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'People Shouldn't Be Going Bankrupt and Dying': Barnstorms Nationwide Aim to Build Mass Movement Behind Medicare for All


'People Shouldn't Be Going Bankrupt and Dying': Barnstorms Nationwide Aim to Build Mass Movement Behind Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) expected to introduce the Medicare for All Act of 2019 in the coming days, nurses, progressive activists, and ordinary people who have felt firsthand the crushing weight of America's for-profit healthcare system took part in nationwide "barnstorms" this weekend to build grassroots support for transformative change.


We raised our children better before the arrival of excess profit in the medical industrial complex. School lunches, while admittedly often bland, were more nutritious before Big Ag (a kissing cousin to Big Pharma) got into the subsidy schemes. Students were allowed and encouraged to run around like banshees (forgive me any unintended political incorrectness) rather than medicated for “diseases” which are not much more than the result of exercise suppression. Money can poison just about anything. The best antidote is truth, which is why Propaganda (Edward Bernays, 1928) is so prevalent. Remember that more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.

Our brains are our most important organ. If not properly exercised, all of the others face great peril.


Yep. Pelosi’s aides are already whispering into the ears of Insurance Execs …don’t worry. Keep the campaign slop flowing. Pelosi’s plan is ACA (ObamaCare) with lipstick … hers.


The private, for profit healthcare facilities must be left out of the equations as it was recently revealed Jayapal’s Bill would leave in place: Why should the public fund the profits of potential monopolies in health delivery? Why? This will make it easier to undermine the whole endeavor and what is being attempted in the UK as the first step toward undermining to privatize their system. This is unconscionable. Call Jayapal to make your voice heard!

When investor parasites chose to make a profit off our medical needs–keep that in mind, please–they obviously viewed our needs as commodities to exploit. Why should they continue to be rewarded? Capitalists think risk should be all ours and not theirs. Time they swallowed their own ideology and take the loss. NO bailing out these leaches!


That was an excellent article, thank you for the link.


‘People Shouldn’t Be Going Bankrupt and Dying’
Unfortunately, those in power, for decades, clearly feel
People Should Be Going Bankrupt and Dying, because they are getting what they deserve (sick) and the rich are entitled to their wealth and healthcare, because, well, they just are.
A sick culture must be changed for a healthy society to emerge.


M4A and Single Payer aren’t the same thing. Which is better?

Here’s a comparison between HR676 (M4A - Single Payer) and S703


and some additional information on this point…

PS: The PDF above is from one of the comments on the Truthdig article


Insurance Cabal has nothing to worry about? Of course not. Follow the Money




Ahh, but thank the gods we have her experience and cunning to fight against Trump’s corporate interests…which only coincidentally happen to align so closely with her own.

I and many others warned against reinstalling this corporate toady as the most powerful Democrat, but were met by derision and mindless chants of “lesser evil!!”

Well, not to worry. I’m confident that we will likely see drug prices cut to historic lows soon. Maybe even down to only ten times what everyone else pays…


HI freeopinions—maybe Canada will have to build a wall, as Americans will be racing NORTH to get better drug prices and cheaper operations. Rand Paul got better surgery there! NO doubt, following America’s lead, American tourists and their children will be separated --and possibly adopted out to Canadians
as they become lost in the ICE-like system in a copy of America ( well it could happened because the Tredeau guy is turning out to be a shadow- man imitation of dying America. : 0


Nonsense. Profiteering has built the system we have. We need to take the profit motive OUT of health care, not “improve” competition among profiteers.



We have been lied to all our lives because Amerika is not a democracy but a corportocracy. If not, there would be a warning LABEL like is now on cigarettes, on all the fuel pumps in America:


HI HuevosRancheros----you are an amazing breakfast! : ) But Pizza Gate??? LOL, nooooo : )
But beyond that, and Trump’s telling of women with duct taped mouths being spirited across the border—the stories I have read seem to show that ICE and the social services are not all that careful in their hiring as many who are charged with CARE for the young, are said to often harbor pedophiles in hires of their own.
Would this happen in Canada too? I don’t know but there a Steinbeck book, called "Travels With Charley, " that has a freaky scene when Steinbeck and his dog, Charley, are told that Charley can’t enter, because he doesn’t have his dog shots, so he turns around in Canada ------and America won’t let him back in because he doesn’t have his dog shots. As funny as this incompetence seems , I bet it happens a lot to people coming and going in and out of America and Canada! : 0


The best way to insure the passage of a top notch single payer health insurance plan is to first of all revoke the current gold plated health insurance members of Congress currently have that we the taxpayers pay for. Then pass a law that mandates that members of congress shall be entitled to exactly the same healthcare coverage as the general population receives, nothing more and nothing less. I guarantee that within a week we will have the best single payer health insurance coverage in the entire world and cost would be no object.


The Day and Dudzic article and https://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20190207/NEWS/190209939 were pretty good for filling in some details before release of the bill which I haven’t got a feel for how much longer it will take. I’ll be glad when the uncertainty is over and I can decide if I back the bill or have significant criticisms. I sure hope it isn’t more than another week or two.


i’ve been turned away at Canada twice (for political reasons), and each time i’ve been required to sign a “voluntary request to leave Canada” form.

They won’t let me in… but then they won’t let me leave, unless i verify that i’m leaving voluntarily, not because they turned me away… Bizarre.


Presumably the hype is intentional and timed for imminent release. This week i would assume.


Bullshit. Social Security has been run extremely efficiently. So has Medicare, aside from the pricing framework that is set outside that system by profiteers. And the Post Office ran amazingly well for many decades until it was intentionally undermined by the “drown it in a bathtub” types like you.

Your false framing of inevitable government fraud is just that, false framing. Ditto for your false framing of the taxes needed to pay for Medicare for All, which is presumably your main point here to undermine support.

You’re no anti-fascist, you’re a neoliberal tool.


HI Webwalk------OMG nothing has changed in all those years since Charley the dog was dissed, and even when I lived in North Dakota, I went to visit Winnipeg with a group of friends— and a guard got really upset with me when he asked where I was born and I wanted to know why that was important? He let me in though—and Winnipeg was great, but I thought that was a weird question: 0