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People of Missouri Accomplish What Its GOP Lawmakers Refused to Do for Nearly 10 Years: Approve Medicaid Expansion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/people-missouri-accomplish-what-its-gop-lawmakers-refused-do-nearly-10-years-approve


Genuine, real democracy is action.
This assists childrens, families, and employees in low wage - hard work - employment.


Spot on! Remove both parties from the equation to achieve, finally, majority rule. By party affiliation 31% of Americans are Democrats and 25% are republicans. NEITHER party represents a majority view, and we are perpetually locked into minority rule no matter who wins. Democracy? In what universe does perpetual minority rule represent democracy?


Yeah, it will be better for all people in Missouri but it is still smoke and mirrors. I wouldn’t say victory, they just had to agree to partial privatization. It is better.

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Biden where art thou?


The federal government pays 90% and the state pays 10%.
With the epidemic out of control, many more dollars have to be
voted in DC to assist states, counties, schools and citizens
with health costs.

DC congress negotiations will continue this week but voting would be earlier
next week at best. Per Denny Hoyer on radio news about 3:30 pm eastern time.
He also advises that the republican senators are in disagreements.

Are you taking about expansion because the basic rate is variable:

The federal share (FMAP) varies by state from a floor of 50 percent to a high of 77 percent in 2020, and states may receive higher FMAPs for certain services or populations . In 2017, the federal government paid more than 60 percent of total Medicaid costs with the states paying about 40 percent. Mar 21, 2019."

Not only that there is controversy on how Medicaid dollars are spent, Tennessee is one of the worst examples.

Thank you for the information.

The 90/10 split that I wrote for Missouri came from NPR radio news about 1 hour ago.

I have no problem with full medicaid for prenatal through about 14 years ald. Every child
residing in the USA are covered. At 15th birthday, each pays $10 per month from earned,
worked for money. They cannot acquire from family or friends…Handicapped are exempt.
At 16 years old, goes to $20 / month. Etc.

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that the Democrats still insist on making sure Americans DO NOT get the universal health care they need-and will remain the victims of the rip offs in corporate America-even in the time of pandemic -tells you all you need to know about how much the Democrats support the average citizen–hint it is not even a little bit as this is the second time in little over 12 years they have left the citizens to twist in the wind while they bailed out the already well to do and their corporations