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'People Don't Like Insurance Companies, They Like Their Doctors': Poll Shows Majority of Voters Support Abolishing Private Insurers If They Can Keep Providers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/people-dont-insurance-companies-they-their-doctors-poll-shows-majority-voters


I not so fondly remember the time when minions of the “Health” “Insurance” Industry projected its behavior onto the opposition through the pejorative term “death panels”, insinuating that the government would decide when one’s utility was kaput. Fortunately, more and more people are awakening.


Bernies correct. Thank you. Go Bernie!


This is the time, long overdue, for the citizens of the USA to awaken from their political slumber, listen to Bernie, find a way by some miracle to overcome primary rigging, and vote him into the Presidency.


Time to place real, sustained pressure on the American Medical Association. A recent vote of 47% for true universal care and 53% still determined to thwart Improved, Expanded Medicare For All means more pressure needs to be applied.


Bingo!!! I am surprised that NO ONE has said this so far. When I was working I had very good Union insurance AND still had to pay some kind of “minimal” deductible AND co-pay. Under the Jayapal/Sanders plan, there would be NO deductibles or co-pays AND there would be coverage for eyes, hearing, DENTAL, old age care etc. In other words EVERY FUCKING THING.


“No one has said this so far” because rigged polls structure questions that produce predictable responses wherein respondents will of course say they prefer their insurance company compared to having no insurance when those are the only choices in the poll.

Private insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.


If we can ever get this legislation passed, and once the people see how it works, they will be tripping over each other to thank everyone who voted for it in congress. And Sanders will be cemented in history, much like FDR was.


The brainwashing machine of advertising and “market research” (how to fleece the public) will probably take a couple of generations of relentless attention and work to awaken the vast body politic so studiously fed intravenous addictive balderdash that makes jaws flap and minds shut down. Engagement with one’s geographic community - and truly loving it in all of its diversity is an essential evolutionary antidote to gaining and sustaining the equilibrium we need to establish for future generations.
Ego? Time to encourage rapid evaporation to make it a thing of the past with humor, study, giving of one’s time and energy in local correctives to discover the wealth of human creativity that has been suppressed by industrial strength manipulation.

The absolutely corrupt travesty of profit based on human infirmity is an excellent place to start!

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I don’t like my Doctor, Insurer, My Hospital, Medicare and the entire Health Care- For Profit System. Don’t like any of it!


I think even the question as posed here underestimates the number of people who ‘like’ their insurance companies. There are plenty of biased republican types who see the words medicare for all and they are going to answer in away that is bad for that side. Think about how many people could possibly actually like their insurance if you said “imagine you didn’t have any association with a private company and just went to any doctor or hospital you wanted without any paperwork needed to get the care you need - now do you like having an association with your private insurance company?” Unless you are working in the company yourself or a family member or close friend is, 99% are going to say no. Nobody in their right mind could possibly think insurance companies are liked.

I was thinking after reading @SequoiaBison 's comment in another thread today that Bernie is losing his battle with insurance companies (perhaps due to this line of questioning on ‘liking your insurance’ that keeps coming up) that exactly this type of poll is needed, so I’m happy to see it on the same day. However, I don’t think that is the main battle we have to win psychologically with the majority of voters - a bigger one is the whole “government = DMV = incapable of doing the job for everyone” mentality (job = insurance job, not the provider job of course since no one is proposing an NHS solution in the US). One of the candidates also brought up the idea that hospitals will go broke under the current Medicare payment plans. I’d like to hear more from Bernie and others to counter these statements now that he can confidently say “stop saying people like their insurance - common sense and polling results say that is not true - people care about their health care and may like their current providers or they may look for others when they are free to choose anyone under our plan - but few people like their insurance company”.

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To PonyBoy and others of the never vote for the duopoly crowd, I intend to give my monthly donation to Bernie’s campaign until there is a primary winner. Then I will support the the only candidate able to oust Trumpenstein. The Democrat.
Six more years of trump could crush this nation for good.

    If you are wealthy and don't need insurance, but instead have a private suit

of rooms at the top of a private hospital, have 1,000 pharma stock you like the insurance, if you are well off and can easily afford a 50,000 a year health insurance you may like your insurance, if your 30 years old and only pay 20.00 dollars a month and don’t need the insurance, you may like what you have.

If you sling garbage cans for a living and your wife dies for lack of wealth care in child birth, you may not be such a happy camper.

The Amy Klobuchar’s are in the wrong century. Actually she is in the wrong party, she is a female version of Trump, except more slippery

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I remember the “death panel” for my dad under Medicare: my mom, two sisters,
Dad, and his doctor. I was so grateful to be able to discuss his end of life care all together. As a physician himself, he chose not to do chemotherapy for his end-stage melanoma, and he made this decision knowing all the facts that he knew from his own practice, and the advice of his own doctor, who was wonderful in every way. I am completely ready for Medicare for All.


Doctors are not like when the old family doctor. your primary doctor makes referrals… He probably does not remember your name and he certainly does not know your medical history, So sad people think keeping their doctor has meaning

And vote Turtle Boy out of the senate!!!


The effort to preserve the profit motivated status quo health care system is massive, almost beyond our comprehension. Every TV channel frames any discussion by first telling the audience that Medicare for All would be way more expensive than the current system. They tell us Medicare for All is a “government run program” (You know how bad that is!). There isn’t even a pretense of hiding the bias.

If this innate bias didn’t exist and we could have a reasonable discussion on health care, those polls would change reflect a gigantic new level of public support.

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Here’s an analysis from PERI group, at Univ. Massachusetts at Amherst :

M4A cost estimate is $2.93 trillion, a reduction from $3.4 trillion currently.
Public funds from Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans’ Administration and other public funding: $1.88 trillion
Corporate tax: $623 billion
Sales tax: 193 billion
Net worth or wealth tax: $198 billion
Long-term capital gains tax: $70 billion

This seems doable, reasonable, and politically palatable. — https://www.umass.edu/newsoffice/article/depth-analysis-team-umass-amherst — Overall it reduces national healthcare costs by nearly 10%, and it insures 9% who live without insurance, and provides care for the 26% with inadequate insurance who still can’t afford the costs of care. That comes to 35% of the nation who do not access medical care.

The report says middle income families will receive about a 14% reduction in costs; the top 20% will see cost increases of 3.7%, the top 5% of 4.7%. What a bargain!

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