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Pence, Who Backed Muslim Visa Ban, Gets Vaccine Invented by Muslim Immigrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/19/pence-who-backed-muslim-visa-ban-gets-vaccine-invented-muslim-immigrants


We are about to find out whether these vaccines were worth the money invested in them at all. The first wave of people will be the true trial phase of their development, so we’ll see just how many serious complications arise. Now there are reports out of the UK that the virus has mutated to a more infectious strain, possibly rendering the vaccine worthless.



Yes, the vaccine beta testing is just starting !

Pence is taking the vaccine for PR purposes. His real ambition is accelerating the Christian crusade to be as destructive as possible in the name of Christ.

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The unquestioned assumption here is that he actually got it.


Frankly, I find this article pointless and very shallow, exhibiting the same pattern as the Identity Politics based choices for the late cabinet. No evidence is given that these two people even identify with any religion while their identity is transmitted to us from a religious perspective. These are two multi-billionaire capitalists, who control markets and who are profiting exponentially from the pandemic, who have received millions from the German government and/or European Union, etc. etc. These are issues we need to read about and have unearthed, not childish sensational analysis free composition of words put together.

By this logic, let’s rejoice about the monopoly abuses of Google, since hey, Sergey Brin is an immigrant. Academic writing material it seems.


"while France was occupying Syria after WW II, "

Not “II” but “I”.

Also, the ‘Muslim ban’ blocked the entry of people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The order excluded countries of origin of radicalized Muslim perpetrators of attacks against the United States, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. It also did not include anywhere the Trump Organization had conducted business, such as the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.


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Mr. Cole should do a little research on the Moderna Vaccine too. But then that would require a focus and comparison of vaccines rather than race baiting.

An aside, I would chose the Pfizer vaccine over the Moderna based on current information.

Elsewhere: (Where neoliberalism also put the economy first - 986 deaths per million population.)


And where (somehow) neoliberalism didn’t put the economy first - 35 deaths per million population.


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Juan Cole is really and foolishly reaching to attribute the vaccine to Muslims - vaccine development and science generally is a multinational effort and by people who are disproportionately not religious, regardless of the religion of those who own the company


pence could be our next president in four years if biden irks so many progressives with his neoliberal agenda that they don re-elect him. In this country the VP of the outgoing president is considered top runner in the next presidential race.

I haven’t heard “possibly rendering the vaccine worthless” from any responsible source. Just about the gold standard I’ve stumbled upon is TheScientist magazine – their coronavirus coverage is unexcelled. Here’s what someone over there has to say about the new UK variant (called ‘VUI – 202012/01’ the first Variant Under Investigation in December 2020):



Unlike some commenters, I like Prof Cole’s column. GOP hypocrisy, such as Pence’s, is as fair game as it is galling.

Hypocrisy also shows up in the stimulus talks. Trump inherited a Federal Deficit of $585 billion, and his administration has increased it to $3.3 trillion. While there hadn’t been a mention of the deficit since 2017, all of a sudden it’s a bone of contention, and a deal-killer.

It’s been a rough 4 years with Trump and Pence, and it will be good to see them out the door.


The “possibly rendering the vaccine worthless” came from virologists when they were just starting to work on a vaccine, describing how when a virus mutates it can make any vaccine ineffective.
I appreciate the link, but I’m not sure they deserve your “gold standard” praise. I noticed in the story they covered their bases on the vaccine.
“Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust Biomedical research foundation, released a statement on Monday, calling the development ‘potentially serious’, though he cautioned that the implications for transmission of the virus and the efficacy of vaccines were still unclear.”
Then at the end:
“Even as the virus mutates, experts are quick to point out that it’s unlikely that it would mutate in such a way that would render a vaccine ineffective.”

I have a hard time calling this a vaccine in the first place, and believe many will believe they will be immune from covid after taking it.


and Trump used meds made from the stem cell research the Republicans worked so hard to ban–maybe we should start denying the results of research to those who oppose(d) it–possibly then they would get with the program and start believing in science

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I posted this on another thread, from “Nature” some of the newest information on mutations that have some effect in several countries, including the U.S. These are still preliminary findings but still resulting in policy changes. Bit scary.



Thanks for giving it a look. Nobody’s perfect, every source should be held at arm’s distance, nothing accepted uncritically. But you might find, if you hang in there with this site, it’s a frequent source of real dope I’m not initially encountering anywhere else. Pretty cutting edge stuff, for people who can tolerate science-ish overviews like this.

Gut feelings mean nothing, imho – my own are that the first metrics for most vaccine tests, around 90%, sound suspiciously like election returns of such unusual strength. Something must be off here, I don’t know what. I’m keeping my eye out, waiting for the other shoe to drop. This bug is a clever, devious one.


Excellent Nature article on the Danish mink flare-up, thanks. Of interest to me:

Uncontrolled spread in mink also increases the opportunity for the virus to evolve and develop mutations that could be concerning, says Jannik Fonager, a virologist at Statens Serum Insitut, the Danish health authority leading the investigations, based in Copenhagen.

The thing is: if we all but invite the bug into thousands of pens of humans, to the point where it leaks out all over and 17 million of us are infected, to date, that human proliferation (here in USA) is probably more likely to generate threatening mutations. (Especially where co-morbidities abound: little bugs love to genetically borrow little tricks from each other.)

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/07/2020          11          11
>  18.  04/10/2020     492,405     492,416
>  27.  06/12/2020   1,545,928   2,038,344
>  36.  08/14/2020   3,247,202   5,285,546
>  45.  10/16/2020   2,742,786   8,028,332
>  54.  12/18/2020   9,362,938  17,391,270

Our exceptional prisons and concentration camps are the US American analog to Danish mink farms, reliably delivering interesting mutations back into the community. Ours are much preferable to theirs, from the point of view of our pet microbe. At around 20% of prisoners infected, the cull is well underway.


Me too. I don’t quite have it figured out: There seems to be a vigorous cadre of folks with an axe to grind against Cole, around here. I hope it’s not because he’s one of the only prominent commentators remaining who speaks up regularly for the rights of Palestinians. At any rate, I’ve found that praising Cole in this forum upsets applecarts somehow.

Have you heard of Cole’s Rubaiyat translation? The good prof probably wouldn’t mind me reprinting number forty here (the one after the famous “loaf of bread, jug of wine” quatrain):

Don’t blame the stars for virtues or for faults,
or for the joy and grief decreed by fate!
For science holds the planets all to be
A thousand times more helpless than are we.


Yes I realize you can’t judge a site by one article, so I will go back to look at other articles, and I do appreciate any new links with information about this virus, and other scientific information.

I agree with you about the vaccine trials, nothing I’ve seen disproves the numbers, but when most medical researchers say much lower numbers are normal in first phase trials, and history shows us most vaccines require much more time to perfect, it’s definitely gotten my attention.


I’m not sure i read the same story you linked, (my search never produced the exact same link), but the one I read, “The Coronavirus Is Mutating - Does it matter?”, was still scary, and I admit well above my “pay grade”. It’s almost like these viruses have a brain, finding ways to stay alive by mutation.
Thanks for the link, looks like a good site.