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Pence's Indiana 'Cautionary Tale' for Privatizing Infrastructure Projects


Pence's Indiana 'Cautionary Tale' for Privatizing Infrastructure Projects

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump has proposed a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure with a maligned plan that partly relies on enticing rich developers into overhauling public services—a model lauded and previously utilized by Vice President Mike Pence, who has come


More ammo for the Democrats. May they use it to our advantage. Time to GET GOING!


Pence didnt start the privatization of our roads, he made it worse.



P illaging the P ublic P urse


The savage greed of Elites – brought forth by their political servants – is ceaseless.

They will not stop until they own everything on this planet and we are paying for the use of it.


Even before Mitch the Bitch Daniels became governor of Indiana, the toll assesment plan had already been approved by the Indiana government under Evan Bayh.

The benefactors were one Australian and one Spanish company.

so Mike Pency just followed orders.


This article offers some excellent background on this effort to fleece the public at large.

Highway Robbery - How “public-private partnerships” extract private profit from public infrastructure projects.



The argument that private enterprise can do the same job faster, more cheaply and efficiently than gov’t assumes that gov’t is always over-budgeted and incompetent- which is true if we are speaking about the military and secret service (remember the $500 hammers). Its rarely true if we are speaking of virtually any of the other branches of gov’t. Since its essentially just not true regarding infrastructure development and maintenance, private industry just cannot build the same road to the same specs for a lower price and be quicker and more efficient about it than gov’t. Its just not possible. Why? Private industry will tack on a profit margin to the cost of building the road; gov’t does not.

And Toll Roads are not a guaranteed income source when people don’t have to use the Toll Road. When given a choice, people mostly drive around the Toll Road. Toll Roads are stupid ideas, pure and simple.


I only ever use the tolls when i need to travel far out of state