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Pentagon Admits it Uses Drones for Spying Over US Soil


Pentagon Admits it Uses Drones for Spying Over US Soil

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An internal Pentagon report made public on Wednesday revealed that the U.S. Department of Defense has been using non-military drones to conduct surveillance missions over American soil since 2006.


People spy on their enemies.
People spy on people so they can’t defend themselves against exploitation.
People spy on people in order to prevent a group from being able to organize around common needs.
But in all cases, people only spy on people who they consider to be their enemy.
This article proves that the United States government thinks of its own citizens as its enemies.


First, Bernie has to defeat the “Democratic” Party machine that’s out to restore the Clinton dynasty.
Then, he will have to risk his life in order to rein in the MIC, which might explain why Obama hasn’t done so.


There’s your real enemy right there.




There was a time, not so long ago, when the use of drones in the U.S. was illegal. As a means of facilitating their acceptance, drones were introduced as toys. Now for the kicker: The only way that the criminal .00001% remains in power is via control over the military and intelligence services, as well as the police, who have been internationalized and militarized. Drone are a way of using fewer people to control and murder the masses.


The trillion $ MIC is a complex that has become a military dictatorship and will never allow itself to lose its dictatorial powers. Obama has just been another Presidential fawning parasite for the MIC. The last President that tried to rein in the MIC and smash the CIA, was JFK and all Presidents since have gotten that unspoken message loud and clear!


As Chapdrum says, he will be risking his life to do so. JFK tried and he paid dearly for that “sin”.


I replied to Redraven before I read your post saying the same thing. However, it bears repeating. imo.


It always aims at the same suspects:

Labor leaders, Leftist intellectuals, Human Rights Advocates, Civil Rights luminaries, inspired environmentalists, humanistic Feminists, and persons of color.

Keep in mind that the increasing merger between corporate overlords and governmental entities turns any persons who oppose the corporate take-over of the commons, dangerous polluting of waterways, earthquakes coupled with fracking, accidents of oil cargo trains, horrors of Monsanto and its profligate use of glyphosate, (along with all other principled proponents of genuine Democracy) as threats to their control of it all.


SOS rose. Anything new ever? However, on the topic we who have ever
been anywhere near or bothered to know about drone warfare have known
like just a few miles down the road at Beale aft, they are controlled from the
ground as well as fly locally. Protest there been going on for years. This
major manufacturer has been also providing unmanned aircraft to fly the borders,
both north and south for at least a decade or more.Interesting from their website
for those who care to inform themselves.


Everything is legal until a multi year court battle says it’s not. And then it will continue to be done, but called something else to make it legal again, till a multi-year court battle…


I am just surprised that anyone ever thought that they weren’t using them. We have a permanent intelligence community staffed by Washington insiders who are part of what is becoming a permanent government elite.

The word is permanent… Not the permanent institutions or departments but the staff. A permanent governing elite. For example, who gets hired for a secret program that is so classified that not only the public knows nothing about it but most of our legislators don’t either!

Who gets hired in secret for secret programs and what the hell are they doing anyway? Who watches the watchers when they are watching us and that is classified. Classified by whom? Classified of, by and for those who classify? Neat trick that!


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I’m pretty sure Bernie already got the message. That’s why he’s not calling for real cuts to the military, supporting Snowden, etc.

More recent than JFK, remember Paul Wellstone? He didn’t even make it to the convention.


As Chris Hedges constantly reminds us: the tools and techniques of domination and oppression that the empire employs abroad, it eventually employs at home.

Future news headlines:

“150 Black Lives Militants Killed in Drone Strike Outside Ferguson”

“Environmental Terrorist Camp Struck In Eugene: Leadership Believed Dead”

“Drones Fire on Protest Turned Riot”

“‘Poor People’s Occupation’ Camp Cleared by Drone Fire: 25 Injured, 2 Critical”

Make up your own. This is the endgame for American oligarchy: stuff neoliberal policies down our throats, murder or imprison any who resist.


Yes, it is not much of stretch from spying drones to packing drones. It won’t matter what wing of the bird we flap. Those rr militias are really stupid to think a big collection of automatic rifles and grenades will keep them safe. None of us will ever know what hit us, we will hear it but too late.


Jesse Ventura claims that when he became a maverick Governor from Minnesota, he was called to Washington D.C. to have a secret meeting with the CIA, but never divulged to my knowledge, what he was told.


Yes, and just imagine if they were that paranoid of Wellstone, what they would do to Bernie if he became POTUS! Bernie may have to sell out to the MIC to keep from being assassinated!


I could be mistaken, but Bernie has reached the stage of life where he might just have that shadowy figure tossed in the slammer.

He’d then immediately schedule a talk to the nation where he holds up that picture and says, “THIS is what they put on my desk. THIS is what monied interests want to do to your president. Who among you approves of these people taking ownership of YOUR country?”