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'People in Need Can't Wait': To Put Onus on Senate GOP, Progressives Urge Pelosi to Take $1.8 Trillion Covid Relief Package

I completely fail to understand you excepting in terms of being a Trump troll. I strongly suspect you are not that, perhaps a petulant and narrowly focused leftist,bitter that Senator Sanders was not the candidate ( I wish that as well) , the extreme left tends towards the circular firing squad type of decision making after all.

Losing Trump means losing Barr, Pence, Pompeo, Miller, DeVoss, DeJoy, de whole crowd…that has to mean something to you, or not.

If, after almost four years of Trump and company you yet believe he is not worse than any opponent the democrats could put up against him, will not threaten our social safety nets while Biden/Harris will not do such, then I see no common grounds for further discussion, at least on this subject .

This issue is over corporate immunity that was stuck into the stimulus bill by the GOP intentionally. It is a save a few people while screwing everyone deal.

You completely fail to understand much, including that Democrats screw us all even more than the Republicans have done lately. How many corporate criminals did Obama’s team prosecute? How many war criminals? But what did Obama do to the whistle blowers who warned us about government failure to act in a lawful manner? He tortured them. Democrats under Obama/Biden moved every dial in the wrong direction. Biden has been on the fascist side of every issue his whole career, and now he’s clearly entering senile dementia, backed up by one who would keep people in prison extra time just to extract slave labor out of them, or who would knowingly execute an innocent man. I would be embarrassed to recommend such people to my friends.

You’ve believe lies as obvious as any MAGA hat wearing person, and don’t consider yourself a low information voter. The party you think the rest of us should support went to court and made the case that they had no obligation to run honest primaries. You can support a party that runs rigged primaries, but you can’t claim any moral high ground while you do it.

I judge Biden/Harris to be the greater evils, I base it on their individual history in government, and what they propose to do going forward, and their party’s resistance to deescalating any of our belligerent engagements around the World. If your side wants more support, consider offering something to support.

Your offer of no change is rejected.

Oh how you do go on…have you perhaps stopped taking your meds?

This nation faces a constitutional crisis and you dither about flaws in the only chance we have to defeat a would be dictator who is obviously clinically insane.

Your posts are simply pro Trump screeds and I will no longer respond to them. I tried to see you as an honest poster but this latest ,when combined with your earlier pro Trump screeds no longer makes that judgment valid.

What is your favorite Biden policy?

I’ve been following these negotiations carefully and just posted a comment to @dara about a key sticking point to the negotiations, corporate liability protections. Per a report in the New Republic, the administration is asking for liability protections that undermine state regulations in addition to the already weak federal ones. McConnell, notably, isn’t participating in the negotiations and this is his big ask as well.

My feeling is Ro Khanna was (he praised Pelosi two days ago) doing a two-step for his Silicon Valley donors: marshaling progressives to yell at Pelosi, while giving donors liability protections that undermine his own state’s Covid regulations. Notice: AOC, Jayapal, and others have not joined him. There’s a reason for that.

Keep in mind, many states have very restrictive unemployment insurance requirements. Forcing people back to work in unsafe conditions and terminating them for phony cause after they get sick, making them ineligible for UI, is a corporate dream.

That he isnt Donald Trump.

You cannot be serious. Or you are so terribly misinformed…or worse.

Yeah, I can’t find something about Biden to support either.