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Pence Wins Gold for Hypocrisy: Calls Trump Military Parade Chance to 'Celebrate' But North Korea's a 'Provocation'


Pence Wins Gold for Hypocrisy: Calls Trump Military Parade Chance to 'Celebrate' But North Korea's a 'Provocation'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Vice President Mike Pence applauded the Trump administration's plans for a potential military parade on Friday seconds before denouncing North Korea's showing of its military might a day earlier.

With no apparent sense of irony, the vice president told reporters in PyeongChang, South Korea that President Donald Trump's possible parade would be an opportunity "to celebrate the men and women of the Armed Forces," while the parade held by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a "provocation."



These people are all insane a$$ kissing a$$hole$. And they are determined to kill us all off as they hope for their beloved fantasies of the rapture to come true.


I am daily, deeply disturbed by the Trump Presidency, but I am absolutely terrified at the thought of a Pence Presidency!


Pence is just as scary as Trump maybe even more. He is a disgusting individual claiming to be a christian. No wonder people are turning away from the organized Christianity the whole republican party claim to be christian s with family values.

We have to take down this whole administration, congressional repugs and appointees along with the corrupt democrats. It is not a coup, it is finally holding people accountable.


Well, so much for any solace in removing Trump to secure the ascendancy of Mr. Pence-
This guy is A true believer in all that is wrong with this menacing administration- I can just visualize A future President Pence reading off scripture to justify his insane religious war mongering policies-
We must keep this fucker out of that office, even if it means stomaching Trump for 3 more years…


Remove Trump, take back congress and emasculate a Pence administration. It’s the best we can hope for in the near future. Pence may be a religious zealot but Trump is far worse.


The men and women of the military represent approximately 1% of the population of the United States.

Let’s celebrate the men and women of the remaining 99%.


Trump is unpredictable and menacing but it is the religious zealot in Pence that worries me- Pence has been so quiet and now, given the chance he confirms all suspicions-
It is A tough call, and what you say makes sense IF we take back Congress, and that is still A big IF-
It is the unknown in Pence and the Fundamentalist Christian baggage that worries me…
The worse case scenario would be Trump surviving the Mueller investigation which may well happen and then miraculously somehow being re-elected in 2020- And there are A multitude of worse case scenarios in between… What A crazy experience this has been and continues to be!


Ok, now I’m starting to wonder who’s the bigger dumbass, Trump or Pence.


I can’t understand those that don’t see what is happening. This is why Trump wanted Pence as Vice President and a heart beat away from the presidency if something happened to Trump. Trump is horrific and Pence would even be worse.

So government is going broke and Trump wants an expensive demonstration of military power in order to out do Putin and the usual Russia parades of military might and Kim Jong Un (North Korea) doing the same thing. That makes him as bad a Kim and Vladamir. Why do taxpayers need to foot the bill for Trump’s massive ego…


They both are dumbasses, the worry is that Pence is a competent dumbass, and yes that can be a thing.


And yet you will still be called a Trump supporter or even worse, a Putin puppet for even suggesting the coronation of Arch Magistrate Pence is a bad thing.


I won’t be held responsible for what people think of me! It is really none of my business what people think of me…
I am merely trying to figure out the best strategy in A very BAD situation…
You may well be right and yes I thought of this while writing what I wrote, but damn it, it should be talked over…


It should, and I wish more people would think critically concerning this issue, especially in the mainstream media.


That is probably what I am most concerned about here- Pence being A competent and effective dumbass…


I gave up on the MSM long ago, and isn’t that A shame?


This may sound very dumb but::::

If you want to influence another, be kind and helpful. The usa won the body and soul of Europe with the Marshall Plan. yeah I know the circumstances were entirely different but just think of parenting, if you want your children’s (or anyone’s) love and respect give them the same.

In the accompanying photograph we see a perfect example of the stupidity of pence. No HAT may mean that he is vain about his “hairdo” just like you know who but not wearing a hat in Korean winter is really dumb. It has been proven that humans lose 40% of their body heat in the cold from an uncovered head. Of course he has medical coverage even though many of the citizens in this country do not. A small but significant point but another example of the stupidity of undiplomatic vain men who run this country.


I agree. Pence is a war mongering, fascist and a religious nut case who believes in the rapture so he can go to heaven.


Guess I’ve have blinders on. Between this and the fact he ran his state govt. into the ground, I’m not seeing the competency.


deleted for now…