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'People in Need Can't Wait': To Put Onus on Senate GOP, Progressives Urge Pelosi to Take $1.8 Trillion Covid Relief Package

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/12/people-need-cant-wait-put-onus-senate-gop-progressives-urge-pelosi-take-18-trillion


Can’t imagine Pelosi doing anything at this point unless it’s cutting off her own nose to spite her face.

As long as the “no litigation” aspect is removed, I’d say jump on it. We need something.


The Dems should not take this deal, period. They have all the cards now. Trump and the GOP senate are reeling. They are hoping beyond hope that they can convince the democrats to let them send out more useless $1200 checks just in time for Election Day.
The republicans are currently drowning. The only thing the democrats should throw them now is an anchor.
The GOP was presented the “heroes” act four months ago. They chose to ignore it. Now Trumps people are back, flailing in the polls, begging the democrats to let them write checks to the rubes with his name on them. If Pelosi is smart (she isn’t, but hey, we can hope) she would now make a counter offer, $5000 per person, and a federal student loan jubilee. Then hold a presser telling everyone that, you’ll have this deal now, or you’ll have it January, provided we win.
Bribery appears to be an accepted evil in politics se days. It’s time the democrats learned that.


Nancy & Chuck -both of you are really pathetic. Hunger Games.


Pelosi does not want to allow Trump any credit for a COVID bailout for the American People. Her position makes her much like Trump: If it doesn’t help milk toast Biden win the election, fuck it, let them eat cake.


Corporate owned Pelosi should have closed the purse strings on the conservatives but that would have cut off her conservative funding.


Please Nancy take it!! won’t it force the Senate to take it up, or look really deft to “we the people”. Trump wants it?? force McConnell to bring up but they are hell bent on packing the supremes and approving Amy blah blah blah right wing religious extremists.

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This deal is no better than the other deals. It hands billions to polluting industries such as the airlines, has corporate liability shields to prevent us from suing corporations, and fails to create any systemic change regarding COVID, lost jobs, lost lives.
Trump wants this stimulus deal as a bribe to influence the election.
No deal.


As I said above wouldn’t it force Senate McConnell to bring it up on the floor delaying Supreme Court fight? I don’t know but it makes sense to me. If they don’t the people will really come down on them but what does it matter if they get a packed court to obstruct congress.


Trump made a big deal out of pulling the plug on negotiations – make him own it.
Talk about how you tried to compromise and were repeatedly rebuffed by Trummnunchconnell.

Talk up the HEROES Act, talk up Republican hypocrisy on deficits, talk up Trump not giving a rat’s ass.

Damn, is there anyone in the d-party who can walk and chew gum at the same time?


If she took the deal, the Dem’s could no longer blame the senate on wasting time on the Supreme Court Nomination. Pelosi doesn’t care if the people get relief, as long as she can Weld Her “Awesome Power”. Like Crystal says if she doesn’t take it now , there won’t be any till February. And then the Republicans will scream “What about the Deficit”. Now or never.


Pelosi is such a poser. She held out against Trump in that long battle about not funding the wall to the point of shutting down the government and blaming Trump for it, then later, without any significant coverage, she and the other democrat’s unceremoniously funded his wall without any complaint or fight whatsoever. now she’s holding out again so she can pretend to stand on principle, but in fact is only playing politics again when people s lives are hanging in the balance. I think I actually hate this one even more than Trump.


According to CDC, USA’s COVID outbreak began on 1/22/2020. In another week it will have gestated here for nine months. The White House outbreak alone is larger than the national outbreaks of South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand put together.

Those are countries which prioritize health to the intelligent extent of closing everything down until contagion is under control. Most of Europe fails to strike the proper balance between health and economics, because their systems, like ours, fail to understand there is no goddam balance! You protect people first, period. New Zealand proves that even “white” folks are occasionally capable of grokking this basic tenet of social survival: the choice before us. As the arrow of time propels us, Europe, with their more modest sloppiness, keeps giving USA a sneak preview of coming attractions. The prospect is not pretty.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/09/2020          11          11
>  10.  03/15/2020       3,460       3,471
>  15.  04/19/2020     743,154     746,625
>  20.  05/24/2020     890,831   1,637,456
>  25.  06/28/2020     908,109   2,545,565
>  30.  08/02/2020   2,103,537   4,649,102
>  35.  09/06/2020   1,612,114   6,261,216
>  40.  10/11/2020   1,479,718   7,740,934

USA’s third surge (about four weeks old, now – bouncing on 9/15) is starting to surface in the final segment of this coarse segmentation. A finer look at CDC’s chart shows the 7-day average about to exceed 50K for the first time in 2 months:


Lots a good comments here. It will be interesting to see what is done. I like the idea of a counter offer since they are on the ropes. Something more for the people…anything. Republicans hate that; then they can once again be the bad boys they are and reject helping the citizens who cast their votes on November 3rd. Not that we can be bought, by the way. We are like politicians: we will gladly take the money and then vote them out. Oh, that is still like politics. Take the lobby money and don’t do the favor. It’s all so damned sick.


Get out in the “f” ing streets and force the republicans to do the right thing.


Doesn’t matter what they do. The fox news watchers will know everything. As they always do. They were BORN knowing everything.
Don’t have much hope.
The fox is strong on the weak minded

For governments to take the actions you recommend in response to viral pandemics, they would need to make massive investments in public health infrastructure. They would also need compensate each and every person who loses income as a result of the actions you recommend, at living wage levels.

Let’s take your charts seriously and insist that government does the same. As a matter of effectiveness and fairness, no one should be expected to abandon her livelihood and stay home all day, for the greater good, unless the agent of the greater good (government) offers compensation. Lockdowns without compensation are rightly viewed as theft by those who suffer their consequences.

Enough with the viral fundamentalism. Governments should care about people – about their livelihoods and their families, about their communities and civil liberties, about their air and water and food – not just about viruses.


We’ll either learn from countries which demonstrate how to survive, or else we’ll keep dying the way we’ve been dying. It’s not my recommendation, it’s New Zealand’s eloquent example. It’s that simple. In departing from crystal clear examples of healthy conduct, we can find a million ways to die. Hooray for our precious freedom to die so foolishly and meaninglessly!


amercans know everything. They don’t need examples. Nobody else knows anything.
Do I sound jaded ? I am.



And no this is not a complete sentence.