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'People Should Take Him Very Seriously': Sanders Polling Surge Reportedly Forcing Democratic Establishment to Admit He Can Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/26/people-should-take-him-very-seriously-sanders-polling-surge-reportedly-forcing


It may ’ force’ the establishment to take more drastic tactics. When they actually decide Bernie can and will win, the establishment neoliberal democrats will try to co-opt his campaign as their own. Like pushing one of their neoliberal wall street darlings as vice president and pressuring Bernie to declare a one term administration for their ‘support’.


If you want to stroke your identity and wallow around in reactionary rhetoric, vote for Biden or Buttigieg or Warren. If you want to promote the public good, vote for Sanders. Sanders is the only rational choice because he’s the only one courageous enough to be rational. Folks, we CAN solve the most terrifying problems of our age — anthropogenic climate destabilization militarism, inequality — but we need to use REASON and ACTION to do it. Emotionalism and superficial feel-good promises won’t cut it.


I agree. But I still think that, if Sanders starts to gain more traction, the right leaning Party power structure will intensify their efforts to select Biden or Buttigeig or even Warren - but they’ll probably get her to dial back her 2 cent per dollar tax on those poor suffering billionaires.


There’s something very dysfunctional about politics if it doesn’t promote the common good.


WCVB, channel five a Hearst station, which serves the New Hampshire viewing populace, in a political forum mentioned Warren’s polls dropping because “people are looking for a more moderate candidate”. This is said by a large media propaganda outlet without even mentioning that Sanders was leading most of the New Hampshire polls. It’s a real up hill battle for Sanders with a media opposed to progressive ideas.


Is Bernie running in Venezuela too?

What are you jealous of? Are you jealous of other people’s ability to write coherent words and sentences?

By the way, Bernie would defeat your boy Guaido in a landslide… in the US, in Venezuela, and anywhere else in the world.


Bernie is real and ready to change the system without equivocation unlike our our last “hope” corporate Obama. I could think of many demographics that would support Sanders if they knew the facts. Here is one bigger than most elite politicians realize …


You can always tell how close you are to succeeding by the amount of opposition you face.
We are about to find out just how viable the Sanders campaign is. If the democrats spend the next four weeks bashing Bernie then you know they fear him and his constituency, as they have intentionally not addressed him for months for fear that the very mention of his name gives him legitimacy. If they continue to give him the silent treatment then you know they already have this thing fixed.
And don’t be surprised if the fix is in.


OK: Time for another contribution to Bernie’s campaign. Let’s make this season a practical celebration of the return of the light!


Oh, it’s in. It’s been in for decades. The power of the people has been “fixed” (a.k.a. neutered) for as long as I can remember.


Because Bernie Sanders IS the real deal!


Holy shit, the fucking Russians actually HAVE invaded!!


Jane and Bernie would have been in the White House for three years if not for the Democratic establishment.


Hi bot. No worries. Always room for you , when you decide to join us in working for social and economic justice here in the US. :fist:

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Of course the fix is in. But what is the Sanders camp response to it this time around? Just surrender and support the centrist Dem candidate like the last time? Is this Deja Vu all over again?


It seems clear the “polls” are manipulated crap, with Bernie’s standings, integrity, support and focus consistently silenced by the corporate/DINO controlled spin-meisters; lying sellouts all!

The sterling record of our candidate, Bernie Sanders, stands nearly alone and his sincerity and concern is reaching people from every demographic, as is his his honesty, integrity, concern for the “little-people”, the Common Good, and fragile environment, so palpable and genuine are his words and platform they ring true, as opposed to all other pretenders and forces arrayed against both Bernie and the vast majority of our republic’s people!

Bernard Sanders IS the Real Deal, and the sooner the DP shills and sellouts, greedy fools, corrupt politicians, and every person of conscience recognize this reality, the sooner we can rid ourselves and our world of the truly evil pathology and greed of people like the tyranical, depraved, rot in the WH, political party hacks and criminals, and Congress!

Bernie !anders 2020 and beyond!


Again it comes down to the Democratic National Committee as to what candidate will be on the ballot. So if the fossils that run said committee decide that Bernie won’t be on, then the only choice Bernie will have is to run as an independent candidate.


I wrote this in 2016 when he lost

Even if had won the nomination and actually become President of the United States of America, his freedom of action would be very restricted by economic and political realities and he would have had very little option but to accommodate the capitalist class and their agenda. If he was elected there would be a number of cosmetic changes but the fundamental problem, capitalist property relations, would remain essentially unchanged…Neither Sanders nor any other politician can lead us to the alternative society we fight for. We must build it for ourselves. America badly needs a vigorous socialist party. America is a plutocracy, which means government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. Everything supports that fact…Two crucial political fallacies permeate American workers’ thinking. First, that the present system can be so organised that it will operate in the interests of the majority, through a process of applied reformism, and second, that ‘proper leadership’ is an essential requirement. However, neither of the foregoing will ever remove any of the major social evils…

I don’t think my conclusion in 2020 has changed that much. One thing, though, which has, is that there appears to be higher hopes…and so the disappointment and disillusionment will be deeper. How that affects future politics I simply don’t know


During Vietnam the major media colluded to tell the public that everything was hunky dory. Then the decisionmakers believed the media. Then the United States government started to run out of the ability to borrow more and more money in a few years. The US got stagflation. Cambodia had a genocide. North Vietnam took over Saigon and became the friend of the United States in time.

Bernie has been blacked out for a year solid. Now, I don’t think that the majority of the Democratic decisionmakers can believe that Bernie is real, not for another entire month yet. Santa? You don’t believe in Santa? The day after Iowa is over, out come the goons.