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Pentagon Admits to Sending Live Anthrax Across Nation and Abroad


Pentagon Admits to Sending Live Anthrax Across Nation and Abroad

Jon Queally, staff writer

A research lab run by the U.S. military in Utah that deals with highly-infectious diseases inadvertently sent live Anthrax spores to facilities in nine states as well as one military base in South Korea, Pentagon officials confirmed Wednesday.

As the Washington Post reports:


And these labs that shipped the Anthrax still stick to the laughable fiction that their colleague Bruce Ivens, a knowledgeable scientist, “committed suicide” after 9/11 by ingesting a substance that would cause death in one of the most excruciatingly painful methods possible. When you need a scapegoat, you might was well send a message at the same time.

The US government still remains the largest terrorist network in the world. Play it our way or this is what will happen to you.


I’m from the government, I’m here to help…


With all the trouble the shadow government is having renewing The Patriot Act. It seems we are ripe for another false flag event.


The major question is what’s the reason behind shipping the virus inside or outside the country. Is it a joke ora deliberate action to threat someone? The military and politicians in Washington DC are turning wild and belligerant. The citizens must protest against this mad mad action.


Let’s face it. This isn’t the most heinous thing the War Department ever did. Not even close.


“out of an abundance of caution” ??? hahahahahahahhahahaha


So they 'inadvertently" shipped at least nine packages - does that mean they meant to send something else, or does that mean they didn’t intend to ship anything and someone accidentally packaged and shipped a bunch of live anthrax for no reason??


Funny that our representatives in Washington stopped demanding a complete investigation of 9/11, after Anthrax was sent to them from a government laboratory.


Further evidence that the people running the country are criminally insane.


That could be a black op that went bad. Suppose a mysterious general Anthrax epidemic suddenly appeared in the US. You can guess who would be blamed and the bombs would fall.

  • the US Fourth Reich is disgusting!


This is what happens when you are an Empire and suffering from too many WND and your congress keeps forcing more on you.


The Washington Post report names states but not cities.

“…shipped from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah to an undisclosed facility in Maryland. The other samples were sent to labs in Texas, Wisconsin, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York, California and Virginia.”

I would bet, dollars to doughnuts, the Maryland facility was Detrick. If reporters won’t name cities, it leaves people to speculation, aside from those who may live in the areas and have some inkling about what goes on “inside the fence.”


What could possibly go wrong?

No wait:

This proves the system works!

Umm, how about:

Who could have predicted…?


The USA is in serial violation of multiple international treaties it has duly signed, against war-making, and against developing maintaining or deploying arsenals of “weapons of mass destruction” including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and is by law committed to eliminate all stocks of such NCB weapons.

Hey, that last one is simply true!


That is funny John.

Anti-War Democrat, South Dakota’s Tom Daschell got real quiet when his office got one of these little anthrax love letters and people died. The DNA matched the US Army’s weaponized Anthrax, so it didn’t come from Saddam Hussien or Bin Laden. Funny how that happens right after Dick Cheney and his number two: Duane Andrews were fighting with Dashell over 911 investigations.

And who was standing there red-handed? Oh that’s right, Steven Hatfill who worked for Duane Andrews at Wall Street’s CIA: SAIC (who got most of the outsourced CIA intel work and who also investigated 911 for the gov.)

How did that go? Now it’s all coming back to me:

After 9/11, SAIC supplied the largest contingent of non-governmental investigators to the WTC investigation conducted NIST. At the same time, “SAIC personnel were instrumental in pressing the case that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and that war was the only way to get rid of them.”[28]

SAIC was also a pioneer in the intelligence contracting business, as a founding member of the Security Affairs Support Association in 1979, along with companies like TRW, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed and Hughes Aircraft. A special taskforce of the Defense Science Board, which was led in 1993 by BDM’s Philip Odeen, recommended a vast increase in the outsourcing of intelligence, which all these companies ended up benefiting from greatly.

