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'People Are Sick and Tired of the Ranting and the Ravings': Sanders Rips Trump Effort to Rush Covid Vaccine for Political Gain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/people-are-sick-and-tired-ranting-and-ravings-sanders-rips-trump-effort-rush-covid


Well, my, my Bernie is concerned that if the vaccine appears “too fast” it may threaten to cause the public to have doubts about its effectiveness and safety. Sounds rather like how the two consecutive cycles of presidential elections blatantly rigged by the DNC to eliminate you as a candidate at the primary level, might threaten to cause and for many Americans have already caused the firm conviction that elective fraud is highly likely to follow any elective process to which the DNC is a party.


Can’t help but notice, Bernie Sanders is making more public appearances during this election cycle than Joe Biden, just like in 2016 when the candidate was hillary Clinton.
Now to the crux of this. While I am definitely pro vaccine (I have the old polio vaccine scar on my shoulder to prove it. However, I had already had the mumps and measles before the MMR shots were widely distributed in the early 1970’s) I could not in all conscience recommend anyone use a hastily developed Covid vaccine should it be made available later this fall.
Sorry, when I look in the mirror I do not see a “sucker” or a guinea pig.


A rushed vaccine that runs a high risk of getting more people sick is counterproductive to say the least.
Too much damage has been done already and the public needs to keep educating themselves to make informed decisions instead of blindly following any politician, especially this fake president.


Definitely NOT a vaccine person here, whether it comes out on election day or in a decade or two. Unless and until the wholly ineffective Dems manage to allow the ‘no Covid liability’ bill win the day, one might surmise that the vaccine manufacturers have some interest in not poisoning the folks and facing litigation. As far as the post, its the flaming hypocrisy involved that ‘roils the blood’.

I agree that the Bernster is playing the same role for Biden as he did for Hillary. Could never decide if
it was necessary with HRC because of her medical problems, laziness, or just a bad case of entitlement.
and refusal to exert herself. With Biden, I don’t think Bernie’s musings or attempted hagiography of
Biden are going to help. Apparently Biden was heckled in Pgh, “union capital of the universe”, a few days ago. Think Trumpie just got the endorsement of the largest of the police unions. Also odd about B’s
comments denying he is planning to bar fracking ‘despite what Trump is sayings’. Two categories would
be pleased with that - the companies involved and the group of land owners who welcomed them in exchange for a big payment. The rest of PA is full of illness, buying water to drink, water out of the
faucet catching fire, etc. The proliferation of Trump signs is at least triple 2016.

Not to ramble. Obviously neither Trump nor Bye-Done will be getting my vote. But so much could be
accomplished if everyone disgusted/dissatisfied with a Trump/Bidon alternative disaster choice would
stand up to real citizenship and strip both parties of meaningful vote totals. Supposedly a 3P needs to
get 35% of total to prevail. Interesting proposition. Another interesting aspect. Trump now has the
lion’s portion of police unions. Along comes Biden with Harris, the sort of prosecutor and attitude that
is not always very popular with police.

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There is no way that Biden can win this election despite the Polls showing him up by 10 Points.

The DNC and the Fools in the Democratic Party picked another Corporate Puppet Loser.

Biden thinks he can win this Election on the Coattails of the Pandemic Crisis, just as Hillary thought she could win by telling us how Bad Trump is, as if we did not know.

Hillary and now Biden refuse to promote a Progressive agenda and tell people what they will do for them if they win the Election, you Cannot Win without the Progressive Wing of the Country, they will soon find this out.

Bernie had the Agenda and the Stamina to beat Trump, Biden is barely emerging from his basement with very little energy or enthusiasm and the early stages of his Senility will begin to show during the Debates.

The Country overwhelming wanted what Bernie was preaching but the Corporate Dems did not want to give up their BRIBES.

Biden is still working for the Health Care Insurance Companies, NOT the American People and his Greed will cost him on Nov, 3rd.


This is the bilge-surge of moral purity/superiority one gets from vowing not to oppose Orangeman these days, I suppose: Just imagine if everyone were good and wholesome. We the unsulled enlighteded ones might as well put on on John Lennon to console ourselves for the irreversible humiliation of succumbing to dictatorship, as a culture: Oh, imagine it!

Oh, but the surge of orange minions around here lately is rather flattering to a longtime habitue of the Commons. I would have never expected this back-of-beyond spot to show up on Orangeman’s radar.


Listening to faux Christian radio yesterday, they say it is Bill and Melinda Gates (rather than Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP) pushing for a quick vaccine that is actually a “cocktail” that alters DNA, RNA and who knows what else.

