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Pentagon Shifts Story (Again) As MSF Says No Excuse for 'War Crime' Like This


Pentagon Shifts Story (Again) As MSF Says No Excuse for 'War Crime' Like This

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

While testifying before a Senate panel on Tuesday, the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan General John Campbell changed—for the fourth time in as many days—the military's account of its bombing of a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in the city of Kunduz on Saturday. The shift means Pentagon officials have now described the deadly attack alternately as "collateral damage," a mistake, the fault of Afghan soldiers, and finally, the work of U.S. Special Forces.


General John Campbell:
We killed nurses and doctors and patients and wounded lots more. That's why we should spend fourteen more years in Afghanistan.

Filthy terrorist scum. Put him in Gitmo.


The guilty (U S Military mouthpieces) sure have all the PR answers along with the mandatory double-speak. They are masters at the pass-the-buck/blame game. I am gratified to know that Doctors Without Borders (MSF) calls the US action as it is: a WAR CRIME and will do all in their power to see the GUILTY made to admit their CRIME and pay the consequences. And as for Obama, so much for "transparency" ...au contraire, seems that any executive action has been draped in secrecy only to have the curtains drawn back when backed into corners. Apologies and assuming blame when culpable are not in their policies and procedures manuals. How very sad!

So much for the vaunted "Military Code of Conduct." Even those calling in the strikes are busy passing the buck and playing cover-up-quick.


So what is the story here? Since 9/11 we have killed 1.4 million people in the ME. We have lost both wars. Vast sums of cash disappear. We torture. We rape. We kill with random abandonment. We destroy whole countries and send the people into desperate flight. Now we bomb hospitals for treating the wounded.

Russia is cleaning out the terrorists in Syria in weeks and the bumbling US military is there for years. Embarrassed much?

Bring them home and put them in homes they are over. Give me my fork.

When will you people rise up and stop this shit?


No, close Gitmo. Put them in stocks on the Washington mall.


"Campbell sought to use this attack to bolster the argument for a prolonged presence" in Afganistan.

IOW, military had motive for attack? Meaning, this horrific bombing of patients and first-responders just might have been a false flag attack caught redwhiteblue-handed?


The expensive MIC is showing the world how incompetent they really are. It won't be long tell someone kicks our butts. Our uninformed, propaganda driven population will be as shocked as the German population during WWII.


" Russia is cleaning out terrorists in Syria in weeks and the bumbling US military have been there for years".

That is because he Russians are serious about taking out the terrorists and the US military surreptitiously supports the terrorists using them for: ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS TRILLION $ WAR PROFITS.

The Amerikan war empire is much like Dracula, it can't survive without bloody wars!


"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit"! I would expect four differnt stories in four days would be enough to do in this congress! "If it's not one lie, than it's another"! "Shrink, I wanna kill! Kill, kill (Alice's Restaurant)
In other words any excuse will do with this pack of MORONS!


The story has to keep changing until they eventually come up with a set of (semi) plausible lies.


Truth is the first casualty of war.


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I like your idea better than mine. Bravo.


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Where does the buck stop, at the bomber's crew, their commanding officers, the Generals, the Senate, the President, the Military Industries, its CEO's, its shareholders, the voters, the non-voters, the Republicans, the Democrats, the religionists, the conservatives? where?


The bigger they are; the harder they fall. Imperialist amerika with its "big" murdering military will fall, along with its empire; Very Hard!


Yeah, but the problem is that they may take us with them!


anyone around in 2008 may recall our BFF, Israel did the same thing to a UN
observer post in Lebanon killing 4 UN personnel. It was reported at the time that they frantically called the IDF, repeatedly giving them their GPS coordinates as the shelling came closer. also, several ambulances were struck exactly in
the center of the large red crosses painted on their roofs. very smart bombs.


""A hospital was mistakenly struck. We would never intentionally target a protected medical facility."

I can believe that statement, as my father, when painting the caravans of the British 8th Army HQ some 20 miles from the battle for Monte Casino (1944), was bombed by the USAAF, or whatever it was called, who thought they were bombing Germans at Monte Cassino, which rested on a very prominent hill. It was no doubt my father's fault for not vacating 8th Army Headquarters when instructed to paint the caravans, thus knowingly putting 8th Army HQ at risk.

As in an earlier post, how did the German Luftwaffe manage to miss hospitals in London when night bombing during the Blitz in 1940-1941? They did not have GPS coordinates of the hospitals and they did not have USAian chains of command directing them. Perhaps that is the reason.


Well, the Nazis we hanged after the War Crimes Nuremburg Trials were not party to the Treaty of Rome either.