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Pentagon Releases 198 Abuse Photos in Long-Running Lawsuit. What They Don’t Show Is a Bigger Story



HRC voted for the Iraqi war--and then there were Libya, et al.


True, but she said it was a "mistake" and the fact that so many innocent Iraqi's were murdered for a lie about WMD's it was not a "mistake"; HRC had to know better. Like Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice and the rest of the warmongers HRC is nothing but a fawning parasite for the Amerikan Empire and does exactly what she has been told to do and now says it was a "mistake" for political reasons! But with no real remorse or sincere apology to the untold numbers of innocent men, women and children murdered for her " mistake"!


They are monsters, not even human.


There are no limits on the crimes that are and will be committed to maintaining the empire.


This is the biggest problem she has in getting elected. Too many people understand who she is, as you do. Her bragging about her experience is so ironic. Who would want to be experienced in committing crimes against humanity?


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She's a political creature of the system. She has no remorse, not an inkling of what she really is. She believes everything she says. The worst of the worst. I'll take the devil himself....oh wait!


Barack Obama was fully aware of the contents of these photographs. It makes his failure to prosecute these war criminals as even a larger crime.

Under International law to which the US a signatory a failure to prosecute war criminals makes the persons who fail to do so fully complicit in the crimes.


Remember the soldiers who kept cell phone photos... in the way serial killers keep trophies of their victims? These trophies were termed "war porn."

I would not be surprised if some VET in therapy for alcoholism and carrying the psychological burden of these disgusting assaults on incarcerated persons... comes forward in a manner like that of Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning.

Like Fox Maulder says, "The Truth is out there."

Regardless of The Sunshine Law, State Crimes hiding behind State Secrets and/or National Defense suggest that very little will get out unless it gets out through unofficial channels... like the former soldier(s) who witnessed and participated in these ritualized frenzies of sadism (often associated with some sexual aspects) who needs to cleanse his conscience.

Exposures Happen!


Beyond that, when crimes go unacknowledged or publicly penalized they BECOME the New Way.

Although torture is repugnant, in my view, the greater sin was War of Aggression... cited (as you likely know) by the Geneva Conventions as THE foremost crime against humanity.

After PLANNED wars were put into motion their planners fall back on the "mistakes were made" canard. No mistakes. The Project for a new American Century laid out the blueprint. And that blueprint has come to pass in the form of destroying at least 5 Middle East Nations (Iran pending).

In addition, as per that same PNAC, a "new Pearl Harbor" was needed to set the fuse.

Enter: 911.

VERY dangerous individuals are running our nation.

And when entities of this species make laws and policy that leaves out what voters/citizens actually want, know about, or consent to... then such governments become illegitimate.

When the Supreme Court passed (of all idiotic labels), "Citizens United," it essentially told the nation's corporate behemoths that they could purchase politicians (and through them, policy) the way they purchase yachts.

And when the Page and Gilens study proves that very little in the way of operational policy determinations reflect the will of citizens, that's another major deceit and betrayal of the premise of Democracy.

When vote COUNTS are manipulated to actually alter Presidential election outcomes, that certainly qualifies as an inversion of Democracy.

And when banks are bailed out, rather than home owners without any provisions put in place to compel banks to be held legally accountable for THEIR bad bets, again, we see a betrayal of the very meaning of Democracy.

When it's proven that 911 was the false flag required to engender the already planned wars, I can't imagine a greater form of treason. And a LOT of people were complicit in it. I think one could say that a media that pushed a false case for war is part of that package.

Finally, as the Piketty Study also shows: 95% of wealth created in the past decade was engineered to the top of the financial pyramid. By design. And look at the fallout all around?

How many made homeless? How many hungry? How much blood and treasure bled to finance foreign wars that led to 6 million refugees, inestimable destruction of infrastructure and over one million dead?

Torturing the 160 or so caught in the drift net, mostly to serve as props... is a horror... yet add in the greater horror-WAR OF CHOICE, WAR OF AGGRESSION... with its fallout still reverberating into ISIS and all the other names for all the other "insurgent" groups that are directly related to the willful destruction of nations...

And the net product is HELL on earth... with the ones who orchestrated it, human devils.

I think David Icke is onto something. (I'll see if I can find the video clip that comes to mind.)

Here it is. (By a strange synchronicity, this video showed up right after I'd posted that Ted Cruz, like so many Capricorn politicians are natural-born dictator style authoritarians. And Capricorn is the sign that's most directly tied to Saturn):


Has Hillary learned or does she care that war is an unmanageable hell, of, by and for war profiteers yet? If not, what good does all her experience serve?


Our truth-tellers are imprisoned while our torturers roam free.

Welcome to America, land of the (killing) spree and home of the crave.


Jordan Maxwell is an earthbound Capricorn. David Icke has many brilliant insights which are so cutting edge, they don't fall into any established school of thought.

Maxwell is good at analyzing symbols. That's it.

David Icke goes all over the world and has the kind of mind (which I also possess) that is not married to one linear school of thought. It takes truth from numerous sources, directions, and experiences.

To people who wish to play gatekeeper--using those christened by today's compromised (if not corrupted) institutions as the OFFICIAL truth tellers--obviously, Mr. Icke is a problem.

He has a huge following now because a lot of what he says is true, and much of it thought-provoking.

Rather than try to shoot at the witness/whistle-blower, why not encourage others to listen and make their own determinations.

That's the thing that you and other GATEKEEPERS fear most.


Unlike you, I take TRUTH from all sorts of sources. And as I have stated MANY times, I find that most people with something significant to say also miss the boat in other areas.

For instance, how many pundits--from Chomsky to Amy Goodman to Naomi Klein to Chris Hedges--who have major insights and brilliant theses to share question the 911 fantasy cum Official Story?

David Icke may not understand climate change, but that doesn't make him wrong about those areas in which he is BRILLIANT!

Alex Jones and Greg Hunter pander to the Christian Right by pushing the Planned Parenthood deception, but they also interview people like Nomi Prims and Paul Craig Roberts and other luminaries on the financial reality that remains hidden from the public's view. Instead, people keep hearing that the job numbers are improving and the economy, along with it.

So YOU can toss someone because he or she doesn't agree with your world view 100%, or you can appreciate what they DO have to offer.

And calling him dangerous is a loaded term meant to get would-be open-minded readers to back away. THAT is why you are gate keeper.

I am fairly certain that you post under alternative screen names, too. And now that election time is near, some of the old Tag Team members are back and I totally recognize their style, memes, and little mind games.

You have also falsified what Icke said. Could be that a simpleton like you, probably IN uniform cannot travel to the reaches that a mind like Icke's indeed does travel. That doesn't make him right about everything. The link I posted has many stunning insights and the graphics and research to back them up!


Whenever they get down with the Protocols , you can tell that the brain rot has begun . Eventually , it consumes them to the exclusion of just about everything else . It also vitiates whatever was good that they were advocating . It gives detractors the excuse they need to tar everything with the same brush of ignorance and bigotry . It means , too, you can't cite anything they write for the same reason .


And it is their sons and daughters who are the cannon fodder .


Author sez: "To justify its withholdings, the government cites a general fear that exposing the misconduct of government personnel may incite others to violence against Americans and U.S. interests."

Yes, because the pillaging of resources and bombing of people in their own homes has resulted in an outpouring of flower-strewn parades and adulation. Wouldn't want to disrupt all this peace.


the whole Gore for Porn website, although long ago taken off line, was archived. It might be a bit of a search now; the war photos are extremely horrible. Abu Gharib is tame compared to them.


Powerful words and true as well. Thanks.