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Pentagon Releases, Then Deletes, Document Detailing Use of Nuclear Weapons to Restore 'Strategic Stability' for US Military

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/20/pentagon-releases-then-deletes-document-detailing-use-nuclear-weapons-restore

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A word of advice: keep an ample supply of potassium iodide pills on hand while Drumpf is in office.


Conservatives are staging a coup in America in an effort to grab power before majority rule eliminates them from the levers of control, conservatives in America are trying to effect the same strategy globally before other nations replace America as the number one superpower, economically and militarily. Conservatives will burn the whole place to the ground rather then share the wealth or power.


From the following article:
‘It is striking that this ominous report has been virtually blacked out of the US media. No major newspaper or network or cable news has bothered to inform the American public of an impending action with implications for the lives of millions.’

What makes this even more dangerous is that the US possesses mini nukes…


Forget about morals and ethics when you deal with our current governmental authorities. Recall how Hillary Clinton was openly threatening to attack Iran?

Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We Would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

It appears the idea isn’t a new one and Pentagon’s game of hide and seek with that threat on their internet site is their way of normalizing that military strategy vis-a-vis Iran.


Remember all of those Trump leftists talking about how Trump was the candidate to save the world from nuclear war? Think the fucking fascist in the White House isn’t itching to use tactical nukes in the war with Iran?

Whatever happened to you TJ? How does that humble pie taste? Trump, the peace candidate! Hell we have a President set to fill up concentration camps, calls the press “the enemy of the people” (and no Trump has never been about valid criticism of the corporate captured MSM that propelled him into the WH and continues in fact to support him), has elevated his base base of racists and all around jerks to emergent cultural status, and the list goes on. But hey, you wanted him to win. You, Pilger, Assange (no, I’m not in agreement with how he has been and is being treated…he is not a criminal) many at Counterpunch…all saw the silver lining of a Trump Administration. Trump leftists…the most bizarre and conflicted counterculture of all.


Again as I posted in another thread.

Within a week of posting this document and then removing it, The US Government sent B52 aircraft from a base in North Dakota to the fringes of Russian air space.

They know the Russians had to have read this new doctrine document. This suggests they were acting to provoke a response. These guys are batshit crazy.


They are not even “conservative”. They are REGRESSIVE.

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Absolutely…there is no way that initial publication was a mistake. No clucking way.


Yes, and Obama is the President who started the “modernization” of U.S. nuclear forces which the idiot Trump has continued.

Obama should have been stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize long ago.


The US government is the most dangerous terrorist war criminal war monger nation in human history. We the citizens of this nation have to plan our moves accordingly to deal with the root cause of this evilness in our government circles.


No doubt that is true…but just to be accurate Trump called for more than that program and I believe has engaged a build up of nukes that was not a part of that program.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Trump called for a buildup of nukes during his campaign.

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We have corporations run by greedy, amoral sociopaths (especially the war-profiteering corporations) and a government, military, and “intelligence” agencies run by VIOLENT psychopaths.

Which will end it all first: the rapidly accelerating Climate Crisis, or Nuclear Armageddon & Nuclear Winter?


Back in the early 50’s the US wanted to use up to over 400 Nukes on major cities in Russia and China. I’m sure both Russia and China know about this and have planned accordingly just in case they try something stupid like they might be about to do. If they do all citizens of this planet are at risk of annihilation.

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I’ll check and see if Bezos can send me some.

Yeah, I was aware of that at the time. What I countered was the assertion that Trump was peace candidate by comparison. It took about 2 brain cells worth of analysis to understand how fucking dangerous his Administration would be, far more dangerous than “crooked Hillary”. I think that’s pretty damn obvious at this point.


You can buy it at the chemist over the counter.

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Thank you, I was being snarky.

But I just got a couple of cases of Tums.

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That doesn’t quite equal the push for the nuclear deal with Iran.
Literally time for some heads to roll in Washington. One at a time until they back off. I still think we should be de-nuclearizing. A few at a time until they no longer exist. We could save one to put in trump’s golf cart though.