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People Power Launches 50-State Voting Rights Campaign to Reenergize Our Democracy


People Power Launches 50-State Voting Rights Campaign to Reenergize Our Democracy

Brian Tashman

While Donald Trump and Kris Kobach look for ways to disenfranchise Americans, People Power is launching the Let People Vote campaign to uphold, protect, and expand the right to vote.


Here’s your next job, People Power:

Find candidates who people will actually bother to vote for.


Where is the petition?


What about re-districing?   Voting won’t do much good per se if you’re stuck in a typical district Gerrymandered by the RePooplicans.   (What does it actually mean, anyway?   Who was this “Gerry” that got “mandered”?)

I presume you mean other than Neo-Liberal Establishment scum like DWS and HRC chosen by the DNC . . .

And how the hell are we going to choose them when there’s so much B.S. floating around.  Even here on CD there are trolls bashing decent people and promoting morons.  How can we tell which is which??


Until all private money in politics becomes illegal, will it matter how many people vote for the crooks that keep showing up on the ballot ?


A smart guy like you can tell the difference, Fester, but here’s a hint:

If they label themselves with an R or a D, they embrace the establishment that blocks all progress.


Voting rights are one thing - vote count another. It doesn’t matter how many rights you have as long as we cannot have faith in our government’s ability to count. All the dirty tricks by the democrats that were played during Bernie’s campaign are in force for the next election and, no doubt, will be joined by a few (or many) others. Please, as you work for the right to vote, include in your efforts the right to have your vote counted.


Hey recycle, and get rid of all electronic voting machines for starters. In Canada there is no on-line, or electronic voting at the federal level, and also it is said at the provincial level as well. What a concept, paper ballots?


Tweeking a system of Representative Government designed to be ultimately corrupted is an exercise in futility. We need a new paradigm, a new system by, of and for the people, not by the oligarchy: