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People Should Control the Food System, Not Corporations


People Should Control the Food System, Not Corporations

Kirtana Chandrasekaran, Stanka Becheva

For those among us interested in how we can feed the world, we would recommend a visit to the alternative People's EXPO instead of the official Milan (Italy) EXPO 2015, a massive exhibition supposedly aimed at bringing the global community together to 'make progress on issues of international importance.'

Twenty million visitors are expected at the EXPO 2015 in Milan, a €1.3 billion exhibition themed around "feeding the planet, energy for life."


Sorry that is not how supply side economics work


We in Canada had a farmer controlled and owned marketing system that worked to the benefit of the farmers! With the Internet and the propaganda of the Multinationals came the thought by the younger farmers that they could better manage the marketing of their grain on their own…that has since proven to be wrong, but too late now…the corporations, along with the government have made orderly marketing a dinasour!