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Pentagon Deliberately Thwarting Efforts to Close Guantanamo


Pentagon Deliberately Thwarting Efforts to Close Guantanamo

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Obama's repeated pledges to close the Guantánamo Bay detention center have been routinely and deliberately undermined by his own Department of Defense, according to a damning new investigation published on Monday.

Citing numerous administration officials, Reuters exposed a "pattern" of bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the U.S. Pentagon which have successfully thwarted efforts to transfer cleared detainees from the notorious offshore prison.


Wow, now there’s a freakin surprise! Imagine! Just like the Pentagon “thwarts” efforts to reduce or eliminate all the US bases and personnel stationed all over the Earth diverting billions and billions to military candy and toys rather than for increasingly critical ** civilian** needs - global warming, education, health care, environmental protections, green energy,and infrastructure, and so much more.


Clearly our military has been out of control for some time now, witness Gen. Patreus was running his own little war in Afghanistan with long term access to desks in his office for Neocon visitors. This is shocking. Is Obama looking the other way and allowing this to happen? Disgusting, as he is supposedly Commander in Chief of the Armed Services.


Agreed Raven. I am fond of the term “chancre on the sensitive parts of humanity”, but the point is made either way…


Obama is smart, but he is not wise. Never having been in the military, they do not respect him and vice versa. Also, the is averse to fights.


Believe it when I see it, Obama has such a good record on keeping his word.


To quote H. G. Wells, “The military mind, out of necessity, is dull and unimaginative. No person of high intellectual standing would so imprison his gift in such a calling.”


Par for the course. I wonder how many people around the world have looked at the innocent people our government has left languishing in Guantanamo and our failure to keep promises to close it, and recognized our hypocrisy about human rights.

Yet another example where the Pentagon’s actions make our country less safe. But, I suppose, that’s their goal --it’s a dangerous world out there. Gotta have a big military to protect us.


This statement, and the headline, are f$#@ lies.

Obama has never wanted or tried to close Guantanamo.

He only wants to move it.

He is totally committed to permanent detainment of prisoners without conviction.

Yet the mainstream Democratic apparatchik media continues to spread this lie to bamboozle the mainstream Democratic base into thinking Obama is a good guy.

In my opinion no discussion of this is helpful unless it is a discussion about how such detainment is unconstitutional and Obama is committing high treason along side his predecessor.


“Earlier this month, Obama said he’d give Congress one last chance to approve legislation to help close the facility before resorting to an executive action.” And why wasn’t this done day one?? Oh, that’s right, that would need to come from a person who actually believed in something.

Sad to watch as Obama is trying to salvage his horrible legacy.


The US military is conservative authoritarian, anti-democratic, there to protect the 1percent from the 99 percent that pays their salary


I think you hit the nail on the head here. The reason these prisoners sent to Guantanamo by the previous regime is that they believed it would be beyond the jurisdiction of the US Court system. In having such a prison outside US Territory the Bush/Cheney cabal felt they could freely violate the Consitution and ignore court oversight.

Obama takes this a step further. He wants to move the Prison to the USA where the prisoners will suffer the same types of treatments and lack of legal protections. This will help cement the Police State in a “we can do it even HERE in the United States of America and the courts will have no jurisdication” type challenge. The rule of the President by decree and executive orders under the guise of “Fighting terrorism:” is to be absolute at home and abroad.


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Like I’ve said on previous comments, Ehud Barack Obama doesn’t keep his promises. The only thing that would make him shut down Gitmo is to send him there. Obama wants to prove he’s as tough as nails. He is into drone strikes, the NSA & wars. He is totally spineless in dealing with the Republicans. He doesn’t criticize them. He doesn’t tell them not not to sling mud at him. So he copies them on foreign affairs. If he stood up to them, he would not copy them and would make Boehner resign as House Speaker and make him cry much sooner than he did. :disappointed_relieved:


I still think this Congress needs to be tried for treason. I suppose that isn’t feasible, but an old woman can dream.


He possesses the power of the pen and can sign into law closing Gitmo immediately. He can also cut off funding for the site. Of course,that would depend on him wanting to do that which he doesn’t. It won’t be closed when he departs, and will still be open at the end of the next and the after. Most are going to die there.


Traitor Obama does not want Guantanamo closed in spite of his lie promise that he would close it. He IS the Commander in Chief over all of the United States Military.


Imperial policies that promote aggression all across the globe are now matched by increasing levels of lawlessness and state repression, which mutually feed each other.


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