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Pentagon Spin on ISIS Victory in Iraqi City of Ramadi Called 'Delusional'


Pentagon Spin on ISIS Victory in Iraqi City of Ramadi Called 'Delusional'

Common Dreams staff

Statements from the Pentagon and the Obama administration attempting to downplay the significance of the routing of Iraqi forces by Islamic State fighters in the city of Ramadi in recent days is being called "ludicrous" and "delusional" by military experts, according to reporting by McClatchy.

The newspaper reports:


ISIS backed by Saudi pimps will not be able to survive for long, they are no match to Lebanon’s Hezbollah or the nationalist pro Iranian fighters slowly gathering steam. There Will unfortunately be much more carnage and destruction because the US oil giants want it that way, so does the DOD and many other vicious killers for profits.


Now, Sen. John McCain (whose brain retired some twenty years ago), now wants boots on the ground, and I agree! It’s time we get rid of amerika’s war mongers many of whom are in their 50’s. 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and are going to start costing the american people a lot of money as they start to retire. So, it’s time to suit up the entire Bush and Clinton families, the McCain’s, the Graham’s, the Kerry’s, the Menendez’s, the King’s (How ever many the republicans currently have!), the Feinsteins, the Burr’s, the entire Cheney family (The dark side of the family at least) along with President Crock Obama and an entire host of other Washington DC insiders. Load them onto a couple of C-17’s and kick their asses out of the plane at 5,000 feet over Northeast Syria! With or without parachutes! Not to worry though, these are Senator McCain’s buddies. The ones he posed for pictures with in Lebanon a couple of years back. (If they remember him!) Good luck guys and gals, we’ll send you your weapons and ammo in a couple of weeks, Ta-ta now!


Taxpayers pay burger flipping wages to military suckers-turned-psychos to serve as security service to taxpayer-funded privatized Haliburton employees (who make many times over their military counterparts) who in turn serve as security for privatized Big Oil employees – whose sole job it is to exploit the region for it’s natural resources and then sell it back to the duped taxpayers who paid to retrieve it in the first place. I find it bizarre so many of us [STILL!] wave the little made-in-China plastic American flags and call these poor bastards heroes. Socialized expenses, privatized profits.

Bring them all home and have the oil companies go get their commodities through diplomacy – like every other sane country. None of this would be happening if our drunken senate were not themselves war profiteers.


The USA did not want to pull its troops out of Iraq. That was forced on them when the Iraqi Government would not grant the occupying forces immunity for crimes they might commit.

ISISvis how they get back in which explains all of the reports out of the press in that region that ISIS is being supplied covertly by the USA.


Well said. Amerika’s foreign policy is the Fourth Reich pure and simple. The President, Senate and Congress are not anything but stooges for the MIC.

Amerika is a military dictatorship posing as a democracy. When millions of us average Americans opposed the Iraq war and knew it was a lie that Saddam had nuclear weapons as an excuse to attack Iraq, in what was called by the complicit MSM as “Shock and Awe” and even now, being admitted as a sham by many that were cheerleaders for the bombing of Iraq is all the proof you need!