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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Smacks Down Gerrymandered Congressional Map


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Smacks Down Gerrymandered Congressional Map

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Decision hailed as 'major victory for all Pennsylvanians'


Gerrymandering involved drawing convoluted boundaries to corral and concentrate your opponents so that your side has more districts at play. So I would look at a Republican role in Gutierrez’s district.

Obviously, districts need to be drawn with simple compact boundaries that enclose equal portions of voters. There are computer algorithms that do this effectively.

This gerrymandering stuff is one more uniquely USAn dysfunctional thing. Like “government shutdown” the word is unknown in properly functioning parliamentary democracies.


Gerrymandering is cheating, writ large!


More " fake news ", false equivalencies and conflation. How do you have time for all three?Just pick one and really focus on it.
First, State SC Judges in many states have lifetime appts, in theory. Second, in almost all the states mentioned, Republicans were guilty of the offense called gerrymandering.
I could go on, but…Sorry, you’re also using deflection. Now it’s up to four. Still, just pick one and, remember, focus, focus, focus.


Make gerrymandering illegal and be done with it.


Some sort of district has to be drawn and this will always make the process imperfect but the goal in a democracy should be creating contested districts rather than uncontested which is what extreme gerrymandering does. The result of this is that the winner only needs to represent the base rather than all voters in the district and the candidates get more and more extreme because incumbents only have to worry about a primary challenge from the right or left depending on party.


That’s good as far as it goes. Let’s fix the real problems of the Senate. California deserves about 12-15 Senators, at least. Or, ditch the Electoral College and change the elections completely. 2 Senators each for The Dakotas, et al is a xucking joke.


It is done to segregate schools as well. Not such a complex situation at all to separate districts by somebody’s snootiness index. Busing was the solution decades ago, mixed kids well, but cost a lot of busing money and wasted a lot of kids’ time on long rides. The highly ranked snoots kept their neighborhood schools and the lower ranked folks rode the buses.
In Roy Moore’s state I saw a school district map drawn with circles around roads of immigrants, mapping them out to other districts.


Helen –

“It is done to segregate schools as well” …

All sad … very sad.

But, it’s the only way the right wing can come to power – cheating, rigging elections,


Chill. Busing was the solution that the government in the sixties, seventies, and eighties forced. It achieved the result that kids of different ethnic backgrounds met, spoke and attended some classes together with kids of different ethnic backgrounds. The “solution” in this case was their best effort. I dont know about the rest of the US, but in my town kids were ranked in academics, and the kids from the poorer schools never even started in an advanced class. Vouchers are another such solution, a best effort. It is still not local. I think kids have better things to do that go on long bus rides. And I am not convinced that all kids are going to have opportunities to use it because it is parent initiated. The BEST solution? No idea.


Do away with districts. Use long established county lines as boundaries.