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Pentagon's Disclosure of Looming Offensive On Mosul Raises Concerns Over Civilian Impact


Pentagon's Disclosure of Looming Offensive On Mosul Raises Concerns Over Civilian Impact

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Pentagon's disclosure that U.S. and Iraqi forces are planning a massive spring offensive against ISIS combatants in Mosul is raising alarm among analysts, who warn that civilians who reside in Iraq's second largest city could pay a heavy price.

An anonymous official from U.S. Central Command told reporters on Thursday that the attack will involve 20,000 to 25,000 troops, comprised mostly of Iraqi Army brigades, but also including three Kurdish peshmerga brigades.


I am confused. I thought Mosul was a Sunni enclave! When Bush/Cheney invaded Iraq (under false pretenses) they didn’t know the difference between Shia and Sunni. So they went with the fundamentalist Shia (associated with Iran). Shias took power and refused to share power with Sunni. The corporate media fills us with such lies and distortions its hard to find the truth. If Obama wants to “fix” the mistakes of Bush, why would he put ground forces in Iraq to take out the Sunni? The civilian impact (genocide) in Mosul, isn’t going to bring Sunnis back to the fold and will surely ignite more Isis fighters to defend. Whats wrong with this picture…truth is always lost in war. Hoping some reader can make sense of it.


The U.S. Empire has been a war empire since its inception in 1776. Only about 21 years since then has the U.S. been at peace. With somewhere around 900 overt, military bases in some 130 countries around the world and who knows how many covert bases! And nuclear submarines along with aircraft and Navy battle ships in the seas around the world, let me ask? What country desperately needs regime change? What country do most people in the world fear the most?

I am just sick and tired about hearing about one enemy after another! One wonders if this whole thing might end in a nuclear war with Russia as that seems to be the way the fascist, war mongers are heading. .