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Pence Urges Governors to Repeat Trump's Lie That Spikes in Covid-19 Cases Largely Caused by Increase in Testing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/pence-urges-governors-repeat-trumps-lie-spikes-covid-19-cases-largely-caused


When sociopaths and psychopaths hold the bully pulpit and a public woefully miseducated this has to play out to the former’s advantage.

Surrounded by Liars and Lickspittles, Trump Dares COVID to Kill Him


States that rushed to reopen at Trump’s frantic urging are now seeing the gates of Hell crack open before them


There was a scene in an old episode of the “Simpsons” where Homer was picked to take the place of Smithers as Mr Burns personal assistant. After Homer had predictably screwed up at every task, Burns was telling someone in the phone that his new assistant “seemed to be getting dumber by the minute. It’s really quite extraordinary.”
That is how nearly everyone in America have come to feel about Mike Pence. He seems to be getting dumber by the minute, although there is nothing extraordinary about this case. He has always been as dumb as a box of rocks. However, he is living same American political dream that predecessors like Ronald Reagan and GW Bush did. His dumbness and his ability to be influenced by Christian fascists have kept his political career on a steady rise.
Pence is the kind of moron that Menkin once warned us may one day adorn the White House. The biggest problem at this point, and a harbinger for the future, is that Pence is actually dumber than Trump, and that’s an exclusive club. And a very dangerous one.


In Texas, our idiot governor is full steam ahead. He relaxes restrictions as 2000 plus are hospitalized every day. He has made good on the threat that our state government is willing to let people die rather than interrupt the upper class’s revenue streams. And with Mitch McConnell ending stimulus payments and Abbott ordering that covid is no excuse to receive unemployment benefits the Republicans have forced people back to work. Basically making people choose between food and shelter or risk getting sick and possibly dying in order to go back to work. It’s insanity.


What’s with all the hand-waving by Pence & Trump?

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Yours is an excellent assessment of Pence! Whenever I see him standing erect with his dead fish religious zealot eyes I have to wonder at him being considered as to be of the same species as the general population. There are, regrettably, many like him who verify that indeed, humans have this subset in our species hierarchy.

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You’re right, it is insanity. There is another option. Getting in the streets like is happening in many towns, to protest this government. But I know many people have reached financial disaster’s precipice and going back to work is their only viable option. Will the people of Texas ever have had enough or will they continue to vote republican? Is there any real disillusionment brewing in Texas that you can see, Steve?


Using CDC new confirmed cases, by state (by jurisdiction) to track particular states’ progress or general failure, is considerably better than nothing.

Exception: New York State data has taken six gigantic overnight jumps backward, which is sort of like an odometer rolling backwards. Each great overnight leap backward has been between 3000 and 5000 cases. My best guess is that their governor wants to declare that his benchmarks are steadily being met for opening the state for business, and the benchmarks aren’t in fact being met, so somebody is erasing the data and penciling whatever works. It’s worth running the numbers just to spot these political howlers.

Today, the CDC new case numbers say clearly and loudly that the entire South is bombing out, every last state from North Carolina through Tennessee to Oklahoma to Texas, and all the way down to Florida. Virginia and Kentucky are exceptions.

Arizona and Utah are bombing out, where Arizona is #1 in the nation.

California has been slowly accelerating as a state since May 1. They are not going backwards. The whole of the Northeast, every last state with a question mark for New York State, has been reducing its pandemic per capita, heading in the general direction of zero.

As always, I have been updating my statistics daily at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm It’s better to have real numbers to refute falsehoods.


Your are correct. I have always been creeped out by Pence’s stare. He’s got those dead eyes, like the ones you see in the movies featuring those evil soulless dolls.
To make another movie\book analogy, Pence reminds me of the character of the evil fundamentalist congressmen Stilson in the film “Dead Zone”. In that film, a psychic sees the congressman literally destroying the world, in the name of Jesus of course. I think Pence has that kind of potential.


We’ve done the same thing here in Pennsylvania, as most of the counties run by republicans are no longer even reporting new cases, as they have become desperate to return to business as usual as they have convinced themselves that the economy is the only thing that can get them re elected.
This is all starting to play out like 1919. And that didn’t end well, did it?


I have been hammering on the nail of “externalizations” being a core concept of both the ultra -right “evangelical” paternalism and, since Roman Emporer Constantine conflated the emergent christianity with empire, which today manifest as predatory capitalism. We are conditioned- intentionally by the institutionalization of ‘null sets’ in education by publishing houses that have for centuries excluded entire elements of history to the benefit of oligarchic monopoly.

This is exceptionally well illustrated by the mathematical formulae of fractals, particularly the Serpinski Gasket - today referred to as the Serpinski triangle (and pyramid - as in the schemes behind the wealth of bet devious, I mean Betsy DeVos.

“The Sierpinski triangle fractal was first introduced in 1915 by Wacław Sierpiński. But similar patterns already appeard in the 13th-century in some cathedrals.”

I can’t post a picture but realize that this illustrates a way of (not) thinking and producing a (non) reality.
Tell me this does not describe our predicament



In Arizona, our Koch-planted governor, Doug Douchebag Ducey, mandated that businesses reopen. Okay, fine if you don’t care if your citizens are threatened with the virus. The problem is he won’t let counties or cities make their own rules to combat Covid-19. He wants to be the supreme leader with no input from anyone else, especially from “liberal” Pima County, the home of Tucson. As a result, Arizona has had a huge spike in new cases.


