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People Click on Stories About Paris But Not Beirut? It’s More Than Geography and Apathy



Failure of empathy has as much to do with public racism as with the for-profit news conglomerate. The people of Beirut, once the "Paris of the Middle East", are "expendable", they are "a violent culture & part of the problem", part of the fabric of terrorism and so not really newsworthy or revenue-generating or relevant - Paris instead is "a city of music & art & peace" - a false distinction that is the essence of racism.
The international media is a product of revenue, of infuriating ads that create profit, they are not about news and reporting events as a sounding-board for the publics informed choices, but their prejudices and racist tendencies.
Any democracy is dependent for its being on their version of the US "Fourth Estate", what used to be journalism, now a carny side-show of titillation, celebrity scandal, vapid rubbish, and when the crime is worthy enough, whipping-up the public to support whatever the MICC and politicians want/need as diversion of the moment or to implement policy as is the case with the heinous Paris attacks/murders and the lack of interest in the Beirut bombings/murders.
Journalism has been bought-out - sold-out to the highest bidder and made into not a vehicle of dissemination of events and accurate information, but a propaganda tool, a for-profit enterprise that focuses on the moment rather than the event and its truth or consequences - much like politicians focus on the moment and not any semblance of truth or consequences, both try to manipulate the viewer to a shallow manipulated mirage of the whole truth.


"Coverage (and non-coverage) of poverty in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina was about class and ethnicity" and on the subject of invisibility and the US what group remains most invisible if not the First Nations--their poverty in places such as Pine Ridge, the rape and murder of indigenous women, the continuing coveting of their "resources" such as uranium? The USA would like to forget their original victims and lurking under this self-induced amnesia is the fear of comeuppance. This also explains why the USA is a gun loving nation.


When the Intelligence Services wish to keep the public's eyes OFF the ball, they first come up with the Official Narrative; and from there, they posit alternative story-lines.

While nothing Mr. Christensen states is inaccurate, the intriguing thing is what he doesn't say. I would call it a counter-narrative.

It's obvious that in the eyes of the West--and this is by no means a naturally-occurring response, persons inside the Muslim world (along with many lands formerly colonized by Europeans)--are perceived to count for less.

A huge part of this perception is religion-based so I find it odd that this component was left out of the equation. Who, among the Republican glitterati isn't waxing lyrical about closing the borders to both Hispanics AND Muslims, particularly individuals from Syria and Iraq. And which among this chorus of hyenas doesn't self-identify as a devout, card-carrying Christian?

When I listen to that chorus of baboons, each one more self-righteous than the next, and every one of them either oblivious to--or ignorant of--the actual events (mostly U.S. military ignited) that created the crisis... I want to SCREAM reality into their half-dead ears.

The Holy War element is VERY real to a lot of people and not mentioning it and replacing that significant detail with generic talk about "race" and "class" appears in my mind to be the Intelligence World's repackaging of the Politically Correct Left-leaning narrative.


Yes, it's more than geography & apathy. This is the USA. New Orleans is far closer than Paris. France has non white & non Judeo-Christian people as well as white people and Judeo-Christian people. The media reports the news in Hollande's favor. Israel is in the same geographical region as the Arab nations & Iran. The media reports the news with pro-Israeli bias. The media say very little about Israel displacing Palestinians, using water from their homes to irrigate their farms and Israel being the only industrial nation that receives military & economic aid. The media say little about Westerners abusing Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians etc. They talk about Iraq having used chemical weapons but say little about the USA using chemical weapons in SE Asia.


You're exactly right SR,

I have often suspected, that a big part of the hatred by the neo-cons of the Islamic world is rooted in ancient religious scores. The big power-brokers, Wall Street Defense Corps and think tank morons are often Skull-and-Bones members who chant hymns from the 1800's in secret books of theirs published on wikileaks that in one case talks about punishing Babylon by planting the Christian flag on their country and other stanzas glorify battle against enemies of Israel. Destroying every offspring was in one of them, IIRC.

Enter GWB, Bush-the-Moron, a history major, who takes these lines literally and thinks we need to annihilate the ancient Assyrians (included Lebanon) since they looted the Hebrew "temple" repeatedly and takes it upon himself to personally destroy the old archaeological center of Babylon (Iraq), allowing looters and corps selling melted down gold to completely destroy any evidence of that ancient Superpower that invaded Jerusalem in antiquity.

