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Pentagon Readies Payouts for Hospital Bombing, But Still Refuses Independent Probe



Taking blood money from blood suckers - makes suckers of us all. MSF, please continue to press for an independent investigation.


Typical US response though. They think that everything can be solved with money and bombs.


Hi Holygeezer, Never is a very long time and every empire fails and falls sooner or later. this one will too. hopefully that'll happen before 'nature bats last' and thumps our sorry asses.


Sadly, this event will receive far less attention than Benghazi.


There are scenes that one just cant forget in the best of literature - in plays and novels. One such is Dickens's description in a Tale of Two Cities of a nobleman, a really despicable character whose coachman runs over a child and, in total disdain for a street urchin, throws the boy's father a coin.

Obama is out there slipping the Doctors without borders and their patients some cash to pay them off for their troubles. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. How undignified. He really doesn't give a shit. Watch out for Clinton, she's the same but in spades.


The best the Reich can do in the way of diplomacy or "reform"?
* Hush money!
* That seems to be its answer to any atrocity.
* The biggest atrocity on the planet is the US Fourth Reich and its Axis of Evil, that does its bidding around the world.


As a supporter of MSF for some time, I find this term " condolence payments" just outrageous! Please MSF, refuse that blood money. It is filthy lucre from Lucifer

The Pentagon needs to be held accountable for their war crimes; otherwise they have gotten away with a deliberate, cold blooded murder!


Ah Ha! You're buying into McPherson's view. Unfortunately, I am too. Seems pretty dismal? I've got kids, but fortunately no grand-kids.


Guess i've always bought into doomer-ism to some degree. i don't go to his site much anymore because it is so devoid of hope and solutions, but the underlying theme of the collapse of consumer capitalism vs. the collapse [financial or environmental] is totally right on IMO.


To accept an independent probe on the MSF hospital bombing/killings would acknowledge direct responsibility and that they will never do, except diagonally, by paying reparations to the families of the dead. The truth of what happened, who did what, who approved the bombing and the mechanism in place to approve the attack will never be revealed, for to do that would show the lies and depravity the entire US ME war structure and for-profit war-machine is built on, and that they will never do. Just as the US war machine will never agree to jurisdiction of the ICJ or adopt the international bans on land mines or cluster bombs as over 100 nations have done, because it would limit warfare and profits for arms manufacturers and that they will never do. The domination of the MICC over our civilian needs and priorities must never be compromised by truth........

Here is an analysis of the C-130 gunship the US used to attack the MSF hospital. for a few Taliban fighters with AK-47's? The stench of US military lies is ripe!


Yeah, the way the US...especially the military, solves problems is to throw money at them while never owning any culpability in their creation. Not only should victims be compensated (that is the LAW in Saudi Arabia and in any number of other countries where Islam is the majority religion...those who do harm to one member of a family are made to pay the entire family for the rest of their lives), the US must rebuild the hospital, restock all medicines, provide all new equipment and supplies as well as contributing a substantial amount to MSF for the services they provide worldwide.

Not one of those calling in the air strikes will be held accountable. A crime!


Wonder how much they figure each life is worth - does it depend on level of training, or nationality ... I think that information would be quite "enlightening" ...


I understand the point you are making and it would be quite revealing to know. But...

Under the circumstances that these lives were taken away, measuring their "life's value" in terms of dollars is so evil that it makes me shiver. My belief is that many of the families would rather see justice than check.


I agree - i just think it would reveal what the "calculations" are - i.e. "let's see, we have X number of $ allotted, at X$ per life, we could take X number of lives and call it square ..., will have to keep price/life low, otherwise we will have to ask Congress for more money ..." Is that what the "black budgets" are for, blood money?

And we could compare that number of $, as the blood price of life, to the amount we spend on other things, or other people - such comparisons put things in "perspective" -

I think we oughta know this - I really do ... putting our tax $ to work, paying for the privilege of offing others ...