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'People Shouldn't Be Going Bankrupt and Dying': Barnstorms Nationwide Aim to Build Mass Movement Behind Medicare for All


Hi Huevos Rancheros—and LOL, well Bill was another reason for not letting the Hillary into the White House. I laughingly told all my friends that if she was in the White House, then Bill would be trolling the White House visitors line looking for people who wanted to see the Lincoln Bedroom up close and personal. Besides, didn’t he do weird things like renting the room out when he was president? : )


AOC talked about “Bad Guys.” I say we throw out every last one of them who has an excuse for Not giving us what We need!!!


Biggest Hurdle are Rich People who already have what the rest of us should have!


Even if the New Green came to fruition, which I doubt it will, it would take a long time to ween off of Fossils to Clean. Since the Science community has already said we’ve passed the Tipping Point, what is the point? Who’s gonna suck up all of that CO2??? I do have a few Bad Guys in mind…


The problem is not with a given administration . The problem lies with Capitalism and the gospel of the “Free market” itself. Capitalism creates artificial scarcity so as to drive profits. The USA has 6 times the MRI machines per capita when compared to Canada yet charges 2 or three times more for an MRI than in Canada even when comparing people not covered under Canada’s health care act that have to pay out of pocket for an MRI. In Japan it costs 98$ to get an MRI.

Another example of this “artificial scarcity” is homelessness. Many persons in the USA can not afford shelter yet there are 6 times the number of vacant homes in the USA as there are homeless people. These homes are deliberately kept vacant so as to create market shortages for rentals in given areas thus driving up the price.

The reason people go bankrupt due to medical expenses in the USA or are homeless even as homes sit empty is because a small group of persons make a tremendous profit off of this. The peoples misery keps the 1 percent rolling in wealth.


Mainstream dems are saying, “Great, but it will take some time to wean off fossil fuels.” I think now is the time to replace the word “wean” with “yank”.


Of course that would work, but who’s gonna do it?


We’ve had our eyes off the ball for too long, allowing the Rich free reign over us. Now that they’ve become too powerful we wonder what happened. We still refuse to take them on and do anything real about our situation. The longer we wait the worse we will suffer.


This is not so: we will pay a tax according to our income so according to our ability to contribute to one massive pool, profit motive to be eliminated and the simplicity of the system will save us a lot of money and even the Koch brothers acknowledged this. The tax will be much smaller for the vast numbers of people just not those who are wealthy–but then, they can afford it.


And we could limit contributions to legislators, to a thousand dollars per person. And since companies are people they are allowed only a thousand as well.


The worst controversy will be of the people who resist wanting to help pay for healthcare they claim they don’t want. Forced enrollment like social security won’t sit well.


Yes- while students do have recess and some exercise time- they often spend most of the time sitting. Well- there is phys ed. Recess is often only 15 minutes because of accountability.


They THINK they do not want it- but unless they are billionaires of course they want it!


No contributions to legislators- sounds like you are going soft!


You’re Funny.


Ever hear of clean elections formerly sponsored by McCain Feingold- later scrapped because it was too “expensive”


So do I… but soooooo many!


Of course it was scraped. It was WORKING for the people. Not the greedy politicians.
“Campaign finance reform”. It’s got a good ring to it.


The biggest hurdle to all progressive reform for the last few decades is and has been the democrats whom, supported by progressives, have an extreme right wing agenda. Until they are destroyed utterly, completely and passionately, progressives have no chance at all. The emerging democratic congress needed a victory in an attempt to assert that they are not right wing, (particularly after electing Pelosi, The most extreme right wing soldier to come out of the right wing movement since its inception), so Pelosi very publicly defied Trump on his border wall agenda. If progressives are expecting a long series of progressive reform moves from this hard-line Republican congressional leader, then we have all been very successfully hoodwinked by the right wing.


Very few statesmen left- now all we see is corruption. If they are that corrupt they need to go to jail or work on Wall Street!