Oh, it’s spot on. Long before there were social scientists, a small group of megalomaniacs, like Constantine, realized they could control masses of people easier than they could control individuals (in the science fiction realm I suggest Asimovs character Harry Seldon who used psychology and sociological models to predict future human actions and movements based e ideas)
Constantine of course figured out that the masses were, well, stupid. And as many “leaders” before and since, He used that fact as a control mechanism. It’s still amazing, but all too predictable, that we went from one flim-flam man claiming he saw a “gold cross in the sky” to a still phony faith, and many sects like it, that 1600 years later controls the halls of most govements and many multinational corporations.
My grandmother once told me that I should become a minister. I told her that it wouldn’t make sense as I didn’t believe. She simply said, a preachers job is not to believe, it’s to make other people believe.
We have had a magnet on our refrigerator for many years that I feel succinctly describes the human condition. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”


I want to wrestle with the assertion that masses of people = stupid. THAT is what has been assiduously created over centuries, but is the opposite of what we are by nature: interdependent as macro-planetary creature, if you will. That is to say, it takes ALL OF US to get done what needs to be done. What also interests me is the fact that something like the Serpinski gasket cannot exist without the preexisting structure, which - of especial note - need not be specifically defined.

Intuition, “love at first sight”, love plain and simple, other aspects of how we as creatures interact far beyond the narrow strictures of an ever evolving extractive imprisonment. Its also important to remember that the predatory class is wholly dependent on those it attempts to force into submission. It will fail simply because it is a failed construct. For millennia it has burnished its false humility (including “false flag” lies) when overreach results in exceeding the propagandized prison.

Our task would seem to be to prevent the REAL breadth and depth of what life on this planet is, from being destroyed by the intensifying violations/violence of the self-appointed insensate extractors. And, yes, I would have to agree that the trumpian pandering to the lost DOES result in willful, neotenized (permanent childlike characteristics) knuckle dragging. Ultimately it is not the persons themselves but the strings being pulled by viscious mendacious puppet masters. How do you deal with saving someone from the humiliation following the ‘ah ha’ experience? That, in my opinion, is not a throwaway question.


Koch fiefdoms have been carved out all over the country in a variety of levels and ways.


“Lickspittle” is a good word to describe this loathsome “Christian”, Mike Pence. What an obsequious piece of shit he is, following Trump around and contributing to his corruption, cruelty and incompetence. Mike Pence is the ultimate brown nose. I saw a video of a meeting that the Orange Pustule was attending. Pence sat just to Trump’s right. All the people at the table had a bottle of water. For some reason, Trump took his bottle and put it on the floor. Less than 5 seconds later Pence did the same thing. This colossal, right-wing asshole is in total lockstep with Trumpo the Klown and he has dishonored himself as a result. If this nation is lucky enough to get rid of Trump and his rotten regime next year I’m sure that there would be some regressive bunch of scum who will hire Pence. That is the way it is in the levels of power in this country but I would love to see him die in the obscurity he so rightly deserves. Fuck you, Pence!


A simple exercise in logic. All Countries are increasing the amount of tests they run for COVID. If Mr Pence is correct all other Countries should be seeing that same increase in infections.

This like telling a kid “That water is not hot go ahead and stick your hand in it” and when the kid sticks his hand in it and suffers third degree burns stating “well it was only hot because you stuck your hand in it”.

The thing is a whole lot of the Trump Cult are like children and believe what these so called “adults” are telling them.

Denmark tests per 1 million population 142000
Denmark cases per 1 million population 2115

USA tests per 1 million population 76450
USA cases per 1 million population 6610



1,200 rest homes in Texas are going to be empty.
Reports on radio that employees are not wearing face masks, even when they already know the nearby resident has C-19.

The Trump/dense pence denial is going to kill a few more hundred thousand Americans. All DC powers will say they are not guilty - but they are, absolutely.

Time to really clean the house and senate out and bring in good peoples

voter restrictions in certain states ensure republican senate wins and el-trumpo too.


Well, they keep saying how Texas might turn back blue again. I think the only thing stopping that is voter suppression and gerrymandering. Like most Republican states they are doing their utmost to keep people from voting. As far as disillusionment it’s hard to tell. Most of the people I know were anti-Trump from the get-go. There is a fairly large progressive cohort here in Texas. We don’t get much press, eclipsed as we are by the nut jobs. So I don’t hang in right wing circles. I still see maskless people all around and Trump/Pence yard signs. I got to think there are some Republicans here that are thinking with their brains and not whatever else they’ve been using to make decisions. At least that’s my hope. I would add that I live in a rural, mostly white area that is just now starting to see many covid cases. But still in small numbers. Due to a more widespread population. Urban areas like Dallas, Houston, Austin are mostly Democratic with Democrat mayors.

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Makes perfect sense to me, if you don’t test then you don’t have any cases, no problem.

Just like the unemployment numbers, if you don’t count the unemployed after a short period of time, then you don’t have an unemployment problem.

Just like the inflation numbers, if you don’t add in the essentials that every household needs to buy then inflation seemingly doesn’t go up.

Just like healthcare… just like education… just like our justice system…

We are post-truth, you have to figure it out for yourself these days.