Today a majority of government intelligence work is outsourced, and SAIC is known first and foremost as an intelligence contractor. SAIC sells expertise about weapons, about homeland security, about surveillance, about computer systems, about “information dominance” and “information warfare,” and has been awarded more individual government contracts than any other private company in America. In fact, the company was paid huge sums to rebuild the NSA and FBI systems that supposedly failed before 9/11.[29]

SAIC is integral to the operations of all the major intelligence collection agencies, particularly the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the CIA. In fact, the CIA relies on SAIC to spy in its own workforce.[30] But SAIC has also played an integral role in the “War on Terror”, and was even responsible for capturing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It was SAIC staff and technology that “tease[ed] out crucial clues about Mohammed’s activities from intercepted text messages that he sent to his al Qaeda operatives using as many as 20 different cell phones.”[31]

In an interesting coincidence, while the Carlyle/BDM subsidiary Vinnell Corp was training the Saudi Arabian National Guard, SAIC was training the Saudi Navy and bringing Saudi military personnel to company headquarters in San Diego for further study. Simultaneously, Booz Allen Hamilton was managing the Saudi Marine Corps and running the Saudi Armed Forces Staff College.[32] Vinnell now works with SAIC to train the Iraqi military.[33]

SAIC employees or board members have included Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former Deputy Director of CIA Bobby Ray Inman, former NYC OEM director Jerome Hauer, anthrax attack suspect Stephen Hatfill, former CIA Director John Deutch, and Lawrence B. Prior, a military intelligence officer and former TRW executive. Also formerly with SAIC, during the time of the planning and implementation of the 9/11 attacks, was Dick Cheney’s undersecretary of defense, Duane Andrews.

Duane Andrews considered Dick Cheney to be his personal, lifelong hero.[34] While he worked for Cheney, Andrews supervised Stephen Cambone, who went on to become Donald Rumsfeld’s “special assistant.” When Andrews left the Pentagon in 1993, he became chief operating officer for SAIC, where he supervised “much of the company’s work on secret projects with defense and national security agencies.”[35] Andrews and Cambone both later hired on to the British intelligence firm Qinetiq, along with George Tenet. Coincidentally, The Carlyle Group was a major shareholder in Qinetiq as of February 2003.

Trillions of dollars in War Pork. Now that’s what I call strong MOTIVE.

Notes: Carlyle was G.H.W.Bush’s oil company who drooled over Iraq nationalized oil fields that I got sent to in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Vinnell Corp, is a CIA front company who trains killers in Saudi Arabia (like possibly the 19 hijackers in 911.)


Out of an abundance of caution, [the Defense Department] has stopped the shipment of this material from its labs pending completion of the investigation

The Onion


Didn’t mean to reply to your post with my Onion comment. Feeling a bit sleepy yet.


A few years ago, one of our “nonexistent” bio-weapons labs reported that they had thawed out some Spanish Influenza virus and said it is as deadly as it ever was.

  • What the hell are we doing resurrecting old scourges? What if the Spanish Flu virus got shipped to hither and yon and a carton broke open, or was opened by the recipient?
  • In theory, these people are not idiots, so one wonders at the “mistakes” they make.


No problemo. It’s common to hit the wrong reply button on this software. It has happened to me since they sit right next to each other at times and look identical… Bonanza pilots frequently pull the landing gear up on the ground destroying the airplane for the same reason. The landing gear and flap switches are right next to each other and look the same in the dark.

But you are right, the irony of routinely sending bioweapons in the mail “for our safety” is something that belongs in the Onion; not the real world. Lyme disease arguably originated the same way. Carelessness at the Army’s Plum Island Animal Weapon’s Lab near Long Island. Now we all have to suffer. Aids may be another one… Weaponized Ebola is referred to as a tool in NASA documents. There’s gotta be hundreds we don’t know about.

You watch, not one single policy maker will go to jail over this. This is why I claim that all the leaders of this government are incompetent custodians of public safety, and need to be flushed completely out since the whole institution of large subcontractor government corporations is by its very nature is corrupt.