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People Power Works as Two Republicans Pledge to Vote 'No' on DeVos


People Power Works as Two Republicans Pledge to Vote 'No' on DeVos

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just one more Republican "no" vote is needed to derail the confirmation of education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, after GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) announced Wednesday they would not support the billionaire in a full Senate vote.


Just one more anti-Devos Republican to go and Mitch McConnell's wife will end up as the only female cabinet member.


This is probably the least important nomination. Throwing us a bone but all the important picks will get confirmed, including Supreme court w/nuclear option


Shocked I tells ya; dems with a bit of spine.
And the sh!te hows continues on...and on...


WTF education is not important? It is very important and it is what grew this country to be what it was yesterday. Devos wants to destroy education for all - public education. draining public funds to private for profit schools which devalues public education and makes it inefficient. Repugs have been doing that for 4 decades.


Chuck Schumer will have to deliver more Democrats. No problem.


The Dems are also helping the GOP destroy the public school system.


Betsy DeVos never attended public school, and her kids did not either, or has she ever worked in a public school. Betsy DeVos does not understand the Individuals With Disabilities Act. Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America's Schools to Advance "Gods Kingdom"...(Mother Jones.com Jan.17, 2017). Enough already, Betsy DeVos is a cancer to America's Public School Educational System. Horace Mann help!


Yeah - just three more than 100% and they could stop all of the nominations.


Manchin has delivered on this one. He has not helped the Dems on most of the others.

I look forward to a day when Dems like he can be kicked out of the party.


She doesnt have the power to do that on her own.


Without the third republican this is just a tease.


DeVos definitely wants to destroy public education I certainly with every one of your comments I think private schools are beeded as are charter schools. However I think its disgusting to drain public funds, Full disclosure I went to a private school for learning disabilities.


Pete, sorry, but you are dead wrong on this one. the dept of education swings a lot of power, and nothing is more important for our democracy than the cornerstone of public education. we need curricula that teach children how to think critically (not take standardized tests), how to communicate, how to express their curiosity, and how to care about their planet and their fellow beings. devos' complete lack of understanding about the importance of equal education for all children is scary....and it's leading the way to a permanent class society of elites vs peons who work for them in dead end jobs. who would that be? marginalized or minority populations, of course. she knows nothing about textbook selection and probably knows a lot about censorship....from evolution in science to "cleansing" books for history. we are not a theocracy...yet.... and as long as we try to save our democracy by educating our youth about our constitution, true history, civil rights/liberties, the evil of perpetual wars, etc., we just might stand a chance of wresting the power to control us from the billionaires orangehat is choosing and the dems are rolling over backwards for...which is exactly where people like devos will take us.