when one loses, everyone loses. They therefore do not create sports and games which teach children (and perpetuate in adults) the extraordinary thought that someone “winning” while another is “losing” is entertainment . As previously mentioned, they share everything. When another is in need, they would never dream of keeping or hoarding something they had, simply because it was in scarce supply. On the contrary, that would be their very reason for sharing it . In your society, the price goes up for that which is rare, if you share it at all. In this way, you ensure that, if you are going to share something which you “possess,” at least you’ll be enriched doing it. HEBs are also enriched by sharing rare things. The only thing that is different between HEBs and humans is how HEBs define “being enriched.” A HEB feels “enriched” by sharing everything freely, without needing to “profit.” Indeed, this feeling is the profit.

There are several guiding principles of your culture which produce your behaviors. As God said earlier, one of your most basic ones is: Survival of the Fittest . This might be called your Second Guiding Principle. It underlies everything your society has created. Its economics. Its politics. Its religions. Its education. Its social structures. Yet, to a HEB, the principle itself is an oxymoron. It is self-contradicting. Since the First Guiding Principle of a HEB is We Are All One , the “ One ” is not “fit” until the “ All ” is “fit.” Survival of the fittest is, therefore, impossible – or the only thing that is possible (therefore a contradiction) – since the “fittest” is not “fit” until it is . Are you following this? Neale says: “Yes. We call it communism.”

On your planet you have rejected out-of-hand any system which does not allow for the advancement of one being at the expense of another. If a system of governance or economics requires an attempt at equitable distribution to “all” of the benefits created by “all,” with the resources belonging to “all,” you have said that system of governance violates the natural order. Yet in highly evolved cultures, the natural order is equitable sharing . Even if a person or group has done nothing to deserve it, even if there has been no contribution to the common good, even if they are evil – because the common good is life . If you are alive, you are contributing to the common good. It is very difficult for a spirit to be in physical form. To agree to take such a form is, in one sense, a great sacrifice – yet one that is necessary, and even enjoyed, if the All is to know itself experientially, and to re-create itself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision it ever held about Who It Is.

It is important to understand why the souls which make up the collective “We” came here. There is only One Soul. One Being. One Essence. Some of you call this “God.” This Single Essence “individuates” Itself as Everything in the Universe – in other words – All That Is . This includes all sentient beings, or what you have chosen to call souls. God is every soul that is now, ever was, and ever will be AND He is the collective Soul. God is both. A single Awesome Being which is a collective of individualized parts that came to physicality to express itself in physicality, to know itself in its own experience, to be God. Life is the process through which God creates Itself, and then experiences the creation. This process of creation is ongoing and eternal. It is happening all the “time.” Relativity and physicality are the tools with which God works. Pure energy (what you call spirit) is What God Is. This Essence is truly the Holy Spirit. By a process through which energy becomes matter, spirit is embodied in physicality. This is done by the energy literally slowing itself down – changing its oscillation, or what you would call vibration. That Which is All does this in parts. That is, parts of the whole do this. These individuations of spirit are what you have chosen to call souls. In truth, there is only One Soul, reshaping and reforming Itself. This might be called The Reformation. You are all Gods in Formation. ( God’s information! ) That is your contribution and it is sufficient unto itself.

To put this simply, by taking physical form you have already done enough . God wants, God needs, nothing more. You have contributed to the common good. You have made it possible for that which is common – the One Common Element – to experience that which is good. Even you have written that God created the heavens and the Earth, and the animals who walk upon the land, and the birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and it was very good . “Good” does not – cannot – exist experientially without its opposite. Therefore have you also created evil, which is the backward motion, or opposite direction, of good. It is the opposite of life – and so you have created what you call death. Yet death does not exist in ultimate reality, but is merely a concoction, an invention, an imagined experience, through which life becomes more valued by you. Thus, “evil” is “live” spelled backward! So clever you are with language. You fold it into secret wisdoms that you do not even know are there. Now, when you understand this entire cosmology, you comprehend the great truth. You could then never demand of another being that it give you something in return for your sharing the resources and necessities of physical life. Until your community of beings knows about being in community, you will never experience Holy Communion, and cannot know Who God Is.


God has to be a two way street. You don’t talk in God’s general direction and then you’re done with it.

Hurricane Laura intensified like crazy in the Gulf’s climate-enhanced bathwater. Too many people didn’t have much time to flee, have no car or money, have no ability to survive the coronavirus if they get it in a shelter or on a crowded bus. As a result I expect that the National Guard will find many former residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Still more will die of cancer from all of these inadequately protected and now flooded out superfund sites and demolished chemical plants in the area. Then we have millions of actually hungry people and people exposed to the elements because the private food pantries can’t keep up with the load this month. The poor die. Too many formerly working people who can’t take the pressure are committing suicide.

Mr. Pence, you’re serving money and praying at God in public. The Lord hears the cry of the poor.


Perhaps Pence can ask his “mother” [which is what Pence, like Ronald Reagan, bizarrely calls his wife] what should be done concerning this issue since Pence relies upon her advice regarding so many other matters.

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Yes!! We do need to be in the streets… THOUSANDS upon thousands of us… BUT… what is our message for climate action?.. build renewables?.. I do not want any part of that… shut down/decommission all nuclear power plants… YES!!.. the main message should be DEGROWTH… STOP all non essential manufacturing… give a national income to each employable adult… and then. We hold the feet of all politicians to the fire… TO IMPLEMENT A PLAN… for degrowth that helps keep food on tables, clean water running in our taps… NOT the taps of useless casinos, hotels… oh and professional sports… STOP … flying reduced to helicopter rides for the severely injured to a hospital… these are just examples… of this plan… There are experts… that know how to do this… WE NEED TO DEMAND IT.


Oh, sort of. Kind of in the background, like dinner music. The Lord has other priorities, evidently.

I recoil in horror from the foulness of thee
From the squalor and the filth and the misery
How we laugh up here in heaven at the prayers you offer me
That’s why I love mankind

– Randy Newman

“Shut down/decommission all nuclear plants” ?

Despite having made zero progress on nuclear waste disposal during the past 75 years, Washington and other states drafting or implementing carbon legislation categorize nuclear power in the “carbon free” column, not the carbon column where they put coal and natural gas.

The nuclear industry is therefore gearing up to expand, not contract.

“Louisiannna, Louisiana, they’re goin to wash us away, they’re goin to wash us away”…

“We’re rednecks, we’re rednecks, we don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground”…

Some of my favorite Randy Newman lyrics

Pence prays about a hurricane, while he praises the Blue Wall of Violent Killers as “the best of us” (shooting a man in the back, killing a woman in her home, and choking them to death) - the shallow trump toady lies and deceives with the best on the Republicon Convention Show. He has as much integrity (or real understanding of religion and moral compass) as the cat.

The Convention Show.employed the most cynical use of “real people” who love R’Cons and trumps “honesty” contrasted with the coke-head screaming nut cases (most trump family members) who blasted the most outer-space delusional crap ever witnessed.
The trump family members that do tell the truth about the malignant dunce and Liar-In-Chief were not invited!

“Friends don’t let friends vote Republicon” - but the uncle-toms and “ordinary folk” trotted-out selling their souls cheap, telling their stories of welcome, opportunity and lack of racist, gender, bigotry from the Republicon Party are shills, astonishing in their betrayals of the truth and their groups - shameless pandering - but hey, a payday is a payday, eh?.