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Pentagon Says Almost All US Troops to Leave Somalia—But Military Operations Will Continue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/pentagon-says-almost-all-us-troops-leave-somalia-military-operations-will-continue


But our mercs will stay.


The photo.
Salute a fork lift truck. = lazy

Yes, we are the U.S. here to bring you freedom, democracy, groceries, educations and housing.
Please line up right behind our own native Americans. Thank you.

“strategic advantage in great power competition.”
the writer of this quote must be Pompeo his self.


Last week there was a note that gen’l McChrystal is a Biden advisor.
That must be a Fox wet dream or a tongue in cheek sarcastic (like me).

In any case, if you need a surge any where in the world next year, just call on McChrystal.

At war, nation building in afghan and weekends in Paris!!

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Now we have “SWORDS”
A track rolling, multi-weapon platform that is remote control.
A ground drone if you will.
If we can kill with it, we will invent it.


Prefer a pilot looking over the enemies positions before unloading the napalm. Prefer an E6 inside armor at the scene making decision rather than a joy stick contractor operator in Nevada viewing on the flat screen what they think is an enemy soldier and is really just an unarmed farmer.

By golly, when Bolton gets back into the west wing in 2024, he’ll be over joyed with the capabilities we have that are disposable - usually soldiers. Because they are less expensive at the front lines than the toys.

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Scorched earth robots with nukes.

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In other words, the killing will continue unabated. Whew, we have refined the art of emotionless killing to a science and Biden will do as told so it continues. I was concerned that it might end with Trump leaving but now we can sleep knowing we are protected against whomever we hate in Somalia.


Unfortunately…the only way to stop this killing machine is for it to be killed.
The money must stop flowing. The physical equipment must be destroyed. …
The mindset must change… It is a rogue situation. Out of control.

One way in which it could be stopped is via WW3, unfortunately that would destroy most of the Human Industrial Civilization and the planet’s biosphere. If the US Dollar crashed, that would help,…but this mentality would then transfer to another country, that will not do.

Nope this mentality must stop within each person.


The US military disaster in Somalia, it is beyond Kafkaesque, is well described in Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars. Over 30 years, the CIA and the Pentagon managed to turn Somalia from a peaceful backwater into a terrorist hotspot. A recent article in the NYT by Nick Turse (another good reporter) offered a more general description of US military activity in and around Burkina Faso, again an unfortunate and misplaced use of our tax dollars, where a previously stable area has slowly descended into mayhem, probably in large part due to the influx of arms and military training from abroad. Early this year, I spent a month working in Niger, another country where the US military is very active. Over the past couple of years, the country has become very unsafe, you can still walk around the capital Niamey at night, but the nearby national parks are off-limits, unless you are unusually foolhardy! A very sad state of affairs.

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Chicago area has many people from Nigeria here with work visas.
Assigned in rest homes and assisted living companies.

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First spend years getting them really angry. Then leave exactly one U.S. platoon bivouacked deep inside enemy territory. OK, now it’s your turn Sleepy Joe! Who writes these plot lines?


Yes, having a bad day gets more and more dangerous for everybody.


…and US troops will be staged for Iran - Biden’s new war

Beat me to it on the mercs

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We the American people are know nothings because our corporate conglomerate media tells us very little about what is happening around the world. What devasation our bombs are doing whether by our own pilots and bombs or by bombs and fighter jets we’ve sold around the planet.

The conglomerate corporate media does not let us see the ugly details of our military might around the world.

The only reason Biden was allowed to become POTUS is because he is a war mongering stooge!


China is on the menu too


Ending all food and medical relief aid into the country while reducing stored food and materials would allow attrition to reduce numbers of both current and future combatant. But that would mean ending the millions of dollars of profit that multinational corp make from the global food aid and medicine industrial complex

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This article is one of the many reasons I can not get behind those articles posted here about the plight of the US Soldier and how they treated by the US Government.

The US Military is a criminal enterprise and has been for many decades. Their purpose is not to defend the United States of America. It is to murder people abroad on behalf of the Corporate state so as to ensure puppet states exist in Countries the world over. I do not have a lot of empathy for the persons who volunteer to join this organization. I understand many join the Military to escape poverty but the fact remains a great segment of the volunteers have middle class backgrounds and I also do not subscribe to the belief that it ok to kill other people and take their stuff in order to make a living.


I have a big problem with modern military reporting: There are no longer maps to accompany the article, making the place seem remote and unimportant and avoiding any detailed discussion. I just tried to copy a map onto this page. I can’t!!!

Who manages conflict around Somalia and who is trying to stave it off? Who is trying to block oil and gas and who is building pipelines and sailing oil tankers? Who is in active conflict and how are populations coping? How many are displaced and where do they go? Are school, universities, farmers, businesses disrupted? Can people access food and health care?

  1. Russia is building a navy base in Sudan.
    Russia has been involved in more Eastern European and Middle Eastern issues recently.
  2. China put a naval base in Djibouti in 2017.
  3. This article says China is building more bases in the Middle East. =https://nationalinterest.org/blog/middle-east-watch/chinas-next-military-move-base-persian-gulf-164184
    4)This article says the US, Italy, Japan and China have military in Djibouti. I guess Djibouti likes the rent. =https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/the-new-military-powerhouse-on-the-red-sea-tiny-djibouti-1.5990505
  4. Gee, it seems to be all about oil and gas. Well, this region is soooo sunny! Obvious solution for everyone is to convert to solar.:roll_eyes:
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