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'People Power Defeating Corporate Power': Atlantic City Says People Have Say Over Their Water


'People Power Defeating Corporate Power': Atlantic City Says People Have Say Over Their Water

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Atlantic City, New Jersey's city council on Tuesday easily passed an ordinance that requires a public vote before any sale of the municipal water system by the state.

The 8-0 vote, according to Lena Smith of Food and Water Watch, "is about people power defeating corporate power. It is a ringing endorsement of the work done by community members to save their water system from a corporate takeover."


Sell our health care, sell our environment, sell our natural resources, sell our civil rights and justice system (if it can be called that), sell our republic and future and now sell our lovin water?? - the evil and greed just keep on taking and taking!

Bravo to the fighters! There WILL be a reckoning for the corporate whore sellout scum and all who sail with them!


So how did this state law get passed? How much money have these politicians received who voted for this law?I wonder if this law could be challenged in court------if politicians received money to pass this bill shouldn't the law be voided? This should be a rallying cry for the COMMONS. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


This is really an important issue, water is the new oil. You can live without oil but you can't live without water.


Way to go, Atlantic City! Fight like hell to keep your water a public resource!


Hmm. Just a thought. This could go to court. Would the city have an eminent domain claim against the state? Is that an argument that could be used against state laws prohibiting other localities from enacting other progressive laws?


This is a scenario that will be played out all across the country.
With the right in charge and the left (or, "left") always marginalized, this will literally be a matter of life or death.


How to defeat corporate power: