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People Are Dying, This Is Real: Erica Garner Endorses Bernie


People Are Dying, This Is Real: Erica Garner Endorses Bernie

Erica Garner - activist, mother and Eric Garner's eldest daughter - has endorsed Bernie Sanders in a poignant new video that declares him "someone who understands our deaths as tragedies - not political talking points." Citing her father's death as "an absolute injustice, but not an uncommon one," she praises Bernie as "a protester" who’s "learning from us, working with us and respecting the power of we, the people, over the established political machine."


Shameful. Every cop exercising violence, unwarranted, betrays this nation's trust. It's the height of hypocrisy for police to demand respect when it's their very conduct, in too many circumstances, that makes a mockery of justice in America.. Such conduct seems to be influencing a lot of people, particularly those following Donald Trump or Chris Christie.

Americans used to send money, food and clothing to people here and around the world, to help them survive a catastrophe. Today, the United States dispenses terror around the world and it targets us now.


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This is the Dignity of the Victim, for whom Truth is not an Idea, but rather a way of Being.

Here is a robust source of Truth without rose colored madison ave gucci glasses.

Sit, Listen, Get to Know, and then Walk your Life having received a most valuable Gift.

Honest Caring.....Spoken Truthfully


The 3 minute video with Ms. Garner is so profound... it made me cry. And it's empowering to see Bernie Sanders speak openly about the constant WOUNDING to the Black Community.


In addition to Erica's sincerity she continues to demonstrate superb strategic planning skills.

On Sunday I listened to an NPR reporter trying to put Erica in a box while interviewing her. Although the reporter kept prodding Erica to comment on "Clinton carrying on Obama's legacy" Erica never took the bait. No matter how Erica would have answered that question it would have given the reporter an opportunity to diminish Erica's credibility.


Blunt disrespect is deeply ingrained in the professional training and professional identity of cops throughout the USA.

Cops are typically trained, and work under the expectation that, in entering any tense public situation, whether overtly criminal in nature or not, they are to impose submission on every person involved.

Any person who refuses overt submission to whatever the cop demands, the cop is trained and expected to escalate until submission and compliance are achieved. Even if the demand is completely irrelevant, such as "Put out that cigarette" when a person is legally smoking in their own car during a routine traffic stop (Sandra Bland case).

This approach and professional expectation, require direct and very personal disrespect toward all persons whom the cop engages in such a situation.

This is dehumanizing to the persons who are expected to immediately submit to whatever any cop says, but it is also intensely dehumanizing for the cops who are given such training and workplace expectations. A real lose-lose-lose situation.

The ideology of "legitimate cop dominance" also percolates through society and consciousness, with many people counseling (including in Common Dreams comment threads) that anyone confronted by a disrespectful cop should immediately submit, and anyone who doesn't, deserves what they get.


First: police are selected because of their psychological makeup - they are sociopaths. They have no compassion whatsoever. They kill or brutalize without remorse. It isn't just police though.

Second: Police are authoritarians by nature. Far too many are the bruising, heavy weight football type who love violence. They get off on brutalizing citizens because they are almost always twice as big as their victim. Men, women or children they don't care.

In short, they can and will kill with impunity because other cops will protect them from their murders. Once they're in their ninja costumes they become truly lethal.