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Pentagon War Manual Gives Military License To Target and Attack Journalists


Pentagon War Manual Gives Military License To Target and Attack Journalists

Kevin Gosztola

The Pentagon has adopted a “law of war manual” [PDF], which enables commanders to treat journalists as “unprivileged belligerents.” It suggests that correspondents who report some information about combat operations may be taking “direct part in hostilities,” a disturbing argument for justifying the killing of reporters in war zones. There also is a part of the manual that encourages journalists to submit to censorship of news reports that might aid enemies.


Incisive analysis, as always, Mr. Gosztola.

On this item:

“Who differentiates and how does one differentiate between inciting crimes and disseminating propaganda to generate support for the war effort?”

While I recognize it for a question meant to stimulate readers’ thought processes, it’s patently clear that under today’s Uber-Control Model, any story, evidence, data, or narrative that runs counter to what the Control State is “selling” will be demonized one way or another. The “National security” threat is always a favorite, although reporters & journalists who reveal what today’s Inverted Totalitarian “leaders” deem as unfortunate also end up dead from suspicious accidents, pilloried by the mainstream media’s stable of lock-step writers and spokespersons, or faced with expensive legal threats and related punishments.

Heck, today’s most clone-like Eichmann, Cass Silverstein wrote an entire paper on turning any questions of the 911 debacle (in its Official Narrative form) into a pathology. That is how the Soviets treated “dissident” writers. Nothing like an internment or “re-education” camp for those who just can’t seem to get with the Authoritarian Program.

That some people paint Obama as a Progressive when he’s been USED to further the agendas of a virtual locked-down Fourth Reich is a tragi-comedy. If humanity survives the growing climate chaos and repeated catastrophes it is generating, historians will regard the Bush and Obama administrations on a par with Genghis Kahn and other barbarians. This time round, it’s the ammo that’s changed.


Shoot first

No more questions to ask later


One word: fascism.


What has happened before our eyes is another step away from a Democracy and a large step toward Fascism. If a government does not provide “Freedom of the Press”,it has definitely stepped over the line towards Fascism. Obama’s adminstration has been extremely harsh towards Whistleblowers, even though Obama promised in his campaign talks that he would protect Whistleblowers. This reversal was one of many promises that Obama broke.It is obvious now why a little known US Senator named Bernie Sanders is attracting huge crowds.He and Elizabeth Warren are the only voices of truth that the people trust.We, indeed, have a runaway government, rampant with bribes from rich corporations and rich individuals, which has lost any concern with the needs of our people.Citizens in other nations have acted swiftly when face with this dilemma. They voted out their corrupt government. In the 1980s Canadians voted out both of their major political parties. Many nations have built Labour Parties that restored representation to their citizens. Their Labour Parties won the majority of seats in their parliaments,and then passed laws that gave their citizens free healthcare and some passed laws to give their children free college. We can have this if we persuade Bernie Sanders to drop out of the Democratic primary and become the Presidential candidate for an American Labor Party. He then would have a party that would vote for the goals that he represents, and we could regain our Demcracy.Howard M Greenebaum


Everything you said was absolutely correct until the end and you started talking about a labor party. “We can have this…” We can with Bernie without the labor party. People seem fixated on his being a democrat. Why is that so important? He will vote like an independent and has done so over the years. He is still called an independent by the media. We don’t need him to join the labor party (do we have one of those? lol… um sorry. Do we?). He doesn’t need to be a Green or an independent third party shmarty!

We just need Bernie to be Bernie as pres. That’s all we need.

Well we could also use Elizabeth Warren as Vice Pres too! :innocent:

The oligarchy grows weary of inconveniences like a free press. What they hell has happened to our country? Everytime you turn around the constitution gets spat on and trampled by the powerful. GW bush said the constitution was just a piece of paper and I guess he knew what was coming.

Fascism is taking steps and I am afraid the average American won’t believe it is even happening. Since when does America not stand for freedom of the press. Now we are targeting reporters? We grow sleezy and creepy as a nation. Not a free people like we once were. We no longer seem to support our own rights. Who approves this stuff? Where are our supposedly freedom loving patriotic legislators to pull back on the reins and say WHOA!!! The powerful would degrade the honor and integrity of our armed forces by ordering this vile behavior.

What do they do to us? It is getting seriously scary. Oligarchy’s coup resembles that frog in a pan of water being heated. We seem unable to see how hot the water (that we sit in) is getting.

Without our constitution and bill of rights what are we? Real estate? Unalienable rights … one just got alienated. It isn’t the only one.


what happens if the Pentagoons misplace another 1.2 trillion and this gets reported? are you going to kill that reporter? when are you people going to get some much needed mental and spiritual help? are you still even american anymore or are you like the Invasion of the Body Snatcher pod people with no feelings or conscience? next time you fake a plane landing in your building make it land ON THE ROOF like any REAL hijacker with common sense would do, and not try to slide into the first floor of a newly reinforced wall. then you wont have the embarrassing issue of trying to explain how a 757 which cant fly at 580mph or so at 30,000 feet was able to do it at sea level where the air is 3x denser and the plane would need 6x the thrust…and you have all the videos showing how you forgot to fire your anti aircraft missiles at a plane that had no “friendly” signal system and should have knocked out of the sky automatically…never mind…whats another human life to sociopaths like you? i wonder,do you go to church a la the Mafia and say “yo pops i have sinned.i pointlessly killed another human being”. how many bloody marys do you have to inhale as penance? or is it Hail,Mary.whats a quicky cost? dont you just lllllooooovvvvvvee Krischianitee?


Actually, embedded journalists are the ones who might meet the definition of “unprivileged belligerents.” That said, it isn’t only the US and its allies who use “journalists” as part of their war fighting efforts and arguably all of them can be legitimate targets during wartime.


Thanks, Sioux, I always appreciate your insights. One correction, though: it’s Cass Sunstein, not Silverstein. Peace.


That was in the 1940s and 1950s. Since Thatcher, assorted national Labour Parties have danced to another tune.


So we now have “unpriviliged belligerents”. Please, what is a priviliged belligerent? Is it one of those unknown unknowns?