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Pentagon's Latest Waste of Taxpayer Money as US Navy Pilots Draw Huge Penis in the Sky


Pentagon's Latest Waste of Taxpayer Money as US Navy Pilots Draw Huge Penis in the Sky

Common Dreams staff

"Perfect end to a week about men doing disgusting things to women."


I think this is called a dishonorable discharge. (sorry for the pun)


Sure its inappropriate for our pilots to do this and they should be reprimanded, but come on this is a sky penis, its not a crime, its a stupid joke. The pilots just need to be told not to do it again thats all.


And if only that were true…unfortunately, scrape the “harmless joke boys will be boys” veneer just a little and what you find is…a reflection of the patriarchal, entitled white male demonstrating once more how tone-deaf, arrogant and idiotic he can be.


So it does not bother you that this prank, which had no legitimate training or testing purpose whatsoever was done with equipment costing the taxpayer about $40 million a piece and costing about $25,000 per hour to operate, plus the costs in CO2 emissions and other pollution?

Let the pilots do this on a much cheaper simulator. Or better yet, fire 90 percent of them as part of cutting the US military down to that needed to defend our borders and nothing more.


Well, this certainly is a weird way for a fighter pilot to come out of the closet.

Expressing “penis envy” this way is a bit over the top, wouldn’t you say?



Well, yes, the Navy must have enormous amounts of money to waste on sky-drawing.


Yeah, it’s a stupid, immature waste of money but it shouldn’t upset us nearly as much as the use of these machines to terrorize and murder people around the world.


It’s not only a waste of money, but it shows the stupidity and immaturity of our armed forces. The military is all about male chauvinism, and yet these males are nothing but cowards – after all, how much courage does it really take to kill women and children from the sky, or to sit in a comfortable room and drone-slaughter civilians?


The money aspect is important to me, and indeed is why they need to be reprimanded