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Pentagon Pushed for Weakened Regulations on Toxic Chemicals, Endangering Drinking Water of Millions of Americans

Pentagon Pushed for Weakened Regulations on Toxic Chemicals, Endangering Drinking Water of Millions of Americans

Julia Conley, staff writer

Lobbying from the Pentagon is to blame for the Trump administration's latest environmental regulatory rollback, according to reports.

The EPA on Thursday released weakened guidelines for the clean-up of toxic groundwater pollution which could contaminate the drinking water millions of Americans use—after the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) called on the White House to intervene and have an earlier draft of the rules changed.

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PFAS is but one of too many classes of contaminants threatening our lives. Radioactive wastes; hydrazine (rocket fuel); petroleum distillates, both burned and unburned; heavy metals, especially chromium and cadmium, but also including lead and mercury.

This partial list is the legacy of profligate “defense” spending, and is so widespread due to political calculations which placed a military base and/or contractor in nearly every US congressional district. As with all decisions to postpone the inevitable, the bill will only grow until it finally comes due.


Here in the Bay Area we’re dealing with unconscionable chemical and nuclear contamination of some of the most valuable real estate in the world: Hunter’s Point, Treasure Island, and Alameda. Now the same mafia thugs the Navy contracted to foul up Hunter’s Point keep getting hired to prey on disaster victims – lately in Paradise (almost entirely consumed in flames last November). What blows the mind of anyone following these stories closely is the craven collusion of state and local health authorities in poisoning the population. Time and again, whistleblowers emerge to voice decent concerns, and the San Francisco Health Department &c. is right there to hush them up.


Republican politicians - they are the greatest.

Really? So why is Round Up and other pesticides proudly displayed in every big box store and garden centers everywhere? Why are these poisons still on the shelves? We know the Stupids are gonna buy it. Gotta have that green grass right? I hear ya. I paint my lawn with safe Latex Paint. Doesn’t every smart person do it too?


Sorry. This is the work of generations of cozy bipartisanship.


If they are going to poison us, who’s side are they on?

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That may be so in some cases, but the example here, combined with the sterling one of former Michigan governor Snyder re Flint, clearly points to one party.

Exactly. On the very rare occasion when one of these corporations agrees to remove x chemical, it announces that it won’t take place for several years down the road - which of course is why we see this s*it everywhere.
Health, shmealth; corporate profits uber alles.

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Pentagonians are focused on totalitarian military empire and war. That’s it.


So what did Obama do about Flint while he was in office?

Look again; environmental collapse, austerity and war are D & R bipartisan.


Won’t argue that. What this says about the USA is not good.

Financial capitalism abstracts from life to create profit and loss.

The dawning of Aquarius announces a thousand year age. We have named the beast and can see a hint of light.

Consider a leaderless constituent assembly in the information age. Autonomous democracy and seven facet government. There is a better way.

The Pentagon needs the freedom to poluute so they can protect US Citizens from terrorists. That US Citizens might get sick and develop cancers from these pollutants can be fixed by the Health Care system , just as long as it not publicly funded as the Pentagon needs that money to protect Americans from terrorists.

Can one imagine a system as absurd as this one?


Thank goodness the states have some say-so on pollution standards in their own environment. Native Americans still have some power also.

If Trump gets another term we will have to watch out for things like, not allowing the birth of any child that isn’t white, or with a birth mark denoting devotion to the fascists.

Question: Is the New World Order supposed to eventually include China and Russia etc. Unless we become fast allies I don’t see that happening.

It’s up to the state to replace lead water pipes not the fed’s. If it was they would have to replace all lead pipes nation wide. And we know how hard it has been (near impossible) to get infrastructure funding anywhere.

It appears likely China and Russia no longer care one way or another.

Obama could have asked the justice department to open an FBI investigation into abuse of US citizens by corrupt rogue local and state governments.

The president is in charge of national security. Poisoning city populations by hostile internal or external forces threatens national security.