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'People Need Their Medicine. We Have to Move the Mail.'


'People Need Their Medicine. We Have to Move the Mail.'

Katherine McFate

In 2013, Hurricane Sandy pushed a wall of water into New York Harbor, turning streets into rivers andbasements into lakes. A power station on the lower west side of Manhattan was one of the first buildings to flood; the circuits shorted out immediately, plunging much of the city into darkness. Fifteen blocks north, the whir and bustle inside the U.S. Postal Service’s Morgan Processing and Distribution Facility was replaced by the sound of sloshing water, as employees there worked without power under the dim glow of emergency lighting.


The USPS is made up of unbelievably hard working people who do not get paid as well as they should and do not get the recognition they deserve. It doesn’t surprise me that they would react as they did during an emergency. They get such a bad deal from Congress who insist that they have 75 years of pension funds in trust, thus seriously diminishing the money available for upgrades and raises. We don’t need a privatized delivery service, we need to support the one we’ve had since the 18th century.