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'People Power Beats Corporate Greed': After Years of Pressure, JPMorgan Agrees to Divest from Private Prisons

'People Power Beats Corporate Greed': After Years of Pressure, JPMorgan Agrees to Divest from Private Prisons

Julia Conley, staff writer

Civil and immigrant rights groups celebrated a victory Tuesday after JPMorgan Chase announced it was finally heeding their calls to end its financing of private for-profit prisons.

Ironic in a sad way that this article is positioned on the right-hand column under this one:

Don’t for a second be so naive as to believe that activism had anything to do with JP Morgan chase divesting itself of private prison stock. It was done for the oldest of investment axioms. What are the future profits of this sector? As the states decriminalize marijuana there will be no need for privately run prisons filled with low level drug offenders, thus no profit.

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“To devils and ghosts the same laws appertain”

Interesting to think that the noose being tightened around 99% is the same that has always been on the necks of First Peoples, Africans and African Americans. Any who are not of the 1%, 95% of whom in turn are minions minus conscience, an assertion I no longer consider to be hyperbole.

I’m reminded once again of the story of Faust and, like the assertion above, no longer think of it as I used to, as just a single name metaphor for engaging the devil’s bargain.

Here is an online version of Faust you can download.

I draw particular attention to something that makes the powerful sneer at us. Most people speak of this classical work in terms of damnation. That is precisely what they want to hear. It indicates that the actual import of the timeless genius of Goethe is still a secret. In the end Faust defies Mephistopheles, drains a swamp to produce a place for the poor to live.

but its still loads of fun to close your eyes and randomly grab any of the exchanges between Faust and big bad M.

The Pentagram gives you pain? Then tell me, you Son of Hell, If that’s the case, how did you gain Entry? Are spirits like you cheated?

Look carefully! It’s not completed: One angle, if you inspect it closely Has, as you see, been left a little open.

Just by chance as it happens! And left you prisoner to me? Success created by approximation!

The dog saw nothing, in his animation, Now the affair seems inside out, The Devil can’t get out of the house.

Why not try the window then?

Mephistopheles To devils and ghosts the same laws appertain: The same way they enter in, they must go out. In the first we’re free, in the second slaves to the act.