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People Power Forces Trump To Postpone UK State Visit


People Power Forces Trump To Postpone UK State Visit

- Common Dreams staff

Donald Trump has reportedly told Prime Minister Theresa May that he will not come to the UK on a state visit if there are massive protests against him. Trump told May that he does not want to come if people do not welcome his visit.

The message was allegedly communicated in a phone-call between the pair in the last few weeks, according to the Guardian. An aide to the Prime Minister who was present during the phone-call said Mrs May was surprised.


Don't be so self-congratulatory.

There is a new interview with Naomi Klein in the Guardian - even better than the last one I posted yesterday.


I think we are devolving to Joseph Tainters "state of lower complexity" - and there is no soft landing.

Just jump off this speeding train, and try and not get killed.


A few weeks ago Trump scheduled a rally for Cedar Rapids, for June 1, then abruptly cancelled it May 27.

Like the UK, Iowa didn't welcome his visit, and he knew it.

A people finally awaken!


If Trump wants only to be where people adulate him, he will spend the rest of his life, alone, in front of a mirror. Benito Mussolini -- killed April 28, 1945. Donald Trump -- born June 14, 1946. Reincarnation?


Maybe they should change "profits before people" to "profits for the people".

Universal Basic Income NOW!

Direct Democracy


When the Trump regime started planning the UK trip in January Trump insisted that he get to ride in the carriage that carries the Queen, not exactly UK protocol. I'm sure that May was taken aback by that demand and is relieved that Trump won't be showing up. Not that May would be showing up after this week's election.

Good to see the Brits learned the lesson from Chamberlain appeasing Hitler.


Nothing new. The second Bush was the first president to not deal with public protest. Since then, it seems all US Presidents don't do public appearances, parades, etc. if they can't chose the crowd. Makes for a bad headlines. Can't protest a prez who doesn't appear in public.


In the pic, "No To Trump" projected on Parliament wouldn't show if the UK gov hadn't co-operated and turned off the floods on that section of the building.


I do not believe in reincarnation, but I love the 'mirror' quip :laughing:.


People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit!

Dump The Duopoly Now!

Make Them Pay!


I see nowhere in that article, that Trump will not come, as the headline of it suggests. It is still only based on an 'if'.


Too bad!
An open carriage ride through a hostile crowd would be just what the'doctor' ordered. :laughing:


Except the UK gubmit doesn't want the carriage to get all shot up.


Poor wittle donny. Still can't understand why so many people don't like him. I mean, he won the election!


Especially if he is in the same one as the Queen.


Not True. That part of the building and the opposite corresponding section facing the river doesn't get lit up by floodlights at night. You can find photos to verify this fact.


Another step is the ostracism of the US under Trump and the republiCONS. Good!


Maybe "we" are not so indispensable after all!!
Boo Hoo




Human affairs is the most complex area that people involve themselves. Albert Einstein said it made physics seem easy by comparison. That's why trying to reduce that complexity to 'theories' would be like trying to reduce the Mona Lisa to a stick drawing. But where it comes to power, the rules of the game are well know. What needs to be said requires little more than common sense and decency.

Saying that... “The triumph of neoliberalism is the idea that the alternative is always even worse”, is not about policies, alternative or not, but instead about policy makers. Whatever the 'policy' and its mechanisms, the intent would be the same as that with neoliberalism. Exploitation is exploitation, by whatever 'policy'. No PHD in wonkery is necessary. That Trump spent a lifetime of bypassing the 'rules' is meaningless. He is no more a part of any solution than the man on the moon. It's the public involvement that counts. It's in that sense that 'TINA' is valid.