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People Have the Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/25/people-have-power

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Well, that made my day!

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Thank you for that!

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I think people are still oblivious to the power that they have. Too many still feel that positive changes comes from what are deemed “our leaders”.

Howard Zinn pointed out how wrong this was in “A Peoples History of the United States”.

If you ask most Americans who it was that ended slavery in the United States they will say “Abraham Lincoln”. This is false. He did not free a single slave. His emancipation proclamation did not free a single slave. 800,000 slaves were in the States that remained loyal to the Union and none of these slaves were freed after that proclamation. The proclamation only applied to the states in Rebellion and since they were in Rebellion they did not “free the slaves” in response.

Slavery was ended due to the tireless work of Anti-slavery advocates , the people and not the 1 percent.

I mentioned FDR and his Child Labor laws passed in 1938. These laws were passed due to the tireless advocacy of the working class people who wanted that practice ended . Environmental protections , labor laws restricting hours worked and a list of things too numerous to mention came from the PEOPLE and were always resisted by the 1 percent.


Give Elenore a bit of credit here because she was the listener of the people who spoke to her husband about their needs


Well to be blunt if you look at Child Labor laws, the anti-slavery movement and the like, the people who did the most to get these off the ground were women. As importantly they got a lot of this done without even having the right to Vote.

Activism>the vote.

Yes of course you are correct about activism and people power. I posted elsewhere that Nurses have organized on a national level and are working very hard on the streets and within local, state and federal government offices. The history of the women shows that many human rights programs began and continued as a result of the work of mobilized women. In Adam Hochschild’s BURY THE CHAINS he reports one “cute” issue re the wives of the landowners ie slave owners in the Caribbean served their husbands bakery good without sugar to prove a point.


Oh the photo!!! : ) All of those people dissing the trump fence by sitting on top of it. That is a truly lovely photo.