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‘People of the Cave’: Palestinians Take Their Fight for Justice to the Mountains

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/people-cave-palestinians-take-their-fight-justice-mountains


I do not understand the hatred of Israel for the Palestinians, The Palestinians are the ones that have been robbed—and are still being robbed. I do not understand how world governments can look on this and do nothing. This started in 1948-----and is still going on. WHY leaders of Israel have you turned into the Nazis? How many Holocaust victims are still alive? How does torturing the Palestinians make up for what your relatives lost? So far people have not given up on Judaism-----but as long as Israel’s government treats Palestinians as valueless and less than human-------there could come a time when the world will, turn against those who torture, rob and kill----and then Israel—where will you be?


Israel’s horrendously cruel war crimes – done in the name of all Jews
– no doubt stoke worldwide resentment and hatred of Jews,
thus assisting Zionists in their claim to be victims.

Jewish groups that openly defy Zionism by supporting international law
and human rights for Palestinians therefore are front-line activists
against anti-Semitism. It’s unfair that they must carry this burden,
but their courage is admirable.

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The Palestinian Arab goal of trying to drive the Jews out of the region and rejecting all compromises has clearly been a failure and has only made their situation worse. Israelis cannot be made to go away any more than Palestinians can. The only way to improve their lives is to make peace with Israel, not easy as the religious zealots on both sides are uncompromising and need to be confronted. And “justice” for Palestinians also means confronting their own leaders who suppress rights of the press, of assembly, of gays,

Hi EMcommon, and if you have some extra cash—read up on the work of Code Pink. : )

I’ll have to see about ‘extra cash’, but I have great admiration for CodePink.

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