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People Are Getting Busted For Committing Freedom Of Speech, Which Is Not A Good Sign


People Are Getting Busted For Committing Freedom Of Speech, Which Is Not A Good Sign

For the first time, Capitol Police have arrested a miscreant for projecting a message on a Congressional Building, one of many defiant dispatches by Bell Visuals that have included "BRETT KAVANAUGH IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR," "EXPERTS AGREE: TRUMP IS A PIG," and at his fave, Trump Hotel, "FELONS WELCOME." The latest display, in honor of lawmakers debating the Equality Act to protect LGTBQ rights, relayed the wildly inflammatory missive, "DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG."


Abby, I hope you and all our friends at Commondreams are safe and remain that way for years to come. “These are the times that try men’s souls”, there is an ill wind blowing. Be well, be safe. Gilbert


And we appreciate your work, Abby and all our friends at Commondreams.


Dear Abby, Edward Abbey would be proud of you, and Robin Bell, this is a modern, visual way to do some good, old fashion, Monkey Wrenching!! love your column, and your words!


This is PRECISELY the Free Speech we Need Now !!!


Dear America, before Free Speech was here, the John Peter Zenger and his paper case showed that it can’t be a crime oif the content is true! I saw no lies and no crimes in these words-----SO what was posted (and not permanently posted either,) can stand. And listen D.C. police, why are you acting like ICE? YOU are harming yourselves, because people will not trust you and perhaps will begin referring to you as the CRAPital Police. YOU think?


Meh, I think probaably they will see the “charges” dropped because casting light, images and shadows on buildings is not against the law. A clear case of harrassment and overreach by the police. Knuckleheads.


The use of ‘miscreant’ is an odd choice of words. Doesn’t that denote their action as being somehow wrong in an article defending the right to do it?


Ever heard of sarcasm?


Someday, maybe not till after I’m gone, the poeple will rise up. Revolution!


So, money is protected free speech, but using words to make declarations is not?


I second that emotion. Please show your appreciation by financially supporting Common Dreams.


But it is a writer’s duty to write and speak and record the truth, always the truth, no matter whom may be offended.

-----Edward Abbey


I agree with your post wholeheartedly, but I want to point out what I believe to be one error. The article is referring to the unconstitutional actions of the Capitol Police, not the D.C. police. Unless I am mistaken, the Capitol Police have jurisdiction solely on the Capital Buildings and grounds.


HI nighthawk… oh , I’m sorry---- the D.C. police and the CRAPitol police are 2 different things? I apologize to you D.C. Police. and thank you nighthawk for correcting me. : )


No apologies needed. I always enjoy you comments. It sure seems as though the Capitol Police must consider themselves sort of a “Palace Guard”, although the property they guard is ostensibly the people’s!


HI Nighthawk, well LOL, I suppose the closest we’ll ever get to the Place for the People, will be Cinderella’s at Disneyland! : )