I continue to stand by my prediction expressed in CD posts back in May that there will be free vaccines in mid-October, and headlines on November 5 will declare that the vaccine is totally ineffective.


Not surprised that our police and many of their bosses are in denial. Or just don’t want to change their approach to violence against BLACK suspects in general.

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In my state, I will say that I see Trump signs on lawns, roadsides, and vehicles outnumbering Biden signs by at least 1000:1. Biden’s lead in the polls is a mirage, which will evaporate as the debates begin and the election nears. The dems have managed to lose again. It is not an unplanned event that they have employed the same strategy as that which lost in 2016. The strategy is to give no quarter to progressives, hold the line on neoliberalism, and would rather lose to Trump than concede to the public.


Four important d-party objectives now met:

Defeat Bernie and his progressive movement.
Take in record amounts of corporate cash.
Normalize their embrace of Republicans.
Position the left to take the blame for their loss to Trump.

This last one is a bit more iffy, but quite likely:

Narrowly lose the Senate, thereby guaranteeing that none of their legislation actually gets passed.


On the bright side, maybe a large sample size of Trumpanzees will serve as our vaccine testers.
Good luck to em.’


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the Independent Sanders from the corporate-DNC Sanders. After his capitulation to Hillary in 2016 and then to Joe in 2020, I’m convinced that everything he said in favor of the working class was inflammatory garbage uttered in order to bring more people into the Democratic Party.
As a lifelong democrat, it was infuriating watching the party fall apart in the 1990s with the passage of NAFTA, banking deregulation, only to see the fruit of that labor resurface when Obama bailed out the banks instead of the American people who lost pensions, homes, and life savings.
Joe Biden needs a retirement home, Kamala Harris needs to be kept as far away from the centers of power as possible or the war hawks will come home to roost. They can tell you about a green new deal all day long, but as an electrician I can tell you all that new power wont go anywhere unless you radically upgrade the transmission lines around the country, similar to what Canada did a decade ago.
The American worker needs less millionaires and billionaires in our lives, career politicians like Sanders may have marched in the 1960s but that was 50+ years ago. Biden, another career politician, sexual deviant, and the man most responsible for the disastrous criminal justice system we have today is not going to be your savior from “orange man bad.”
None of these elected officials drunk on political power have your interest at hand, if they did they would not have taken a month recess instead of passing a bill to help fund Americans out of work or underemployed. Nothing will change with Biden/Harris, they are the mirror image of the slime that currently occupies the office. Just like the lost decade of Hope, Obama enacted only one campaign promise and it was heavily neutered by the insurance companies.

It only gets worse from here.


The truth these days sucks, and stating it will earn you the enmity of all those who think that just ‘voting blue’ is going to ‘restore’ something that never existed in the first place. As far as the vaccine goes, it’s nothing but a chase for profits. If Fauci said a vaccine would be ready by November, everyone would cheer. If Trump says the same thing, it’s obviously a fraud. Well, in my opinion, the entire matter of a CV19 vaccine is a fraud, and it isn’t just Trump who has pushed to get one developed as soon as possible - Congress has made it so that the pharmaceutical companies who develop it will be held harmless for any sickness or death that results. Meanwhile, countries across the globe have willingly gutted their economies and the future of workers and small businesses in an attempt to prevent a repeat of 1918 - and it turns out that the ‘experts’ were way, way wrong about all that. CV19 isn’t even approaching what happened in 1918, but the economic and social consequences of the lockdowns have been more severe. Trump may be an ass, but don’t blame him for the failure of an entire political system while giving the Pelosi’s of the world a pass. That is utter nonsense - they’re still on vacation. But I guess her hair looks a lot better now. Sheesh. And Bernie? Where is your “good friend” Joe these days, and why isn’t he out on the campaign trail giving these speeches? The DNC seems to want to lose, again, and is doing everything in its power to ensure it.


“What fools these mortals be” They lie? Goodbye! Vote the fascists out! Peace


“Bernie, I was sick of the rantings and ravings after the first year. At this point, I am about to murder the next person who says that I must vote for one of these evil bastards.”

Turns out the Independent Sanders in the end was just a mirage.

The ranting and the ravings I am most sick of is your constant sheepdogging and bullshit spewing Sanders.

Yes. And if dems do take the senate, so what? The dem controlled house has passed most of Trump’s agenda anyway, from tax breaks for the wealthy to more money for the military, they are no resistance whatsoever.

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The House has passed over 375 bills that McConnell’s Senate hasn’t even considered.

The ‘resistance’ exhibited by the House is minimal, you’re right. But it would be nice to see if a Schumer-led Senate would pass those 375 bills. In my view, that’s a mighty big “if.” The d-party is a lot bolder when they know their legislation is going nowhere.

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