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'People Buy Into My Agenda': Watch Marco Rubio Refuse to Swear Off NRA Cash on National Television

'People Buy Into My Agenda': Watch Marco Rubio Refuse to Swear Off NRA Cash on National Television

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) received over a million dollars in donations from the National Rifle Association during his successful 2016 reelection bid, and—in the aftermath of last week's school shooting in his home state that left 17 dead—the senator appears reluctant to ditch this reliable source of campaign cash.

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Nothing surprising about Rubio’s sticking with the people who gave him his job, I.e. the Florida voters. The best response that I saw to these people was on a sign carried by one of the students: “No child should die because of your hobby.”

Gun ownership is a hobby and that cannot be said often enough. That hobby is about punching holes in in animals or targets and as long as gun control advocates bow to the myth of the second amendment, I doubt if any serious Legislation can be passed. But if the public hears over and over again that gun ownership is a mere hobby harmful to others, maybe public consciousness can change. People are no longer willing to inhale second hand smoke because a few people like nicotine - why should they tolerate murder of their children because a few people like guns?


Boy Blunder still thinks he is going to be president one day. He is almost as delusional as Trump, but he does know that the deep pocketed NRA has a much longer memory cycle than the voters. That’s about all he knows from what I can tell. I’ve seen oil slicks that are deeper than he is.


It’s not just about the money.

The NRA can mobilize 5 million dues-paying members. That’s something progressives should take note of, because virtually nothing comparable - outside of (soon to be further weakened) unions - exists on the Left.

This is the the fundamental reason progressives spend so much time complaining, wishing and begging, while the other side runs the country.


From the article:

“Rubio essentially rejected Kasky’s plea, saying people ‘buy into’ his agenda and that he will ‘always accept the help of anyone who agrees with my agenda.’”

Translation: “My agenda is whatever the one with the most money says it is.”


So I am going to call up my rep and senator (2 of the worst) and say to them both:

“Both of you refuse to have a town hall on this matter, but at least Rubio was brave enough to stand up and proudly claim that he is a lapdog whore for the NRA. Are you not that brave?”


NRA is a cult. A wealthy well-funded cult, but a cult. Has a real seductive message with well-paid mouthpieces. Some of the best cadence, worthy of the most successful preachers, brainwashing at its best. A real psychological road trip to perfect promised CARMA.


I’d say the look on his face would lend credence to your perspective. Rubio looks like a guy who just felt a hole ripped in his deep pocket patrons and sees the horizon - and he is not on it. The young folks have no reason to grant this worm wriggle room and he provides the perfect totem for sharpening their teeth.
He’s a done duck. The buckshot provided by the gun lobby starts here.

Thank you. ’ Hobby Lobby ’ is gaining new meaning.


Rubio has tweeted, “Banning all semi-automatic weapons may have been popular at the Town Hall, but outside of the mainstream.”

Well then, let’s immediately put it to the American People on the ballot.

A Hand Counted Paper Ballot.


Another thing to take note of:
We have hate groups rising(http://www.newsweek.com/hate-groups-southern-poverty-law-center-us-815192)
and this bone chilling call for members of the NRA to basically go to war against liberals by that cretinous creature who was given air time on CNN last night:


Dear Marco,
From your answer to the question put to you, I have to assume that your “agenda” means more to you than the lives of your constituents. Thank you for being frank, if nothing else!

I know that your Senate seat is safe until 2022, barring another run for the Presidency in 2020. You may rest assured, sir, that I am willing to send my last dollar to whoever your opponent may happen to be. Whatever your “agenda” consists of, I want no part of it!


Excellent analogy Joe!

What they are promoting is TREASON! Worse than anything done by Manning or Snowden.
Eugene Debs was imprisoned for much less!

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I’ll just reply with two words; “fucking scumbag”.

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Hopefully if he runs again for the Senate in Fl or Prez the name so appropriately given him by our fearless leader sticks. Long live little marco!!

A “Fucking Scumbag” who believes that people “Buy” into his agenda.

The key word here is “Buy.”

“Buy” indicates people pay Money

That’s what this is all about.

Money. Blood Money is Rubio’s case.

People (the NRA and other corporations related to the Gun Industry ) pay Rubio Money to vote for Murderous Weapons Products.

Guns Over People = GOP

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Somebody probably already said this, but Rubio will always accept cash from somebody who pays him to support their agenda. What a tool!

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send this bastard a postcard and print in big letters SHAME ON YOU for taking and then list the amount. I am doing this very thing daily until I write to all the senators and house republithugs who take tons of money. Together with all the demonstrations now taking place, it will take effect as they will soon find out. A list was published by the NYTimes last week.

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The NRA’s donations to legislators is exactly why we do not have effective gun laws and restrictions. Trump got NRA donations for his presidential campaign, so there is a direct link between Trump weakening gun control and campaign donations. A large part of the Americans that voted for Trump fit the profile of being conservative, and anti gun control. So he is making sure he has their continued support.