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People’s Summit Seeks To Take ‘Political Revolution’ To The Next Level


People’s Summit Seeks To Take ‘Political Revolution’ To The Next Level

Isaiah Poole

If you actually read Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speech to his supporters Thursday – rather than the news coverage of it – you will immediately grasp the importance of this weekend’s gathering in Chicago of about 3,000 progressive leaders and grassroots activists.


Wish I was there. Do good, y'all--you hold a lot of our spirits as you go into this weekend.


Well, to be fair, he didn't say it was a step forward or any kind of a positive step!


Let's not forget also The People's Revolution ( https://thepeoplesrevolution.org/ ) and their People's Convention on July 23 in Philly. It may not have all the bigwig names that the summit will, but it may be more a reflection of the true grassroots support the Political Revolution has.


For those of you hoping the conference will discuss a third party option, good luck. The list of speakers are overwhelmingly Democrats, many from Sanders campaign staff and the list of organizations in attendance includes mostly established allies of the Democratic Party. Any taking of the 'Political Revolution" to the next level will be wishing the framework of the Democratic Party and, that, of course, will mean staying within the party for the sake of beating Donald Trump. Brought to you by the Democratic Party.


Perhaps you should reread the context of the passage you quote before flying off the handle,.as it is dealing with identifying vying factions.


Jill Stein twitted her disappointment for not having been allowed to speak at the people's summit.


You make assumptions. Certainly it is not going going to be a radical left confab, still, there are some important figures involved whose opinions are more than worthy of consideration. William K. Black alone would justify the experience.


That is somewhat disturbing on the face. Is her status as an actively running candidate for office somehow in conflict with the terms for event speakers?
Anybody know?


It would appear that this dog and pony show in Chicago is an establishment attempt to co-opt the July 23rd People's Convention in Philly.


There is the appearance of this "Summit" being called to actually prevent those actions from ever happening.


Well said thelmafollett. Many of the groups involved are Democratic Party front groups. Don't be co-opted!


I'm taking a pass on the People's Summit to be at the People's Revolution. Thanks but no thanks Democratic Party.

As Hillary gets her ducks in a row to pivot right in the general election, the party's front groups are being deployed to appease the left. This is classic co-optation of the people and it is how the Democratic Party has used the left to get elected for years, as it furthers neoliberal/conservative policies.

I think there's a more Machiavellian motive buried under all the rhetoric: the money Sanders raised. Boy would the DNC like to get their hands on his donors. The People's Summit is one sure fire way to do it. "We can do it! Let's elect progressive Democrats and take Congress in 2018. Donate here."


Notes on "People's Summit Seeks To Take ‘Political Revolution’ To The Next Level"

1) The article title says it - "Seeks to Take 'Political Revolution' to the Next Level." Whatever we think of the summit, this meeting is broadly made up of Sanders supporters, and its purpose is to carry its energies and commitments and donations and values and labor into the future, regardless of what happens in Philadelphia.

2) Sanders ran as a Democrat, lots of Democrats voted for him - and so, inevitably, the summit will be an 'impure' affair, made up of a range of 'progressive Democrats' and independent progressives.

3) Whether to support HRC is a defining issue for many Sanders supporters. (Transparency: I will not, period.) But because it is divisive, it seems unlikely that it will be a formal or implied part of the agenda at the conference - and I think that is a wise choice. We can plan for Philadelphia - but this meeting has a separate, legitimate purpose - advancing Sanders's political revolution.

4) As one poster said, the ideal outcome is that people go in as individuals and come out as a group - but that depends on the democratic process! That outcome cannot be determined in advance. Let's see what happens rather than judging it in advance.


I think the media if off on this one, as they have been on so much where Bernie and Berners are concerned. I'm hoping that they, at the least, encourage people to sign up at bernie's site to either run for something or to help somebody who is running. He also has a site to connect progressive workers with jobs.

In the larger sense, I just hope that they find ways for us to stay united and continue the revolution and not splinter off into smaller, ineffective groups. I'm hoping some great ideas come out of this, and I believe it is organized and attended by independent people, not necessarily tied to any party.

That is my hope, anyway. :O)


Oh, I hope not. It is a shame that they didn't combine forces. Wish i could be in Philly, for sure. I think there are some from here going.


had no idea. weird.


This may be better attended, too, b/c many of the convention goers will be in town. woo hoo!


I respect Bernie and donated to his campaign several times. But there is something odd at this point where he is now, when he co-opts the terms "Political Revolution" to mean "Democratic Party Political Revolution." And this "Peoples Summit seems to be doing the same, at least so far. Seems more like a "Democratic Party Peoples Summit." Nothing wrong with trying to reform the Democratic Party, but it is deeply deceptive to call the effort Political Revolution or Peoples Summit.


The Democratic Party is unequivocally telling Sanders to go to the booth where loyal Democrats sign up to campaign for Clinton.

The Party may have a token platform planning breakout session in Philly to humor Sanders supporters, amidst the forty sessions where they plan the campaign against Trump.

The Green Party represents the values that Sanders' base embraces while there is more corporate money in this election than ever paying the Democrats to ignore those values or at best pay lip service where they must.