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People Reject Neoliberalism's Return, But Challenges Remain in Ecuador

People Reject Neoliberalism's Return, But Challenges Remain in Ecuador

William K. Black

Ecuador has just staged another successful democratic election—as even the Wall Street Journal now reports, based on international election observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) that have no love for the Ecuadorian party that won the election. Most of the foreign reportage on the election focuses on Julian Assange, who has taken refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London. But what are the real problems that Lenin Moreno and the people of Ecuador will face when he becomes President?

Great another Democratic election won by the left. Another country for the US to invade to protect their freedom to invade what they don´t like.


The Bolivarian Revolution gets a little life support. Hopefully, the Alianza Pais can develop a sustainable economy in the face of the oligarchic reaction.

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Rafael Correa did not renew the United States’ 10 year lease on a military base in Ecuador.

The US complained when Correa said he would close the base.

Correa then said he would consider allowing the base to remain in Ecuador if the US would consider allowing an Ecuadorean base in Florida.

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I will always have a great respect for Correa for telling the U.S. military “Thanks, but no thanks” and for giving Assange sanctuary!