There is absolutely no archaeological evidence at all that a King David existed or that King Solomon had a great temple. If so, they were never mentioned by the two adjacent Superpowers Assyria/Hitties in the North or Egypt in the South with the one exception of a Steel in which the translation is disputed. Very suspect. Everything else is recorded in stone. The only mention that Bush's Religion was historically accurate was Egyptian hieroglyphs talking about the Habru Maraders (nomadic horsemen) which were troublesome in the Levant.

Most scholars say the Christian bible is inaccurate and that the Habru did not kill off everyone in the Land of Milk and Honey as the bible claims, but rather assimilated into the Canaanite populations (making dark-skinned Gazans/Philistines, more closely related to the chosen ones????) Not sure about that, but in Ethiopia with the oldest images, Jesus is depicted as Black.

So if it doesn't match your new Bible-Thumping version, GWB's moto is destroy it!

(by the way; any corrections to spelling or punctuation are invited.)



I rarely agree with you on anything SR but you were spot on on this. Extremely well (and succinctly!) said....


Another thing worthy of note is that the media always starts interviewing family members of the dead or injured when it comes to the Paris attacks, 9/11 or Sandy, but never seem to interview the family members of the dead from the US attack on the Afghan hospital, family members of Iraqi dead, Afghani dead, Yemen dead etc.

For that matter they did not interview too many family members about the Katrina dead either.

The dead Western people have always been wonderful, great, a plus to society, compassionate etc. The rest of the dead are nothing but numbers.


I often ask myself: Do so many only skim the surface of events and phenomena because of herd-think, and the need to conform in order to be socially accepted. Is that actually as deep as they CAN see? Are they afraid of digging deeper? Or is it that their paycheck depends on keeping the viewer's eye on the wrong ball? Earlier I provided the analogy of the magician with the 3 peas... mesmerizing the audience as his pals pick their pockets.

These entertaining diversions are always about surface appearances.

It's difficult for me to respond to your post since it's as if you made use of an important analogy to then arrive at a conclusion that is anything but what I intended.

The Crusades, the use of holy wars are old stuff in the collective psyche of the human race. What matters is how it is that a relative handful have managed to control so much of humanity for so long, and what agenda this group is serving.

Trailing off into whether the Bible was actual history or speculative is, in my view, a diversion.


Sorry for the diversion. At my advancing age I often get side-tracked. But I'm interested in elucidating the bedrock foundation beliefs and traditions of the War-Hawks, for if those could be rejected, support for their global war adventures might dry up. History is full of Empires being shook up as religions were dumped.

Predictably, the Religious Right is falling for the Paris False Flag, which fuels their religious intolerance and plunges the whole world into war. Fortunately, I read that more people than ever in the USA do not attend church. Since the clergy seems to always be pro-war, maybe this is a good thing. You have often remarked on the close lockstep between Christianity and the MIC, and I agree. "Armies on the side of God cannot fail", is the old primrose path to ruin.

Did you ever see the Movie 10,000 B.C.? Good entertainment (you might enjoy it.) The Caucasian Pharaoh had everyone slaving on his pyramids and waging war on his neighbors because the high priest had everyone convinced he was a god. Once that myth was shattered by a javelin-throwing hunter, the slaves revolted and the oppressive hand of Ancient Egypt unraveled.

The Enlightenment did much the same thing in Colonial America, demoting Christianity to a hobby instead of part of the government. A truly Secular Government sprang up in 1776 replacing religion with reason and holding that war was abhorrent and that America should not be involved at all in European Religious Wars that destroy prosperity and freedom for everyone involved.

When you said:

I agree. My answer is that clueless offspring like GWB who got us into this quagmire, are brain-washed at Harvard and in secret societies and controlled by an invisible fabric of banking and resource-stealing families from the same institutions.

The One-Percent Tradition of using religion to foment war is as old as Homo sapiens himself. Thanks to the Second Enlightenment provided by the internet, citizens such as you an I are aware of their misdeeds, where we weren't before that tool existed. With TPP they are going to clamp down on our anonymous posting, which will spell persecution for truth tellers, imho.

These are the important deep layers of the onion, imho: Religion wielded as tool to destabilize whole states so Haliburton and the MIC can take over. Not the superficial "Class War" dismissal that Bill ORieley at Faux News always trots out to explain protest in the streets.

Perhaps I just misunderstood what you were driving at. It happens.